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"This is catastrophic" [Copy link] 中文

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(CNN) -- The United States has suspended Bush-administration plans for a missile defense shield in Poland, a spokeswoman for the Polish Ministry of Defense said Thursday.

"This is catastrophic for Poland," said the spokeswoman, who declined to be named in line with ministry policy.

A spokeswoman at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, however, said the decision had not been finalized.

"At this point, the review (of the decision) is still ongoing," said Jeanne Brigante, the embassy's press attache. "We don't have an announcement of a decision yet."

The Wall Street Journal reported overnight that the White House will shelve plans to build the system in Poland and the Czech Republic, according to people familiar with the matter.
---snip---blah blah blah... go read the rest if you are interested.

Whoa! "Catastrophic" she said. First we decide to close our secret prisons in Poland, and now this! What will Poland do now? Didn't anyone ever tell the Poles that we love to abandon our partners right after they stick their neck out for us? We're famous for that. Now that Poland has burned the bridges it had with it's immediate neigbors, we go back home. Mission Accomplished!

You can trust us, we're here to help you.

We'll give you billions for secret prisons! We'll give you billions more to host our super-duper freedom missiles! Psyche! Just kidding

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How times have changed

Only 10 years ago Uncle Sam was flying high, the only remaining superpower, the king of the castle.

Now his castle has been washed away with the tides of history- the fastest collapse in the history of imperialism.

Russia has recently made quite clear what its response would be to U.S. missiles being placed near its borders: the re-opening of its military bases in Cuba. Tit for tat.

Russia has emerged from the setbacks it suffered after the dissolution of the Soviet Union stronger than ever, with a modernized and re-constructed military as well as having some money in the bank from its oil and gas resources, which remain in Russian control largely thanks to Putin.

The U.S., on the other hand, has squandered its wealth on its Zionist initiated war on terror.

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Russia is nothing: your are fantasming about the "red army", but this power is a thing of the past, even if it has really existed.

Your "superpower russia" has let 6 submarines, typhon class, all good for garbage: now who is helping russia for dismantle the nuclear reactor, a job that nobody can do in russia? Oncle sam: US is working near Murmansk to dismantle russia submarines reactor wich is a danger for the whole earth. who helping russia to dismantle nuclear missiles? oncle sam.

The russia atack in georgia: of course they win (50/1 military power ratio), but in fact they made a veru poor performance, with at leat 1/3 of their tank break down...due to obsolete motor and poor quality and maintenance.

The russia weapons: nobody except poor country to buy them: have a look on India, South America countries: all those who bougth fighters (famous mig 29: a fiasco for its poor quality) now give up russia: India will buy western : french submarines, brasil buy french fighters..)

All project of russia weapons are below USA now. Even the future fighter from India/Russia cooperation is more a challenge for china than for US.

And, a BIG news for Russia army: for the FIRST TIME IN RUSSIA MARINE HISTORY, they are going to by french helicopter carrier, just because NOBODY can do it seriously now in Russia.

Have a look on aircraft carrier who are waited from more than 20 years now in Russia: they can build the boat, but hav not technology to use it!

You dont understand one thing: the huge amount russia spend in its army is certainely not for reopen cold war with US, they are no more a chalenge: it is just for maintain an army, increase salary, and costly maintenance of  past : big bombers (tu 160, how many can fly?),big boat (peter the great...a symbol but what's impressive inside?)...

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Originally posted by yasawakic at 2009-9-17 20:02

Russia is nothing: your are fantasming about the "red army", but this power is a thing of the past, even if it has really existed.

Your "superpower russia" has let ...

If Russia is the has been you say it is, then why didn't the U.S. assist Georgia in its war with Russia?

Why is the U.S. willing to lose trust in Eastern Europe by backtracking on its promise to install its missile defence system?

As for the French, they haven't managed to win anything since Napoleon's days without British and U.S. support. Their tanks are famous for having 5 reverse gears and 2 forward ones (when they work). Their subs are useless and so are their army and air force- who buys their mirages these days?  

The "Force de Frappe" should be renamed "Force de Crap".

BTW, who said anything about the Red Army?

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I just wonder why some Ultras are ridiculising everything.

When the US want to install missiles in Middle Europe, then they are demonizing it for these "imperialist" acts. When the US stops it, then they are nagging and pouring out sarcasm. I just wonder when they will approve anything the US does.

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Originally posted by bern2009 at 2009-9-18 05:15
I just wonder when they will approve anything the US does.  

World opinion is decidedly against America these days. Spreading 'democracy' at gun-point will not improve our image. Many people around the world are not interested in American style government, our religions, our lifestyle, etc -- So then don't want us forcing our way into their country to kill, rape, and torture. Because, after all the brutality comes the western values and the self-righteous Christians exchanging food and shelter at the price of your children's soul -- you may be surprised to learn that not many countries in the world are eager to become "Little America", aside from a few allies of convenience, most people want us to mind our own business.

The Kings in Saudi Arabia (hated by their own people) give us oil, so they're ok with us. Israel destabilizes the entire middle-east and brings grief to 1.5 billion Muslims, so their Apartheid government gets our support. Etc. etc. We went to Vietnam in defiance of the will of the people. We supported a tyrant for our own selfish reasons. The hypocrisy is sickening. It takes a lot to become the most hated nation in the world, but we did it.

The man pictured below wanted America to respect the will of the people. America doesn't care about the will of the people, we have pulled down popular governments before. We support government anywhere that is willing to give us what we need. That doesn't improve our reputation.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2009-9-18 10:41
I suppose this was a lump of sugar, or maybe a candy, tossed Vlady Pudding's way, in order to pacify him.

Russia is still imploding and responds to challenges on its borders with bluster and blu ...


go to hell Amerikans

EU explodes
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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