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Thanks for your contribution,Larrydu.The automobile is the topmost consumer item.It doesn't matter that it kills half a million people a year and does enormous damage to human health and the health of the
environment.It is one of the foremost methods of making money for the Zionist bankers.The marketers
have sold it as a status symbol,a phallic symbol,a vaginal symbol besides as  a form of transport.There
are columnists who are paid to sneer at public transport.Motor sport is promoted to glamorise the turning
of petrol and air into carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides and profits for the Zionist billionaires.
Consumerism was forecast by Huxley.In fact he had his Alphas and Betas flying in private helicopters  to
their games of Electromagnetic golf after work.Fortunately for our eardrums this has not eventuated.It is
well known that the automobile industry is highly subsidised,directly and indirectly.We must at this stage
bow our heads in the memory of the millions slaughtered in Iraq and Afghanistan so that the sources of
petroleum would stay in trusted NWO hands.

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Nasty surprises

The NWO has sprung nasty surprises on it's hapless subjects.We have been given asbestos and tobacco
and meat and dairy and sugar and alcohol.Only to find that they are deadly poisons.We are now being
experimented on with Genetically Engineered crops and other Frankenstein food.We are assured that
mobile phones will not harm our brains and microwave ovens our bodies.Every year we find the world has
changed in some unnerving way.So what are the surprises for the future ? Are there any guesses ? What
are the trends that we have noticed that will strengthen in coming years ?

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OK, so cars and planes are a homosexual plot ?
Tobacco was developed by native Americans to slowly poison the Europeans, over several centuries, as revenge for colonising the Americas ?
The fact that we have a digestive system suitable for eating meat, is a millenia old plot to poison us by the NWO ?

What have you been smoking Petera ?
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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The birdbrain has deposited his little pile of rubbish.No,I haven't been smoking crack,the substance
developed apparently for the American slums by the CIA.According to Jeffrey Cockburn,a NWO columnist.
Tobacco was found in the Americas but it was multinationals that turned it into a profitable global addiction.
Addiction is big business.And are our digestive systems suited to meat ? Lets realise that we are the only
primates that eat meat.Our digestive tract is long,unlike those of the carnivores which are short.The
carnivores produce their own vitamin C.Our bodies don't.The consumption of meat quadruples the incidence
of colorectal cancer.Which is a major killer in the West.Meat consumption raises blood pressure by 10 points.

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Nasty surprises II

I renew my requests for predictions for the future.What nasty surprises will the NWO spring on the people
in the years to come ? False flag attacks are now a part of life.Will they have another big one like 9/11,this
time declaring the nuclear aspect ? What social engineering changes will be imposed and over
what period of time ?

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The missed piece(s)

Of all the pieces being placed on the game board of the would be NWO, the one glaringly missing piece is Iran.

Perhaps Afghanistan (aka Pipelinistan) as well, as the war there doesn't seem to be going according to plan, with increasing U.S. casualties there being none too popular with most Americans now.

Nor Iraq, as that war, together with Wall St. greed, having all but destroyed the U.S. economy, making it totally dependent on Chinese goodwill.

Nor 9-11, as the numbers of sceptics continues to grow, adding to anti-Afghan war sentiment and making another false flag attack difficult.

So what to do about Iran? Will the U.S. try for a third war while its first attempt at implementing PNAC plans in Afghanistan still haven't been met, and its bankrupt economy totally dependent on the goodwill of a country whose ability to bail it out being in turn dependent on Iranian supplies of energy?

The next 6 months will tell.

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I often leave out stuff such as the Illuminati and Zionist powerholders in my political analyses, though I don't dispute the existence of shadowy manipulators of the world scene. One thing we can be sure of is that the very idea of world conquest did not arise out of thin air: it arose from the very logic of capitalism which is an ideology that survives through endless acquisitions of human and natural resources. The Industrial Revolution gave England and later other European states the means for world conquest, and this quest isn't over yet. Understanding the logic of imperialism helps us understand why the collapse of the Soviet Union did not mean that Russia would be left alone, or why China is the next target as stated in the neocons' website "Project for an American Century" (taken off the web some years back). The drive towards the Middle East follows the same pattern that begun during the Crusades - it was a necessary step towards the conquest of Eurasia, India, and the grand prize, China. Because many Japanese and Koreans aren't very reliable friends for the neocons, the old strategy  - "The Great Game" - is being refurbished and executed.

The chances of a victory (for the imperialists) is more than 50/50 as they've control of the mass media and have used "education" - e.g. the invitation of hundreds of thousands of Asians to enroll in their brainwashing institutions called "colleges" - to serve their purpose. Today much of the Asian media tell their people less about local news and personalities than events in the West: Christmas gets more discussions than Deepavali in India or the Lunar New Year in China. Britney Spears or Paris Hilton gets more exposure (sometimes literally, hahaha!) than any Chinese actor or actress. Such is the soft power of imperialism made possible by western compradors firmly entrenched in much of Asia's institutions, and in the highest organs of the target states. Just as baofeng states regarding the missing pieces, the overall situation will crystallize in not too long a period.

Most authors of dystopia wrote to warn what's going to happen: they were often largely optimistic people in that they still had hopes for a better world. Reality is less entrancing and often more grim. The world needs critical thinkers and we've far too few people of such caliber.

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