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Recently deleted by CNN

It's funny that they removed this one after it received so many "liked" votes and 6 resplies. Once something has been seen by a large number of people they usually leave it. Typically when I am censored at CNN it happens within the first hour or it doesn't happen.

Each time they censor me, I always have fun looking for the points in my post that triggered the censor to take action. Since I don't use any profanities or other abuses, you can see that the censor is acting purely on the content of my article. By eliminating compelling alternate points of view, they create the illusion that there is only one direction for America and everyone is looking in that same direction. By leaving the most nutty or bombastic desenting voices, they can make any opposition to the authorized stance seem unpatriotic or crazy. They know their stuff, it's clearly not journalism at work in the offices of CNN, the direction of their spin clearly shows it's a pro-west propaganda machine.

here is the latest post deleted:

"We [The U.S. and China] both need each other" We may soon find out that we need China even more than they need us. This is the worst timing imaginable to get into a trade-war with China. Our economy absolutely depends on China buying our debt and empowering our economy with products to our market and manpower to our overseas vested companies. We may not like that, but a big change in those factors would be a death blow to us and an inconvenience to China. The reason why we haven't changed this situation is because we can't.

Our leaders know how sensitive the Dalai Lama issue is to China. This is pure political meddling. We do everything we can to inspire separatism in China -- in Tibet and Taiwan especially, but our only purpose is to destabilize China. destabilization is our number-one strategy world-wide, but in this case the cost of interference will be high -- possibly more than we can afford. Except for us, the whole world recognizes China has made massive improvements that are pleasing to every western neighbor who is intensely interested in their neighbor's business. After spending 3 years on China I saw lots of happy and proud Chinese that are not the poor slaves we are always told about. Obama just got done telling a bunch of Chinese students that we aim to build greater friendship with China. But he is clearly siding against China when he lends credence to Tibetan separatism and sends billions worth of weapons to the non-state of Taiwan.

When will we learn to play nice?

And while it isn't available to the public anymore, here is how it looked sometime before it suddenly got whisked off to a secret prison somewhere in Romania.

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