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Recent posts censored by CNN. [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by sono_hito at 2010-1-25 02:39
they are a private organization, they can do whatever they want on their own forums.  

Why do you apologize for them? Agencies like CNN and FOX own the airwaves. Yeah, they OWN them, the Govt gives them exclusive control of those airwaves. Then, if everything we hear is pro-US and anti-Them, do you really think our Govt spin doctors, and media staffers are not one in the same?

The end result is that any of us that are against the govt's policies have no real voice. We can squeak like a mouse in a foreign forums on the other side of the world, but in our own land we have no voice. The Almighty TV in the living room of every American citizen plays only one tune, it's sounds like this, "We're always right, they're always wrong. Bombs for peace, bombs for peace. The march of democracy must go on. Go USA, land of the free. The Axis of Evil is coming to get you, but we will protect you, we will protect you.... " blah blah blah, in fact they have different tunes, but it's always an explanation about how all our actions are justified, and all our rivals are demons from hell. I've heard it since I was born.

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it's time for us wake up

and stop bleeding for the jew.the Israel are sxcking our blood dry and taking everything from the states

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Funny people identify them as "us".

Not so much "us" when GoldmanSach stole hundreds of billions from poeple's retirement account by selling fake stock shares(naked shorts). Not even one man stood up against the tyrany. And Madoff is just a red herring.

They didn't think you are one of "us" when they did it. So what is this "us" again?

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... which article are you refering to eyeofgod?
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Originally posted by Morgezuma at 2010-1-25 14:16

Why do you apologize for them? Agencies like CNN and FOX own the airwaves. Yeah, they OWN them, the Govt gives them exclusive control of those airwaves. Then, if everything we hear is pro-US an ...

lol, the government owns CNN and FOX news, have you listened to them at all?  They are damn near polar opposites, CNN/ABC/NBC is for self-hating americans full of guilt. Let me sum up the Haiti coverage:  haiti is poor because of the US, donate your money, OMG aid isnt coming fast enough!  FOXNEWS is for the USAFCKYA crowd.  Want alternative news?  Listen to government owned NPR or get your news online from multiple sources across a broad spectrum of privately-held businesses.

What sort of alternative are you offering here?  You can either have private controlled media out for ad revenue dollars or state-controlled media which wont be critical of ANY government policies on the airwaves.  Scratch have a great alternative, the internet, as long as its completely unregulated you can find news from any source you want, and many people do.

So are you here just to rant against the system or are you actually going to propose something meaningful?
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Originally posted by sono_hito at 2010-1-26 01:53

lol, the government owns CNN and FOX news, have you listened to them at all?  They are damn near polar opposites, CNN/ABC/NBC is for self-hating americans full of guilt. Let me sum up the Haiti ...

FOX is designed for the beer swilling, flag waving, mouth breather. FOX is absolutely needed to reach those ones. If not for FOX, how would FOX viewers spend all their time? Watching the ball game, kicking the dog, BBQ, and going to the bar. What do they talk about over the BBQ or at the Bar? Politics. Now, in all my time, I've almost never heard these types to speak favorably about the Govt. And you know, their kids are listening and learning from them. These days, those same guys have stopped cursing the Govt and now they only repeat racial slurs against Arabs and Persians (they don't know the difference), and they say such things as "KILL EM ALL, god will sort em out", "Nuke the bastards", etc. By the time their kids grow up, they're ready to get down and dirty if they ever find themself toting a gun on an Iraqi street. This is the perfect way to handle FOX viewers. Why turn them away? Why leave them to their ballgames and criticisms of the Govt when it's so easy to direct their angst towards a common foe. The Arabs are to us what they Jews were to Hitler -- someone to hate, a reason for unity, someone to blame. "Don't shake your fist at Washington, we're here to help you, it's those guys over there, they're not like us, their eviiiiil" This fits perfectly with our actions in the mideast. By inspiring lots of hatred, we've earned eternal enemies. For those who rule, there is NOTHING as useful as a dedicated foe -- if it even works for a guy like Bush, obviously it's fool-proof.

Ok, so that's how we can turn the angst of FOX viewers away from the Govt and use their need to hate something for positive purposes: blind support of the govt.  So what about the other news channels?

Let me mention VOA for a moment. Thats a propaganda weapon. It was a Govt tool from day one. But it's changed a lot. Beaming our insidious message to disgruntled DPRK or unhappy soviets is one thing... we used to simply say, "rise up, your Govt is cheating you, we'll support you, etc. etc" That didn't work. It was too bold and no one wanted to bet their life that America would really support them. And everyone remembers the Bay of Pigs after all. So then, VOA started to tone it down a bit. They started saying "dont worry, we feel your pain, things will change one day, our hearts are with you, blah blah etc". This way, they helped to spread discontentment to create a general problem for the nations we didn't like. But then.. one day.. a young VOA staffer ran in to his bosses office, "Hey boss, boss! The Chinese don't hate themselves. Our message has had the opposite effect of what we intended. They are rejecting anything we say, they assume we must be sending our message intentially to hurt their country. They've figured us out." Ever since that day, VOA has turned the rhetoric way way down. Now it's 98% fluff and only 2% subtle attempt to cause locals to switch loyalties. That is the most effective blend. China is sufficiently unfied. Propaganda thicker than 2% will be sensed and rejected by the listener.

That brings me to CNN. The most trusted name in news, and the other news agencies. It's a fact that they spin the news. But they spin it much much differently than does FOX. CNN censors and airs canned "news" prepared by Govt PR staffers, but they also have their own reporters and their own stories. But many of their stories come from embedded reporters under constant supervision of our military. And don't forget, with the U.S. censor living permanently in their offices, how free could the news every be? And do they even want to tell both sides of the story? Obviously not, since they are flawlessly pro-west in their slant. Doesn't Big Business pull the strings for both the news and the Govt?

I droned on. I should have just replied: FOX slants it low and conservative (though I don't mean that conservatives are stupid), while CNN and friends slant it in high and liberal style, though I don't mean liberals are smart. The news given to us forms our perceptions, in this way the majority of plebs are guided to think according to how the issues have been framed. Then, if there is a counter point of view, where is it? It's out there, but it's far far away from the mainstream where it can't be heard. All counter points have no chance of making any difference.

The media in America is under the total control of our leaders. The news agencies work together with the think tanks, the PR agencies, the Washington Insiders.

Everyone is interested in Blackwater Xe, there are and endless arraw of facinating news leads all around that topic, but they say almost nothing, how can that be? Why do almost never see anything in these wars that could lesson our will to continue it? The people can't form their own idea about this if they are constantly fed only what will guide them to feel what we want them to feel. Ever hear of Manufactured Concent?

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