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Britain's fading Empire; Rising China? [Copy link] 中文

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I wouldn’t say Britain is a fading empire. Countries, especially small countries, in terms of popular or resources, will give their very effort on surviving in this day and age. I think
Britain is ahead many counties trying to reform her economic status on the world stage.

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Chinese will be an international tongue....

I have been away from this forum for some time...

It is true that Chinese is not an international tongue yet.  Things will change.  

Yesterday, I read an article from YaleGlobal, and it tells of a JAPANESE visting various countries in African being GREETED IN MANDARIN by native Africans.

The West is not happy with China’s emergence in Africa, but in reality both the sides have benefited
Nayan Chanda
Businessworld , 10 November 2009
Inveterate traveller Suzuko Tomoda was surprised to be greeted with a cheery ‘Ni hao!’ in Africa. Not just in South Africa, but in Kenya and Tanzania, people called out to her in Chinese. Never before, she told me, has she been seen as anything but Japanese. Move over Japan, once the ‘honourary whites’ in South Africa; the Chinese are now the face of rich Asians in the continent. A public demonstration of China’s rising power in Africa will be visible this week, when Premier Wen Jiabao arrives in Egypt for the second Africa-China summit. The gathering will show how far the Middle Kingdom has travelled since the first Chinese contact with Africa six centuries ago.

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Odd I thought it was 60 years since the end of the  British Empire, not the beginning of the least we Brits thought that.

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Statue of LKY, Raffles?

Originally posted by Fookchew at 2009-10-16 19:40

I think Singapore should topple it and put Lee Kuan Yew there instead!

We should not do that while he is still around.  Sure, the day will come.  His statue will be everywhere, not just at the Singapore River.

Stamford Raffles - I do not have much knowledge about him, except a little reading that says that he was quite lenient when applying British laws to local tribes and being mindful of the different cultures and values. (See, compare to modern-day American moral crusaders).

I was reading up on "Rubber Bullets" on wikipedia, and I found this:

The rubber riot control bullet is part of a long line of development of less lethal riot control cartridges that dates back to the use of short sections of broom handle fired at rioters in Singapore in the 1880s.[1] The British developed rubber rounds to replace the wooden rounds, where they were widely used in Northern Ireland.[3]

So, we have here historical records that the British suppressed (or "crackdowned") local protests and have been using it also in North Ireland.

Raffles probably was not around by 1880.  

Afterall, he was a visionary who developed Singapore into an important port and trading centre of SE Asia.  Most of the Chinese and Indians came after he had developed Singapore, so he probably deserved to have that statue.

China should do serious research and development on non-lethal weapons for riot control.  Apart from rubber bullets and tear gas and pepper spray, I suggest laser guns that burn the skin, and other kind of non-lethal bullets.  Can someone inform the relevant departments?

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Reply #19 Fookchew's post

I regretted not learning Chinese when I was young as my country was a British Colony but today I learning Chinese again. I am so proud that I am Chinese!  I am Chinese at last!

To tell the truth, I hardly need to check the dictionary when I read Chinese since I was a school boy.  Chinese, at least for reading, is actually a lot easier than English. Believe me!!!  I check the Chinese dictionary usually for pronunciation ONLY, most of the time.  Today, you just use the computer!!!  And I have to check up the English dictionary over and over again for word meanings!

My dream is that all the overseas Chinese will return home to the motherland!

No... I don't recommend that.  If there is a nuclear war, serious famine again....

I just read that about 100 million died of famine in the Republican era, about 3 to 4 million every year on average.   How tragic.  So, I do not blame Mao Zedong so much for the famine of 1960-1.   

Actually a lot of Indians today died of poverty, and every year also.  But the Indians never got demonized like the way Mao had been demonised.

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Reply #23 Fookchew's post

think the Argentinians should kick the Brits out of the Falklands.

The British should quit Argentianians honourably.

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I have not heard of the Commonwealth for decades!

"we don’t hear the voice of the Commonwealth loud enough."

I have not heard of the Commonwealth for decades!  except for the Games.  And I am supposed to be living in the Commonwealth.  

Singapore's armed forces was built with the help of Israel.  How sad.  It was not the British. And I am talking about the 1960s.

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