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Talk like what you empty brain?

Originally posted by LongDDxU at 2010-1-26 20:48

Only people who is part of the BAND OF RATS

can talk like this

You feel strong and important , right Longzhou?

as apprentice of bully boy you are doing well for your new family

a ...

I am speaking the damn truth.

That poster named Rudi has been ranting and ranting to the zillions power about freedom to speak, freedom to post this and that and when something is posted that affects him....Ohhhhh, holly cow! That is not fair he cried....freedom to expose others please...not me!

And you are defending that? No wonder you can't find your way to your've been brainwashed (if ever you were given one in the first place) by those foreign cultures!

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Reasonable statement....

Originally posted by soapdodger at 2010-1-26 21:34

Good luck with this - you do have my support.

I have tried to do something similar, reasoning with others to no avail.

I rarely come here now and even then do not get too involved in deba ...

and yes, you are right. This has been tried a number of times.

Normally it ends up like.....when it is a China bashing, those answering to respond are trolls. When it is a westen bashing, those answering to respond are freedom fighters!

Very balanced indeed!

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There used to be a time here....

where posting was fun. Those times are gone. This BBS was suddenly taken over by a group (small but obviously nosiy) of anti-anything chinese. You ALL know who you are...some of YOU are reading this now!

That's when a few of those who think, yes, China needs a lot of improving, but let the government and its offcials work on it and don't just shoot at anything that moves, including myself, decided to speak up!

Now, that we have almost cleaned up this place (with a few exceptions), now we want moderation and refereeing...for what? Mods do their job and damn well that they do!

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99.9% of poster in the News Talk sections are non-mainland Chinese. How does that show? Anti-chinese posts everywhere, mainly written by foreign teachers who instead of preapring better lessons for their students, they come here to bark and bite the hand that feeds them.

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If any of you so proclaimed....

China experts want to know what real and done to earth Chinese think about their government, the officials, the society and their future, just log onto some of the Chinese language (中文)sites.

Then come and speak! But coming here and saying....ooooo, look I'm an expert, I've been 5 years in China and I know everything......that's just BS. Period!

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And now I am going to get some sleep....

if my jet lag leet's me.

I have more important things to do than reading nonesense in  here!


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# 50 / # 51 / # 52 /# 53/ # 54 # 55 Longzhou ( El Cid )

Here Here

Well Said

Months after it is fixed by Zglobal / Longzhou / chairman / Satsu / Manoj and many others.

The Cavalry thinks it has arrived.

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