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Censored at CNN   [Copy link] 中文

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Brilliant post

Morgezuma,your post was brilliant.The propagandists are gnashing their teeth.Lets have more.

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Originally posted by tradervic at 2010-1-6 04:22

Curious to know why you took your mugshot down for your avatar - scared that people would recognize you?

Vic, they took down my first post. They have taken down counter points of view before. You acknowledged that we have witnessed them even deleting individual paragraphs which mentioned the CIA and other keywords.

Why didn't you answer any of my questions? Instead you talked about my Avatar. What's that got to do with anything? You take a lot of time to take a screen shot, edit it down to size, and post it here. Why?

I asked you straight forward questions with constructive intent. Pictures on my posts don't tell us anything we don't already know. How about giving my questions a moment of your time?

Repost of my questions to you:

And why shouldn't I[point out that CNN censored me]?

I was censored by CNN. They did take my post down after it had been there for an hour getting positive feedback. What if I didn't repost it? What if they deleted it again? Clearely they watch carefully and drop a select few posts that have not broken any rules. And why do they do that? Do you really think they are not involved in spinning perception?

You know 100% of stories about Iran are negative right? And North Korea, and Syria, etc.  Did the American god really curse these places so that no good news could ever come from there? Or does CNN have just a wee bit of bias?

Yeah, it's biased. Good answer.

So wouldn't it be nice if our fellow citizens could figure that out? Why don't you make some effort to educate the least intelligence 50% rather than letting your masters and mine lead them around by their mob mentality? Don't you think you'd be a little more proud of your country if that least intelligent 50% wasn't so damn stupid? Do the world a favor Vic, why toe the line? What's in it for you?

Before you start slinging allegations at Russia or god knows what other country, we're talking about CNN, "the most trusted name in news." Note that we are in the U.S. folder under the Censored at CNN thread.

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- admittedly I am not really an uniform lover.
- but posing with a Wehrmacht uniform in a public forum  (who cares it is Rommel)
  is disgusting in itself

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Originally posted by Petra01 at 2010-1-5 18:06

following your logic of "evenged" killings,

it is a fact that the failed terror attack on the US plane was  - according to Al Qaida" - a revenge for US targeting Al Q ...

Like what she said.

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Originally posted by petera at 2010-1-5 18:48
Petra,you are a bloody idiot.9/11 was an inside job.That is indisputable fact.The WTC 93 bombings had
FBI involvement.The London 7/7 bombings were almost certainly inside jobs.The NW 253 incident ...

I love nut job conspiracy theorists

WHAT ARE YOU SMOKIN PETERA. You're getting paranoid

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Morgezuma- you're full of crap. They don't delete posts unless you say something racist or insult someone-like I insulted   you.

YES- we should consider what we are doing and how it's effecting others

"If they had killed millions of our people, destroyed our prospects for the future, stolen resources, and starved us. If they had constantly threatened us and treated us like animals, if they had stolen Kansas and given it to the Jewish people, don't you think we might harbor just a little bit ill will? And what would we fight them with? The answer is, anything we could get our hands on. And how long would we fight them? The answer is, forever."

WE haven't done this but these fundamental Islamic would certainly do this to us if given the chance.

What's your deal anyway? Are you an Ex-pat that never could fit in socially in the US and has found noteriety and fame in some anti-American 3rd world country?

What's up with your Avatar? Your Hero?

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Do you use that avatar also in American public forums ?

If you do, it would be surely an insult to WWII American veterans.

You seem to prefer provocative and hate spreading style - which is not covered by freedom of expression.

This might be the only reason that some of your posts got deleted.

Your case is rather peanuts compared to what I have just discovered.

Most of the photo site Flickr has been severely blocked by China, because thousnads of photos have appeared there of
a legally permitted demonstration in Hong Kong concerning 7/11..

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