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Propagation of Colour Democracies - The New War [Copy link] 中文

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To find out this it would probably be necessary to buy the actual book.

The sheeple are a big clue though.

The Bay of Tonkin.

WWII the US could not get the public to buy war bonds, until one image was seen.
The 5 guys pushing up the American flag on Iwo Jima(?)

The clamour to end the Vietnam war after the picture of the little girl with her clothes blown off.

The media stories about Saddam Hussein and Colin Powell's little phial of white powder.

The saving of Private Jessica.

Union leaders can be bought and they can influence their memberships.

The uniting of splinter groups to make them look larger, thus encouraging rumour drugged people to join.

Sex scandals, homosexuality rumours

Claims of alleged corruption.

TV cameras conveniently placed at flash points.

A martyr

As I said probably each situation is unique.

I particularly like the ones where the election has been won and the opposition cries foul.

Here you may have a large block, 20-45%, of interested stake holders.

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I don't want to sound pedantic but there is one more example of a 'Color Revolution'. An example that first seemed a success story turned into defeat because the new ruler did not play by the "rules" .

It's Kyrgyzstan.

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This weekend (Jan. 17th) the Ukraine goes to the polls. Originally it was seen as a contest between present PM Yulia Tymoshenko, one of the orange leaders and Victor Yanukovich, the leader of the pro Russian opposition. There is now considerable nervousness that the election, originally expected to be a runoff between both a.m. candidates, could generate further political strife. Latest polls, released the day before yesterday, show that Tymoshenko has only 13,9% but Yanukovich 30,5%. There is a new candidate, a wealthy businessman by the name Tigipko, who, according to this poll is in second place with 14,4%. If these figures are correct we could see a second round of voting between Yanukovich and Tigipko on February 7th.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-1-15 13:53
Another conspiracy popping open in the new year. It's only 15 days old.

Where is the conspiracy? Can U point us to it?  

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Originally posted by expatter at 2010-1-13 21:47
This article is in several parts:

US funded colour revolutions in former parts of the USSR
Attempted colour revolutions in Asia
and attempted colour revolutions in Iran.

Color Revolution ...

i like this idea of color revolutions,

its simly because of the west and their degenerate and defunct and selfish ideologies that China today is even divinding, queer/ gay/ homosexual/ pedophile on one side, and straight/ normal/ heterosexual / family-oriented on the other

liberal and conservative

right and left

red and blue

westerners should be avoided like the plague

they destroy the very fabric of culture, traditions, and race.

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The Elite Model suggests that it is the money that backs the two-horse race in US politics and it doesn't matter which horse wins because both the policies and candidates have already been selected, by the money  Therefore this system is an internally influenced outcome democracy.

The Colour Revolutions suggest that the former East bloc countries have been at the mercy of US intervention and especially by psych-ops training and money. This has created policy change which favours the US. Therefore this might be seen as externally influenced outcome democracy.

However, Russia seems to have cottoned on to this quite quickly and might also be part of counter measures to affect the democratic process.  In that case there would be a dichotomy of external influences with regard to democracy.  Again this might be seen as externally influenced outcome democracy.

In the case of Iran the article again suggests that the democracy process there is subject to external influences in order to change the outcome.  Another case of externally influenced outcome democracy.

With regard to the other countries mentioned such as Myanmar, and the Uighar region of China the situation is again different with there being no democracy, but elements using money and media being thrown into the mix to stir up emotions and sedition.  Which are externally influenced outcomes for democracy.

The questions must be:

Is it right for one sovereign country to interfere internally in another foreign country and try and pervert the outcome of a given legal process?

Is democracy really just the process of the biggest stick, the same as in a one party system or dictatorship?

Certainly, the glow of apparent democracy is enough to satisfy most without further question.

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