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Taking a retrospective pulse of the Urumqi Riots [Copy link] 中文

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cont'd on earlier reply to emu

The Xuri Toy factory incident was then used by the World Uighur Congress as a plea to incite riots in Xinjiang.

So get your facts straight, emu.

Or maybe you are an individual so habitually addicted to badmouthing China that no facts will ever succeed in entering your numskull to replace that warm pee.

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Originally posted by wchao37 at 2009-7-15 08:57

Most foreigners are friendly and helpful

But a few of them stubbornly hold negative attitude towards China

A few of them even harbor evil intentions

Your Chinese blood is irritating some forumites and will invite more severe attacks

Take care!


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Uighurs Are Nomads?

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Reply #59 jordan_c_fan's post


The Uighurs aren't nomads these days.  They have mostly settled down and are congregating in townships.

China's preferential treatment of them are based on the general principle of establishing equanimity amongst the 56 ethnic groups for building a prosperous nation.

United we win, disunited we lose -- and this is much more so than in the case between China and Russia -- which are two entirely different nations with only a common geopolitical aim to share for the sake of their own survival, since both are multi-ethnic states and don't have the financial, military or political resources to do it alone.

The West knows this, and that's why the 7.5 Riots were meant as a sudden, below-the-belt blow to the image of tranquility and prosperity that China needs to do well financially.

To illustrate the importance of such an image --

Donald Trump has just lost a court case against a writer for defamation purposes.

The man claimed that Mr. Trump was not a billionaire because his total accrued assets did not go above a billion dollars -- in fact, it was merely 200-300 millioin dollars, which therefore did not qualify him for that title.

So Donald sued the man because liquidity is very important these days during the economic downturn -- cash is KING!

The image of Donald losing the court battle surrounding an image -- whether he was a billionaire or "just" a multi-millionaire -- was very devastating to him.  He claims he had lost a good deal of money merely because of that claim, and I believe him.

So the same thing applies to China's image of stability.

The country is almost sure that it will achieve its goal of 8 percent GDP growth this year -- as was announced by Premier Wen Jiabao as I had explained in the post on China becoming an epicenter for car manufacturing.

The reason why Wen was so confident as he boldly announced the target growth rate as achievable was premised on the entire nation working as one under stable conditions.

That's why the likes of Rebiya resorted to smearing tactics using lies and concoctions to incite riots.

Fortunately the central government was fast and furious in its response, and now the small fire that could have spread into a conflagration has mostly been extinguished.

This was achieved by allowing the Western media access to the premises right after the 7.5 riots to see for themselves what was burnt and destroyed, who was killed and what ethnicity, where and where those random murders took place (57 of the 186 deaths occurred in the back alleys, which meant that these were faceless premeditated murders carried out by orders from a foreign source -- for all the murders and property destruction had occurred on the same day both inside and outside the country, and the evidence was compiled by CCTV in a logical sequence comprising all the intercepted telephone calls, internet disinformation and emails from Rebiya and the World Uighur Congress.

And the fact that this group was bankrolled by the American Congress meant that the real murderers of the 186 people most of whom were Hans were the 666 American congressmen and congresswomen -- fockers all who should have kept their dirty fingers at home repair the economy instead of reaching out to molest the Old Country.

Next I will upload pictures with short comments.

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Reply #58 RoamingFish's post

Your Chinese blood is irritating some forumites and will invite more severe attacks

Take care!

If one is afraid of irritating the lying bastards of this world, he should stay put as a couch potato watching TV instead of thinking and writing to explain China to the world and the world to China -- which is what people like me are attempting to do.

And with the support of my friends, we shall continue to be successful.

Thank you though for your kind gesture!

I will take care.

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plenty ANGLOS guilaos  

hates my fujian blood
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Mr. Wchao

Actually, it took me sometime to get to know you and understand you.

I should say chairman really gave me a deep impression when I just came here.
Every morning he says good morning and puts up his long list of threads. Every night he says good night.
He works so hard everyday and I thought he is a staff at this forum.

Gradually, I found he has strong power over this BBS.
He uses MIP Poll to draw some valuable members because being more popular is attractive.
At the same time he uses Special Poll to push out other members.
Those polls are easily rigged as long as people have time and energy.
I thought it doesn't matter because it is also kind of funny.

Your name is on the top of the Special so I thought you must be an Arab.
I read your posts trying to find some doubtful points to satisfy my curiosity.
I was surprised you have such a good understanding of China and Chinese culture.
I became worried about China as we have such a strong and dangerous enemy.

It's your way of thinking that makes me believe you are a real Chinese.
When the Xinjiang riot suddenly happened, everyone shouted loudly condemning such action.
You wrote a post 'A little imperfection makes perfect' talking about your writing at the same day.
I was confused at first as it was not a suitable topic at that time.
Later I realized what you truly wanted to say is ‘Xinjiang's imperfection makes China perfect’. What a deep thought!

You are sort of serious and keep a distance from other people.
I could not suddenly come out to say 'Well done, buddy!'  haha.
I just want to express my support and gratitude during this complicated situation.
It looks like you are fighting with a well-organized group.

I really enjoy reading your writing, although sometimes it is a bit long and complicated for me to understand. hehe

Be well!

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