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The birdbrain has deposited his little pile of rubbish.No,I haven't been smoking crack,the substance
developed apparently for the American slums by the CIA.

this was interesting, thanks for that Petera

According to Jeffrey Cockburn,a NWO columnist.
Tobacco was found in the Americas but it was multinationals that turned it into a profitable global addiction.
Addiction is big business.

I agree that this has been a stain on humanity. A plant that is only consumed by one other creature on the planet? And someone decided to smoke it?

And are our digestive systems suited to meat ? Lets realise that we are the only
primates that eat meat.

Well, actually no, chimps and other primates do eat meat from sources such as insects. Baboons will also est meat given the chance, in small amounts. The problem is our overconsumption of meats, and the way that we prepare the meat to produce flavour. This changes the nutritional value of the meat and renders it more difficult to process in a short time allowing the buildup of toxins in our system which like any poison affect us at a cellular level.

Our digestive tract is long,unlike those of the carnivores which are short.The
carnivores produce their own vitamin C.Our bodies don't.T

No arguments there, good point.

he consumption of meat quadruples the incidence
of colorectal cancer.Which is a major killer in the West.

completely agree

Meat consumption raises blood pressure by 10 points. But is it the method in which we eat the meat? Charcoaled or burnt or soaked in saturated fats and oils.

Just more questions to think about before we reach a final conclusion on the little digression from the topic that we have here.

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Excellent responses,Baofeng and Larrydu.Thanks for the thoughts on meat,Vorgal.

Baofeng,I hope you are right.There are indications that the West is in decline.But they may save themselves
by stepping up the genocide and plunder around the world.That is how they got to be top dog in the first place.

Larrydu,you are absolutely correct on the globalistion of NWO propaganda.It is true that the same garbage is
broadcast all over the world,displacing local content and promoting a global standard "culture".And the local
producers also pump out rubbish of a similar nature.There is no real diversity.No real dissent.The 9/11 lie was
allowed to stand unchallenged.

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Petera, we might be able to sense the trajectory the future would take in the coming years, but most of us aren't sure what steps we could take. Perhaps this is one time when thinking small is appropriate. Measures such as setting up our own blogs, participating in online discussions, etc., might serve to wake up people all over the world, including those living in the West. Because of a more advanced social development in the West - natural as such countries had been living off the fat of colonized countries for centuries - there're more opportunities to get the message out to readers there. This is not so in many Asian countries, where Western compradors and proxies are now controlling the mass media and institutions of "higher" learning. These are the "gatekeepers" - people who filter out opinions that might shake their cosy arrangements with their Western masters. Such people had known only one historical narrative - that of the West. They don't know the bloody history of merchantilistic capitalism, the driving of thousands of English farmers into despair, poverty, and suicides through the Enclosure movement, the kidnapping of many such people to the New World to serve as indentured labor, the replacement of such people with millions of African slaves, the extermination of Africans from the Congo to other places such as Kenya (see Mike Davis' "Victorian Holocausts"), the wiping out of natives from several continents, etc.  Most people see today's West as something brought about by superior governmental systems, untainted by centuries of horrible murder, pillage, and genocide. Like the Cherokees, many Asians would pretend to be white, live like whites, even adopt white modified religions (imagine the Semitic Jesus with blue eyes). These naive people are going to experience the bitter "Trail of Tears" of the Cherokees, and the sad truth is that even today, many - especially those who still have governmental power - could do something about it, but are too ignorant and/or scared to do something to save their nations.

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Larrydu,that is exactly what I have been trying to tell others on this forum and others.It is absolutely true that
the history written by the victors has been thrust down the throats of the populations of Asia and those of every
other continent.With the collaboration of local anglophile elites created by the colonisers over the last few
centuries.India suffered terribly under the British with 50 million lives lost.But they have a NWO puppet as
nominal head of state.The Americas lost 100 million,but the Latin American elites are strongly pro American.The
power of the NWO and the reach of it's propaganda tentacles are awesome.This is the result of 10 millenia of
concentration of power and wealth,especially that during the post Columbus holocaust.It is not something easy to
counter.But try we must.It is possible that the empire will crumble like it's Roman predecessor,but I wouldn't
count on it.The horrible thing about the NWO is that it is universal.It has absorbed all the lessons of history.All the
trickery.It has it's own Trojan horses in every potential point of opposition.It coopts and infiltrates every body of
dissenters and renders them impotent.

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Orwell spoke about the importance of language in mind control.There were committees in the Ministry of
Truth that worked on the Newspeak vocabulary.The effort was to reduce the vocabulary to a level that was
absolutely neccessary and remove all surplus words.New editions of the Newspeak dictionary were published
periodically.One of the main objectives of the reduced vocabulary was to render Thoughcrime impossible.
New words are of course introduced but with the same objectives.In Oceania,as in the world today,
Thoughtcrime was taken very seriously.Today's NWO mind controllers have devised various strategies to
achieve their objectives.One is the use of new epithets that automatically destroy debate.Holocaust denier
is one.Sexist is another.In France and in Germany questioning the "holocaust" is a crime.Orwell must be
rolling in his grave.

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Some are simply euphemisms, as when the killing of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan were classified as "collateral damage" and concentration camps in Vietnam and Malaya were called, respectively, "strategic hamlets" and "new villages." Illegal kidnappings for the purpose of torture and interrogation were known as "rendition" and physical restrictions on reporters' right to see what goes on in wars were termed as "embedding." But the most common form of thought control remains the tactic that Mark Twain called "the silent lie" - the blanking out of news unfavorable to the oppressors. Thus it's highly unlikely that the average Britisher knows about the over 25 devastating famines under British colonial rule in India, about Churchill being the first person to suggest - and cleared - the dropping of chemical weapons on Iraqis, and the average American hardly knows about his country's role in Korea's Kwangju Uprising, Washington's order to officer Sullivan not to spare any Indian life, or the over 40 invasions against Latin and South American countries after WW2. A lot has been made about democracy and human rights, but no American school texts have touched honestly on the scores - if not hundreds - of murders of American dissidents and left-leaning persons during the late 60s and early 70s, from Medgar Evers and the Black Panthers to Martin Luther King Jr, not to mention even highly-ranked people such as John and Robert Kennedy. The decimation of the left through convenient suicides and murders by some "lone gunman" and master narratives from the mass media eventually allowed the neocons to dominate the American government, which then set about to rob poor Americans and gave the rich their obscene wealth. Today, unemployment is well above  the publicized 9 percent - possibly as much as 15 percent - and American workers are dead frightened about losing their jobs (an event which is no longer called "fired" or "sacked" but "voluntary retirement," "laid off," "downsizing," "retrenched," and even, hahaha!, "radical role evaluation"). All this misery at a time when billion-dollar bailouts are used to give their bosses multi-million dollar bonuses.

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Silent lie

That was a good expression,Larrydu.I have just finished reading David Stannard's "American Holocaust".
It is a tale of unbelievable tragedy.Imagine 100 million people being killed.Native American's in their own
continents.For four hundred years they butchered these people who did them no harm.In the most cruel
and sadistic fashion.Bartolome de las Cassas wrote of the extermination of the Carribean people in the
early 16th century.The population of the island of Hispaniola was estimated at 8 million when Columbus
arrived.In twenty years they were all gone.An equivalent of about 50 Hiroshimas.Disease killed some.The
rest were overworked in gold mines till they died or butchered for sport.Babies were fed to dogs.Spanish
soldiers cut limbs off people or cut people into bits for fun.This was actually witnessed by de las Cassas
who wrote about it.The book is still available,I think.

George Washington,John Adams,Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were US presidents who openly
dehumanised the remnants of the Native American population and openly advocated in explicit terms their
extermination.And these were not idle words.Everywhere in the United States,from Delaware to California,
from Georgia to the Pacific West,massacres were conducted against the "Indians".The last and best
known of these massacres was the one at Wounded Knee in South Dakota.As was the practice,men
women and children were gunned down using the Hotchkiss gun with exploding shells.Many holding
white truce flags.The toll was in the hundreds.This was in 1891.Small remnants of the Native population
continue to struggle for survival.I have encountered a few in Eastern Canada.

The horror is that this is being repeated in Palestine,Afghanistan and Iraq today.I suspect now that these
are long wars of extermination.And as we speak,preparations are being made to invade Iran.It is likely
that the Zionists plan to annihilate the Islamic population over the next few decades.Africa may well be
depopulated by then.We can only speculate who will be next.

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