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Bleak ?

It depends on whose viewpoint you take.With what timeframe.For those at the top of the food chain,the
Zionist bankers,the future probably looks quite good.They are completely secure and have all they need
tens of thousands of times over.The depressions and wars they engineer do not affect them.Nor the
social engineering projects they thrust on the sheeple.In fact they undoubtedly profit from them.But how far
into the future do they look ? Do they care about future generations ? Since none of us are likely to be
invited to tea by the Rothschilds,we cannot know.The horrible prospect exists that Orwell was right that
one of the greatest perquisites of power was the sadistic pleasure of exerting this power.O'Brien was
quite frank about that during his "treatment" of Winston's "insanity".The powerful seek and grasp power,
he said,for the pleasure of inflicting pain on those they rule.Not really that farfetched.There is an element
of that in every boss subordinate relationship no matter how amicable.

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What are the trends ?

Between them,Huxley and Orwell had a fairly good prediction of the world today.Especially the post 9/11
world.The crass consumerism,the mind control,the propaganda,the torture,the surveillance,the drugs,the
perpetual war,the pornography ,the prostitution.Huxley was wrong in predicting an overt and unabashed
caste system.The NWO pretends that everyone is equal.It even sheds crocodile tears for the vanquished,
the aboriginals,the Roma,the native Americans,the African Americans,the Dalits and so on.It cleverly
creates pockets of prosperity in the more significant of these communities and co opts them into the lower
levels of the controlling cliques.There has been a startling partial reversal of this trend of being nice to
the weak and lip service to the sanctity of human dignity in the post 9/11 dark age.The demonisation of the
Islamic world is shockingly medieval.The sheer savagery of the Zionist media,the profanity and the
obcenity of the attack on this large segment of humanity is astounding and shocking.We are at once
reminded of the two minutes hate in 1984.And of the alleged Nazi excesses of WW2.The motives for this
awful onslaught are transparent but the reason for the intensity are not immediately obvious.Could this be
the inherent sadism of the ruling cliques ? The opportunity exists for cruelty.Why not avail of it ? And as I
have pointed out several times before,while we watch in horror the barbaric slaughter in the Middle East,
the NWO is killing Africa.

There are other trends that Huxley and Orwell did not predict.I can think of a couple.Does anyone have an
ideas of what these are ? And know of other differences between the predicted and the actual ?

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Neither Orwell or Huxley spoke much about decadence.They lived in recent times,but things have been
changing rapidly.What is decadence and why does it happen ? I don't have a definition of decadence but
generally think of it as a relaxation of the discipline and the rules that all societies in normal times use to
maintain the aesthetics and the integrity of their way of living.Decadence appears in times of prosperity
when the pressures of day to day survival recede and experimentation with non traditional sexual behavior
and other deviances become possible.Use of consciousness altering substances could be described
as decadent though most societies have always used alcohol,marijuana and other substances.So
decadence is a result of prosperity.But perhaps it is also a perquisite of power and privelege and wealth.
We think of these perquisites as consumer goods and other property,good food and so on.But some types
of "kinky" sex and homosexuality could be a way of flaunting wealth and privelege.The ordinary fellow,the
plumber,the carpenter or the bricklayer have no choice but to be masculine.Their status and the nature of
their work demands it.But the priveleged person can be different.He has the "luxury" of displaying
feminine characteristics and getting away with it.Probably in a sense similar to the upper class draft
dodger like Bush,Wolfowitz and some of the other neocons.Masculinity is for the lower orders,by their way
of thinking.

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Decadence II

The form of decadence now openly supported by the NWO is obviously homosexuality.All across the globe
today in major cities we have the spectacle of gay parades.They started in the West and now the rest of the
world has been forced to overcome their embarrassment and have their own parades.More proof we have
a world government that dictates to it's vassals.Do homosexuals really exist ? If so are they evenly split
between those who perform the active act of sodomy and those who accept it passively ? Or do they take
turns ? Toss a coin perhaps ?

I'd rather not discuss all this as it is extremely distasteful to me.But the media thrusts it on everyone.I don't
read the papers anymore but from memory every second paragraph had the new three letter word.About
40,000 children die of malnutrition every day.People are being butchered and starved and subjected to
biological warfare all over the world.But the NWO propaganda organs shed tears over those who prefer
the rectum.Battles are fought over same sex marriage and adoption rights.A whole new fake morality has
been decreed and put in place.We have a world with 100% tolerance for carpet bombing and sanctions
that kill half a million children.But zero tolerance for "homophobia".A new introduction to the shrinking
Newspeak vocabulary.

What are the motives for the promotion of homosexuality ? We can only speculate.My last post postulated
that it could be a perquisite for those at the top of the food chain and a twisted way of flaunting their wealth
and position.What do you give someone who has everything ? A new sexual identity,perhaps.

The NWO obviously want's to strip away a lot of things that give people their identity.Nationality and
sexuality are two of those.By rubbishing masculinity it greatly increases the flexibility of the workforce.In
Huxley's dystopia people were designed for particular jobs.But the NWO prefers versatility and flexibility.
It wants to remove were possible the association of sex or gender with a particular job.And promotion
of homosexuality blurs the distinction between the sexes.Population control could be another motive.

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this is just plain funny, petera

a fascinating and priceless fusion of homophobia with the NWO

"What are the motives for the promotion of homosexuality?"

"We can only speculate."

  ..Population control could be another motive"

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Hi Petera, interesting though quite popular topic with selected groups of people. Underlying most discussions is the idea of propaganda - how it's internalized until people believe received ideas as their own. An example is an article I glanced at a few hours ago in which the person blamed the difficulty with getting train tickets to a monopolistic rail system, throwing in remarks about a "planned economy" into the mix. This kind of low-level thinking is quite prevalent all over the world, and it comes partly from a lack of knowledge, and partly from a mind unused to questioning one's beliefs. For example,  isn't planning involved in big multinational corporations? Does one really have democracy in such organizations? Some of these organizations have more resources - in terms of finance and sometimes even workers - than some Third World states. Now, one might then say that, well, such companies have to compete, you know - that's what makes it different from state monopolies. Oh yeah? Don't these companies have powers within a state that allow it to "compete" unfairly with other smaller entities? What if such companies, with their financial clout, control the government by supporting presidential candidates and Congresspeople as well? How is it possible that American pharmaceutical companies can award its executives with over 30 million dollar bonuses while the average Joe finds it hard to keep his house and pay his medical bills? And when it comes to the railway thing - did anyone ask why rail network is so limited in the US? Do people know that Eisenhower built the American interstate with DEFENSE money - which spawned the idea the nation could use the roads as plane runways - so that cars could become the main form of transport in the US (and thus benefited General Motors)? If the American people were truly given a choice between a mass transport that's cheaper and cleaner and less likely to be dependent on oil (and thus produced the "necessity" to invade the Middle East) wouldn't they opt for the former?

Back to the rail "state monopoly" of China. Did that person who complained about this measure China's pre-Liberation days with that of other former colonial states and then compare China with those states? Is it possible China has progressed thus far BECAUSE it has resorted to more state planning than those states? Don't compare with small states like Korea or Singapore, but states with big mass poverty problems like China, and see whether those states which have practised capitalism earlier are doing better than China or not. Think also whether the present difficulty in getting a ticket could be due partly to China's current state of development (which has a relatively short history of 60 years).

I'm a little busy right now but will return to your topic of dystopian novels soon.

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Originally posted by petera at 2009-9-16 07:28
Thanks to the genius of George Orwell,Aldous Huxley anf Lev Zamyatin,we have three great dystopian novels
that describe the tragicomic brainwashed misinformed world we live in.Each of the authors  ...

Peter B is much better so is Peterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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