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Now I know that pet dogs have been killed in China. We also know that people eat dog in China.

That doesn't mean that Chinese people are the heartless monsters your post clearly implies.

Lots of dogs are killed in my homeland (America). Some are abanded in the way you described. Some are executed by the "humane society", and some die in dog-fighting arenas where their rabid masters wager on which will die first.

My original post makes an observation about how dogs tend to be shaped by their masters. Mild masters tend to nurture mild dogs, vicious dogs are often raised by vicious people. Care to comment on the topic of this thread?

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Originally posted by totothedog at 2009-9-16 06:17
Amerika has the highest prison population despite only having five percent of the world's population (including Anglos and humans).

What?! America is the land of the free! We've been telling this to the world for the last 200 years. Won't anyone listen to us? LAND OF THE FREE.. that's us, that's America. Why won't you listen to us?

Fact: America has more people in prison than any other country in the world. We keep pointing our 'human-rights' finger at hugely populated China, and nearby is another huge population with one of the worst human rights records in the world -- India. These countries both have 4x our population, but less people in prison.

Fact: America has more people in prison PER CAPITA. That means that even tiny tyrannical statess with the worst human-rights records put less people in prison than we do.

This is the land of the free baby! Don't you forget it -- or we'll put you in a cage.

All I've said here is focused on the simple head count -- America is the world's most accomplished prison-state. In spite of this, violent crime and corruption is unchecked from the bottom to the top.

But there are other things to consider. It's not just prisons that make us the land of the free. We're all about freedom. We even bomb for freedom's sake! We send people to secret prisons in the name of freedom. We break the Geneva convention for freedom. We torture for freedom. If you don't feel free, complain to Washington, we'll drop some freedom bombs on you and your whole family.

We have added new meaning to the words 'freedom and liberty':
Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Liberty Shield...
These words are used to authorize killing, torture, and imprisonment without regard to the rules of law.

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