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Relationships With Robot Girls Will Be Better For Men. [Copy link] 中文

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"Relationships With Robot Girls Will Be Better For Men"

I think if we stay focused on the aesthetic aspect of relationships, robots can never replace real women (or men).

Because, however realistic the algorithmic patterning, robots are machines.

In say, a marriage, both accept each other the way they are - strengths and weaknesses. There is naturalness and there is love as in indescribable feeling. There is unpredictability.  There is a sense of destiny.  There is uniqueness. There is meaning.  And there is decay which deepens value.

If such a relationship is attempted with a machine, it will all be fake. Because the person will know the machine has been programmed by another human to behave like that.  And because the machine is defined by a set of programs written by another human being, the whole notion of naturalness and uniqueness is not there. It then cannot be a relationship in the normal mode;  it becomes a routine with many subroutines.

As i write this, i am discovering the subject matter getting deeper and deeper into the territory : what is a human being?

So as to research the matter more deeply, maybe i should get permission first to go find a gf to try and answer that question by practical experimentation.

Yours sincerely,


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how ridiculous it is if we fall in love with a robot...a machine
robot girl will never replace a real girl ,it's nonsense

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I think i will never be fall in love with a robot ,around my ,there are so many beatiful girls ,and the times we must fall in love with robot does't come!

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Men will love robot when men will become robot themselves. That's why the japanese are the first for robot developping

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Oh boy...

... take it no one in this thread has seen Blade Runner?
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Well, canadaman, that's very funny, but it's true that women don't need men for s ex


Women can get inseminated artificially, and with brains replacing brawn as the means

for survival, men (and maybe women) could become obsolete.

Won't everything soon be cloned?

I don't like it.  There's nothing as soothing as skin on skin.  Holding hands, back rub

and yes, "the deed."

Maybe men will need a robot if women start not needing men.

I'll always want another human....

and markwu, good luck getting permission  

TV - yeah, I saw blade runner. pretty dark...

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Originally posted by tradervic at 2009-11-20 21:34
... take it no one in this thread has seen Blade Runner?

Dreams of electric sheep? It was a neat movie. Was it Harrison Ford as real man and Sean Young as robot woman? The interesting bit was Rutger Hauer as the errant killer robot which in the end saved Ford at the very last moment when it knew it was about to auto-destruct. What algorithm could have done that - machine having human compassion?

What an interesting topic.  Hats off to the originator of this thread.

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