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Censored at CNN   [Copy link] 中文

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Below, please find my article originally posted at CNN in response to the story about America's idea that "vengeance" is due for the killing of 7 CIA officers. It remained in place for almost an hour, it received several "liked" votes, and then it vanished. I hope they repost it. I'll gladly retract my accusation of spin control and bias against them.

========Formally seen at CNN=========

Many Americans can only see one side of this conflict. They don't seem to realize that we started this war with decades of bombing campaigns in various middle east countries. It always just seemed like our right to do this. No one complained or worried too much about this when it was just Muslims being bombed in far away lands. If they had been Christians or if they were white, maybe someone would have cared, but the weren't Christians and they don't look or act like us, so we didn't care. But when those people who had no tanks or fighter planes to fight back with they resorted to the only style of retaliation available to them, and finally we took notice.

Now consider what it must be like for them. Let us imagine the roles reversed. Lets say that 100 years ago, a very powerful invader came in to conquer and occupied all of North America. Then they divided it up as they liked. They made Mexico and Texas one country, they made California and the western states one country. They made Utah one country. They separated the South from the New England states, they made eastern Canada one country, they made Alaska and western Canada to be one country, and they sold Hawaii to the Japanese. This is what Britain (and friends) did throughout Africa and the middle east in very recent history.

Now imagine if our land (America) was divided by foreigners like this, but then they didn't just leave. Instead, just 40 years ago, a powerful expansionist empire like The Soviet Union decided to build military bases throughout our entire land and the neighboring countries. And over the last 40 years they have built more and more bases in our homeland and they have used these bases again and again over the years to bomb us -- sometimes they bomb California, sometimes New York, but over time they attack just about everyone in our great divided land. Even though our people resented the foreigners rape and carving up of our country, the expansionist empire; through threats and bribery manages to build dozens of military bases all over north America, on the nearby islands, and in South and Latin America. If our people resent foreign interference, how can the foreigner be invited to build military bases all over our land? Easy, the foreigner will promise to prop up unpopular kings so that they can keep their crown against the will of the people. The people don't want you? no problem, let us build bases in your land, we'll guarantee your rule. This is what America has done throughout the middle east: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, and a few others. The people there hate our overlordship, they resent the millions of deaths we've caused over the years, and they hate those local governments that have allowed us to kill their friends and families from bases in their own land.

If we did not resist the foreigners who have been abusing us this way for decades, if we gave our loyalty to the foreigner's puppets, wouldn't we be traitors? You know the answer. Then you should understand that any Muslim that sympathises with the invader is a traitor. You should realize, that although many people have misgivings about targeting civilians, the alternative is unconditional as well as personal, national, and cultural suicide. Involving civilians in Iraq was the beginning of a great hardship for the invader. Besides, the invader kills 100 times as many civilians as the freedom fighters do, so concentrate on those civilian deaths which number in the millions, those are dead because of the invader (in reality, we are that invader).

If this was our own history. If we had no tanks or planes to fight with, don't you think our good ol' country boys and our hardened inner city dwellers would occasionally group up with some of our radical intellectuals and organize pockets of resistance? Sometimes that would mean attacks against local governments that have decided to invite the foreigners to build bases here. Sometimes we'd attack the foreigners directly, sometimes we'd even attack our own citizens who decided their loyalty is with the foreigners directly or indirectly through loyalty to local governments that serve the foreigners. That is the sort of hatred Saudis, Iraqis, Afghanis, etc have for their own corrupt puppet kings who rule only because we keep them in power.

Now if we had to suffer decades of foreign interference. If they had killed millions of our people, destroyed our prospects for the future, stolen resources, and starved us. If they had constantly threatened us and treated us like animals, if they had stolen Kansas and given it to the Jewish people, don't you think we might harbor just a little bit ill will? And what would we fight them with? The answer is, anything we could get our hands on. And how long would we fight them? The answer is, forever.

Many of my fellow Americans think we are 100% right and any Muslim that fights us is 100% wrong. That couldn't possibly be true, there are two sides to this story, and quite clearly we are the ones who started this war. Over the decades we have pushed Muslims further and further back against the wall. Only after years of abuse did they ever push back. Please consult history. Our rape of the Muslim world was taking place long before we ever suffered any terrorism. We have antagonized them for decades, and now we suffer retaliation and hatred, isn't that appropriate? Countries like Brazil and Japan are not bombing and building military bases all over the middle east and so they suffer no retaliations. See how that works? We started this war, over the decades as our power grew we constantly increase the pressures of this war. Now our power has reached it's peek, it's downhill from here. One day many of our leaders will be in The Hague trying to explain why millions of Muslims (mostly civilians) died. They're going to say, "I didn't give the order". Well you, dear reader, also didn't give the order. But you went along with it.

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Very fine insights.

But yes, I doubt mainstream western media will allow this in their site.

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I took out the word "Jewish" not sure if they think that's the politically correct term for Jewish people. I refered instead to the state of Israel. I reposted it. Can't wait to see if it sticks.

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following your logic of "evenged" killings,

it is a fact that the failed terror attack on the US plane was  - according to Al Qaida" - a revenge for US targeting Al Qaida in Jemen.

What kind of "revenge" is this ? Targeting an airliner with many different nationalities, maybe even Chinese, maybe even M uslims ?

If you post such "opinion" and voice "support" for it, it could be rightly considered to be a "hate-speech".

Freedom of expression does not cover "spreading hatred".

Your post was rightfully deleted and has absolutely nothing to do with censorship or the right of freedom of expression.

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After reposted without the word "Jewish" the post is up there now on CNN. And it's got 50 "liked" votes. That's the most I've seen ... ml?iref=storysearch

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So... you have been published...

Originally posted by Morgezuma at 1/5/2010 09:48 AM
After reposted without the word "Jewish" the post is up there now on CNN. And it's got 50 "liked" votes. That's the most I've seen

... and your still calling this thread "Cens0red at CNN"?  <chuckle> What happened to your old photo?
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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