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Civilization should be civil [Copy link] 中文

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I live in Shanghai. It's the most non-violent city I've ever lived in. Where I come from there isn't a single city as safe as this one.

Dogs are shaped by their masters.

In America, the dogs often can not look each other in the eye without fighting. An aggressive dog will not tolerate another dog looking into his eye. It's the same for aggressive people. In America, we can look at each other if we are talking to one another, but we can not stare at strangers. We can look, but when they look in our direction we have to shift our gaze away, this is second nature for us.

In China, people can continue to look at you even when you notice them looking. Western foreigners like me feel offended by this because we are not used to it. Where we come from, it is considered threatening and we will often challenge the person staring at us with at least a sarcastic "can I help you?" or even an invitation to duel, "you wanna do somethin?"

In China, people don't seem threatening to each other. Here they can look at each if they are curious. It's a less aggressive culture.

I think the dogs have learned from their masters. In China, I rarely see the dogs here threatening each other. In American, so often you must keep them separated to prevent a violent clash. It's true that on the bad side of every city in America the dogs are very dangerous while in the milder areas of America, the dogs are correspondingly milder.

Not all Chinese cities are as safe as Shanghai. Just as dogs tend to be shaped by their masters, coincidentally, in Hong Kong the dogs are more violent.

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Your experience and viewpoint is unique.

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So what?

Dog may reflect breeder character, not so sure, but, one thing is sure, giving an utopic vision of shanghai by seeing its dogs is just stupid. shanghai a non violent city?

Let me tell you that shanghai is certainely one of the most corrupted cities in the world: here you can find building owne by mafia for criminal activities like copying product, here you can find drug traffic, here you can find one of the most oversatured cities for the transportation and traffic, making the city air polluted and the noise level truely s..g

You watch "little dogs" in the streets: oh they are so sweet: here is paradise....I guess you live in one of these protected villa where you think you are far fro these problemn and then you believe you can generalize your cocoon to the 20 000 000 peoples of's a funny nonsense, and furthermore absolutely wrong.

Arguing that ch people are non violent just show you don"t often go out of your cocoon. Chinese people avoid violence, but there are situation where they have no choice, and trust me, they explode then. I saw this several time: during demonstration, after a typhon or after an earthqhake, in a plane, in the street....

Shanghai a non violent city? and why not Johanesburg?

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I think it is an interesting point except for the dogs. Your argument has no relation to the dogs behaviour. A dog is usually better behaved when the owner is assertive and acts as the pack leader. In countries like the USA, dogs are "humanised" and people treat them as if they are humans with a human level of reasoning. This nearly always leads to the dog believing it is the leader and not the human.

Also, I think your criteria is odd. Most people will see little or no violence when in a city. In the 14 years I lived in an urban environment, I was never threatened and never saw violence. I would not use that as criteria to say that that area was not violent and I certainly wouldn't use dogs as a basis. Dogs do not pick up their owners characteristics.
Defender of sanity.

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"Civilization should be civil"

is a misnomer. Civilization is anything but civilized! Take a good look back in history and take a good look at the wars and killings that are happening now right before our very eyes.

A nation can go into war and tear apart another nation completely............

just for a lie! And keep on glorifying the lie! Just unbelievable !!!!!!  

You call that civilization ?

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"We all know that (insert random horrific story) happens all the time in China"

We all know that Seneca? Strange, everyone I know who buys a dog seems to have the means to keep it carefully. Unlike in America where the poor folks who can't pay their rent often have enough cash for drugs, beer, and big dogs.

I've also been surprised to see how many sqM my friends apartments are, being pretty well off I always expected to see my local friends living in squallor, but about half of them own houses twice as big as my rented apartment.

Where are all these thousands upon thousands of stray dogs? Where are all the club-wielding anti-rabies brigades? I heard a lot of stuff like this when I lived in American, but I've been in China for 3 years now and I just don't see it. I suppose I could go on believing unsubstantiated reports leveled by China-haters, or I could believe my eyes.

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