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What is the True America ? [Copy link] 中文

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Some people have poured scrorns on USA. it seems usa is a much worst country. Economic is recession, unemployee increases, Houses can't sell out,  less people buy car, education is attacked by their own civilians for higher tuition and worst quality etc. ans so on....
some of words come from so called returned home men. others from some officials.
To be odd enough, those who speak this loudly always do their utmost to find any chance to have a trip to this USA. and take every advantage to immigrate to this odd couintry which they object strongly.
They always prise on their american friends, it seems to have an american person as a frined in front of Chinese is a very good matter of Face.
They make any way to show off their living or lived in thsi country and so on....They look like this state very much, If ordinary people show some admiration to the state, they say them as a snobby and so on...
why they alway pretend to object to the state?

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and what is the true america?

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The US is the most diverse nation on earth.  It has just about every ethnic group on the planet represented inside it.  There are not just Chinese Americans, Indian Americans, and German Americans, but there are Miao Americans, Kashmiri Americans, and Bavarian Americans.
All of this in a country that emphasizes diversity and different opinions thus you can find just about every point of view in the US.  The strongest critics and proponents of any issue from the Iraq war, to nuclear power, to fair trade coffee, to Puntuland independence can all be found in the US.  
American food, music and culture is as varied as its landscape and racial diversity, second to none in the world.

If you dont like Americans, I must ask how many have you met?  Chances are you have not met all 300 million each with a different history, life and views on issues.

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I don't know how many others met, I think it's impossible for us to meet all of them in different periode.  Maybe we mostly meet them  in movies, in soup series, in tv shows etc.

haha you are one of comments from point of view of a wine dealer.

These political points of view are already heard on our TV screen.

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I'm an American. Those that have read me on this forum know I have a negative view of America. Why is that? How can it happen that an American can begin to feel his country isn't worth bragging about?

I find that American has it's good and bad points. But that the bad outweighs the good when compared to more moderate and peace-loving nations. Even warlike nations can conduct themselves in a more straightforward way. I dislike double-talk and admire those that can stand behind their words. But in America we play with the words and twist them to suit our purpose. I don't find that to be dignified or honorable.

For instance: we don't torture we use "enhanced interrogation". We call poor warriors "freedom fighter" if we like them and "terrorist" if we don't. And if we don't like you watch out, because we might not call you a criminal or prisoner of war because then you'd have rights. You are not even an animal, because then you'd have the right to a quick death. Instead, we invented a new term because new terms don't have laws attached to them yet. So if we want to torture you to death in a secret prison, no problem, we just have to call you "enemy combatant". The world, including all our friends are stunned by this, but so what?

We commit unjust war. No amount of twisting words can make that ok. We claim to be the good guys, but during my lifetime we've been killing more civilians than ANY OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH. How can that be good?  If we want the oil we should say "WE WANT THE OIL!". Being evil isn't as bad as being evil lying ####s. Evil one thing, but scummy is indefensible. If you are evil, you'll still have friends. Scum is another thing entirely. Even your family and friends will be tempted to reject you.

Stop blaming the government. It's a democracy. That means government by the people, for the people, of the people. That means it's "the people" who are to blame for millions of deaths in America's hyper-aggressive actions against a string of small countries all around the globe.

While I do accept my share of blame, I also point my finger at the government for not dealing with me straightly. For instance, they take our tax money and spend it to hire PR agencies to script complex lies aimed at securing our loyalty. That is fundamentally immoral.

It takes a lot of ugliness to earn most hated nation status.

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Hmmm, you'll never know until you go there.

Maybe live there a while.

I'm an american.  Daughter of one of the "greatest generation" (WWII vet)

No racism taught in my family. Raised in the episcopal church (more interested

in social programs than dogma)

I think the beauty of america is its diversity as has been said.  Living and working with

EVERY nation, creed, color, race, religion, disability, mental illness, former slaves.

"Give me your hungry, poor, oppressed, tired (or whatever) yearning to be free".

People of good conscience trying to live in harmony with every nation, creed, etc on

earth.  Where else on earth do you have that? In a nation founded on christian principles?

It ain't easy,folks.  But good people do it every day.

China lives a peaceful, non-aggressive life.  I wish we could do the same, and just stop

the overseas aggression and protect our shores!

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Hmmm, you'll never know until you go there.

That's right. Just don't go to the wrong side of town, that could be a disaster.

If you live in a wonderful community, if your family and friends are all good people, then your American experience will be as wonderful as the life among good people in any country. One of America's problems is that it is THE MOST violently criminal country of all developed nations. I have to go to a war zone or South Africa to find more rape and murder.

Having lived in America my whole life, I can tell you that there are wonderful communities full of good peolpe about which many lovely things can be said. That is so true.

The original post in this thread wants to know the source of all the negative commentary about the USA. The source of negativity is deffinately not a snapshot of our most idealic communities. Negativity comes from looking at some of the unfortunate realities that truly characterize the less wonderful aspects of American life.

**It's a fact that we have a huge poor class. They are part of America too. A LARGE part.
**Crime is out of control. It's not safe to walk the streets at night. We lead the developed world in violent crime. Wherever we send our soldiers, rape and murder statistics increase. Ask Japan.
**We are the fatest country on earth. While we proclaim our generous giving to all who will listen, in fact we mostly ignore the suffering of others while we pursue our simple pleasures such as drugs, sex, and video games.
**Drugs you say? What drugs? I worked on a military base in California. Because we were tested for Marijuana occasionally, 80% of the labor force turned to Methamphetamine, a vastly most destructive and highly illegal drug -- which is hard to detect. Drugs are foundation of the economy in our lower class. The majority of Americans have used drugs. Doctors, Lawyers, even our presidents have typically used drugs.
**More than any other developed country, we have a huge number of dysfunctional single women raising kids by multiple fathers.
**Every major city has at least one neighborhood that a woman could never walk across alone at night. The result of trying would likely be worse than a simple quick death.
**We claim "diversity is our strength". It's not. It's really not. Bribing the best and brightest away from other countries does enrich us, but diversity in our poor class one of the leading causes of bloodshed. Countries like Switzerland and Norway have relatively homogeneous cultures and they do great as a united group of friendly neighbors both in their own communities and in the world community. Diversity sets us apart from each other and is the root of our racism.
**While you can find some people in the previously mentioned wonderful communities that are not racist, the majority of America is racist. Watch the movie "Crash" to get a view of racism in America today.

China lives a peaceful, non-aggressive life.  I wish we could do the same, and just stop

I'm with you sister.

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