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Originally posted by exportedkiwi at 2010-1-29 10:26 PM

The problem is, conversely, that the money China makes from exporting, domestic taxes and interest from those loans are being turned into weapons to be used against the US as well, amongst othe ...

u got it all backwards, or rather forwards should i say, due to ur ignorance about china's history.  china was much more prosperous 200 years ago.  this is what really happened in asia in the last 200 years:


Can you win a battle by running away from it?  China's greatest warrior, Guan Yu(关羽), did just that.  He would run away from his enemy on horse back until the enemy leader got close enough for him to raise his  big knife that he dragged behind him and chop his the enemy's head off with one clean scoop.

In the last 60 years, Asia also did just that -- running away, pretending that the West is still winning and pursuiing.  But now the time is here to make the clean scoop.

I am talking about the social system, in particular the culture.  Asia has been running away from her own culture by way of her "Reform & Open" policy.  "Reforming" her own culture according to the Western prescription and "Opening" up to the West's economical and political demands, in all its anti-culture barbaric form .

But why should Asia reform herself if there was never anything wrong with her?  And why should Asia open to barbarism knowing it leads to a deadend from the very start?  Well, how else could Asia repel barbarism's overwhelming military might and religious fanaticism?

The West, on the other hand, never suspected anything, since they have never heard of Guan Yu and his little tricks.  Just when they thought they had the Reform and Open psyche all but beaten deep into Asia's soul, it's time for Asia to switch to a "Close & Salvage" operation.  This is the chopping off of the barbarism that's been pesting Asia for the last 200 years.  Now, we need to "Close" the door and look inward to "Salvage" our culture that has done well for us for thousands of years, but has been trashed since Westerners showed up.

In actuality, the final curtain calls on the Reform and Open policy were the 2008 Beijing Olympics and New China's 60th Anniversary Celebration, with the upcoming Shanghai Expo as the grand finale.  Then, we would have turned in our all-A report cards to our self-appointed West masters, who can take it to their banks, which, coincidentally, are dropping off like flies.  This tragic melodrama, the greatest in human history, has lasted long enough.  The door needs to be closed, in an effort to salvage what little is left of humanity.

Yes, we have been faking a running away from a showdown with the West, especially during the last 30 years, by doing everything based on West's predatory rules.  Their foundation is built on: might makes right.  Then the surface structures are the exploitative building blocks of democracy, freedom, equality, religion and human rights, all what are needed to camouflage the barbaric principle of strong exploiting the weak, both in military and economy.  And the spoils of savagery and greed, such as victories in wars, economic usurpations and selling-out handouts, have been glorified and carved into the brains of the modern Asian generation.

The Westerners still just can not get it -- this thing called barbarism.  In fact, barbarism has been the  predominant landscape over capitalism, communism and socialism in the last 170 years.  Barbarism is foundationed on militarism, infectious with religion, propagandaed to the weak minds through materialism and locked in with primitive practices of democracy, freedom, equality and human rights, and all the other survival kits in a predatory society that barbarism created in the first place.

The human history in the last 500 years is writen in blood with the pen of barbarism.  Any resistance to barbarism is still condemned today by its faithfuls.  Japan and China are temporarily succumbing to barbarism only after making a valiant and exhaustive struggle.  

The only Asian country is still standing is North Korea.  Let's support North Korea to expose and expel barbarism once for all.  Asia must get back to the path paved by her culture toward her destiny of unification.

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Originally posted by exportedkiwi at 2010-1-30 14:25

No, I meant the capabilities that the US does to project itself out on the world, in most ways.
I somehow think, that somewhere down the track, you may be forced to eat your words WRT to China ...

Actually, China does "project" itself, but in ways different to those of the U.S.

Examples of such projection include building Hydro-electric power stations in South America, development projects in health and agriculture, as well as debt cancellation, to African countries (more than doubled in the last 2 years). That the U.S. prefers to devote more of its resources on military adventures is its own decision. China has, and will continue to have, the ability to respond in kind if the U.S. pursues with its delusions of hegemony w.r.t. China. For example, the latest TW arms deal was signed by G.W. Bush and implemented by Obama, and China has warned of a response. What form that response will take will be for the U.S. to guess- it could range from not signing on to new Iran sanctions to transferring investments from the U.S. to, say, Brazil and Cuba. It will be done quietly, but it will be felt.

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Reply #24 baofeng's post

That's funny -- China's trees were all used-up in war, leaving nothing, as in the big desolate Gobi Desert and the still growing desolation that sweeps Northern China from time-to-time with crippling red sandblasts.

Such bravado! Never is a long time and China's past indicates a very different potential.

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Reply #31 baofeng's post

investments to say, Brazil and Cuba?

Brazil is keen to let its rain forests go for exploitation as is currently being done by the Japanese on a grand scale

but Cuba?

Tourism? Sugar cane? rum and cigars? OK!

Nuclear reactors and technology is where China is investing and they just invested 2 trillion dollars in the Western power-brokers scam and have jumped ahead in developing 'green technology' by poring investment into itself, a far better bet than some naer-do-well losers like your stupid Venezuela, Cuba and Brazil! Who do you think you are fooling? Yourself?

Since you put-up the stupid blogger's dumb reasons, let's see you counter interesting's CIA-style liberal-NWO rebut to your touted 20 reasons!

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Reply #34 Baiquen's post

Only in part! The US is the world power-broker's dumbed-down mercenaries, but when needed, so are the Brits,French, Germans, Italians, Kiwis and Australians!

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Clinton had NATO right there in Kosavo and Serbia in a mere 60 days

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