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The Fall of Nations [Copy link] 中文

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Countries rise, develop, and excel when they are humble seekers of truth, justice, a better life, when they are stricken and prayerful, hopeful, having faith in the heavens.

Countries fail, collapse, and fall when they reach a state of arrogance and pride, when vanity, and convenience consumes them and they the boast of themselves, denying the heavens.

That is true of all ancient civilizations ever to have risen on this planet. Its the reason China has lasted 6000 years, the religion, beliefs, humility, humble living, prayerfulness, belief in Confucianism, Taosim, and Buddhism, their upright living, their genious in perpetuating knowledge to future generations, their working towards creating a life and environment where their works and lives would be felt strobgly through hundreds of generations to follow.

it was also true of America, risen to power, faithful, prayerful, hopeful, striving to create a better world for all, helping their offspring and the generations of their civilization.

as countries develop,  the hard work and humility of earlier generations gives rise to younger generations without the same ethics as they haven't the same needs.

necessity is the mother of invention, people with needs work hard and hopeful on the side of the heavens to achieve and attain what they need.

as life becomes easier for following generations, they havent needs, havent hope, havent a reason to strive for improvements, and they themselves take what they are  given for granted, yet they did nothing to create it.

if a society is careful and caring of others in the society and for the preservation of morals and virtue, they may be able to teach humility and what is important in life to their future generations so that they don't suffer and cause their civilization to collapse, as China is currently struggling with.

in America and other American-friendly civilizations, the civilization adopts extreme Capitalism and the subsequent Individualism. Capitalism and Extreme Individualism creates a society full of people who only care about themselves and and what they want, now.,with no reasoning or thought or behavior or decisions aimed at anything or anyone other than themselves and what they want now. They aren't thinking of following generations any further than what they can do to make those following generations even more extremely individual and capitalist and openly "free" than they themselves were able to attain during their own lifetime of exploiting and destroying traditions and culture and all that was handed down from previous generations, in order to satisy their individual desires which serve themselves only and harm the good of society and drive a wedge between its people, which will inevitabley lead to it's destruction.

it is not a question of "if" america will fall, but "when", and the same holds true for any country which has allowed American culture to permeate its society, destroying all of its traditions and original culture.

the overwhelming majority of Americans are the evil capitalist greedy, selfish, perverse, self-serving, destructive, bleeders which do nothing but destroy everything everywhere they go. They actually believe themselves to be more intelligent and 'right' than all the stupid people with real culture around the world

their lives have "developed" into such a state of overwhelming convenience from Electricity, internet, TV, satellite, Computing, Phones, Movies, etc, that they have become a useless civilization that has no need of hope, faith, good works, productivity and progression.

instead they sit and make joke out of life. They turn this earth into a circus. they mock and scoff at everything good and upright and moral. they belittle and betray. they live to destroy and attack traditions and all that is good and upright and moral. they create movies and commercials, and advertisements and tv which shows only destructive behavior. they say everything which is good, is bad. and they say everything which is bad, is good. they deny the heavens and the faith and humility of theose who built up their civilization through hopeful good works. they now sit and live on the fat of the earth, looking down upon those people who created their lifestyle in the past and continue to create their lifestyle from the '3rd world'.  They say anything they want, and do anything they want in the name of "individualism" in their capitalist breeding. They have sex openly and with anyone and at any time. they believe its ok to have sex with young boys. they make gay rights and the gay life to be spread and shown in their media to all the people of their civilization, bringing their civilization to its knees in their own greedy, selfish, perverse desires

China is struggling with the problems from the capitalist countries as it develops, Westerners coming to China have it as their sole purpose to corrupt, and destroy China's moral and traditional culture. they want China's people to serve their greedy, selfish, and carnal desires. they want Chinese to have sex with them openly in bars and pubs. they go there for the purpose of destroying culture by means of their ultra-individualism in which the immediate desires for their own most dark and devient  self-serving nature dictate their actions. they are spreading free and open sex and homosexuality and general debauchery which, if alloweed to spread unchecked, will bring about the fall and destruction of China, and all countries which fall into the american/western trap of individual exploitation and capitalism, both of which they find very self-fulfilling, without any concern or care for the future.

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Following America will lead to the world's destruction.

America's modern Culture is less than 100 years old.

Americas modern destructive culture is less than 40 years old

40 years ago, in 1969, America began a radical shift in social behavior. people were rebelling, they would live without clothes in naked communities where the entire community would get together for a large scale sexual intercourse orgy with everyone having sex with anyone they wanted to at ay time, its at this period that homosexuality gained its present heights

they did this because they were fighting traditions and culture. they were radically individual and radically self-serving. they began to label anything good as 'oppressive'. anything of their parents which their parents taught them for the good of society and their own welfare they took as a threat to their own radically anti-knowledge domain, and began a campaign to destroy all previous knowledge and wisdom.

drugs were the catalyst to their psychological fractures  which spurred their endeavors and fueled their fire by making them believe they had gained a state of higher intellegence and enlightenment through the use of drugs.

There are many legends of Enlightened beings throughout the ancient World, and all of them attained enlightment through many years of solitary living and good works, and every one of them came to a similar conclsion, all attained a state of righteousness and good, upright, clean and moral minds and living.

Americans simply took a pill and fell down on their backs and truly believed themselves to have accomplished something of a mental achievement. their conclusion was that they can do anything they want at any time, and the more sexually satisfying that is, the more worthwhile the endeavor. drugs have, indirectly, destroyed America.

the new radical movement ushered in by drugs created a society where free sex was the most fundamental concept of living. sex and drugs and being as far from a peaceful Chinese mind as a human can possibly get. they did that because they didnt fear the heavens, they didnt believe in traditions, they didnt even believe in the own past, present, or future. the drugs and the wide-spread social acceptance made them believe that they could do no harm. they could do no harm because the effect of their actions were not immediately visible to them, and as people who only care about the immediate and urgent now, they couldnt comprehend or believe that the great and mighty country of America with the largest Aircraft Carrier and Military presence in the world, with all the modern things they were bleeding from, that anything could possibly affect their indestructible view of themselves.

they didnt comprehend that their actions would give way to an entire civilization which is based on sex, exploitation, homosexuality, perversions, individual desires and selfish and carnal demands for immediate satisfaction at any cost to society or other around them. People growing up without a clue as to what a society and culture is and without any regard or idea or care of how their actions negatively affect others around them, society in general, and many generations of their people to come.

and when you take into account that they come from exploitive, greedy, self-serving European countries, you have people who can only be described as devils, through and through, those people have had it. they are far gone. they are enemies of China and any Culture with Heritage and Traditions and Ancestral Guidance. they are enemies of everyone in Natve South, Central and North America, enemies of the entire Asian Subcontinent, and enemies of all who inhabit the islands of the seas.

many cultures and countries around the world have an indigenous term for those people which means "Devil"

some cultures in Europe remain in good standing with their ancestors, Scandinavians and Celts, Eastern Europeans, and countries where traditional culture takes precedence over American influence.

but those countries, and many in Asia and the Americas are chock full of people who think, act, and behave like americans as well. and many of them are coming to China for exploitive, perverse, personal, and devient gains.

if China, and all Countries suffering from American influence, wish to protect their cultures, heritage, and lifestyles from the corrupting exploitations of greedy, self-serving, perverse delinquents, then they must take action by enacting moral laws which dictate behavior, which strictly enforce severe consequences for the outsiders' delinquentism and self-serving destructionism.

China could be the only country in the world to attain the fruits of this world without the impending destruction which inevitably follows. China and other concerned and vigilent could take the best of technology and modern inventions and ammenities and couple that with strict enforcement of traditional Chinese standards of social behavior and ettiquette, severely punishing anyone who breaks that behavior. such behavior as free sex, indescent propositions, self-serving perversions, sexual delinquency, and living uncleanly lifestyles. Punishment for outsiders should be kicking them out of the country and banning them from entering the country ever again.

China needs to protect itself. the effects of China's opening are worsening throughout China. China can take the good, and remove the bad. Things such as banning foreigners from "Gathering" places such as bars, pubs, and discos. Banning foreigners from consuming alcohol while they are in China. and Banning them from having sex with anyone outside of marriage while in China and strictly enforcing punishement for violations, would cause China to be able to protect its culture. Foreign Companies wishing to do business in China would have to either hire poeple willing and able to abideby China's higher moral law, or hire local Chinese to do the jobs of those foreigners, which would increase China's Growth expotentially.

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sounds like moral panic

even racism

Australia lets most people in

You only need to walk outside and walk the street

Give me a break

Culture is not a static entity

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racism? i think I stated that Scandinavia, Celtic Regions and Eastern Europe are not included with the Australians / Americans

stop throwing around words you dont even comprehend in a pitiful and laughable attempt to grasp at the moral high ground

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do you have TV or internet?

the thumpings and ramblings of a provincial bigot

we have far greater Chinese, Scandinavian, Celt and Slavic minorities than you can squeeze into your amateurishly divisive amoeba of an argument

culture is fluid, not solid concrete

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Things such as banning foreigners from "Gathering" places such as bars, pubs, and discos. Banning foreigners from consuming alcohol while they are in China. and Banning them from having sex with anyone outside of marriage while in China and strictly enforcing punishement for violations, would cause China to be able to protect its culture.  

from your cloaca

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