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Taking a retrospective pulse of the Urumqi Riots [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by peterb at 2009-7-10 17:54
SHAOGUAN, Guangdong, July 9 (Xinhua) -- Two people detained on charges of fabricating and spreading rumors of rapes and beatings in connection with a factory fight in Guangdong Province on Thursday ...

Well, what this chap did was nothing compared with what some other young men did spreading rumors on the internet.  

Southerners by and large are hot-tempered and easily influenced by such rumors pitting one group against another.

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Rebiya Kadeer has had complete turnarounds so often that she's better known in the Chinese media as "About-face Rebiya."

I am summarizing her "career" as follows:

She became the richest woman in Xinjiang thanks to the Gaige Kaifang policies in the 1980s and 1990s.  The other side of the coin is that this woman had innate abilities not easily recognized from a cursory examination of her words and actions.   A good business person is more likely to be good at detecting and communicating what people in his/her target audience want to hear.

Her second husband, true to his reputation as a Xinjiang separatist, exerted the most political influence on her.

At the turn of the century, she was incarcerated in a Xinjiang prison for her conviction of criminal espionage activities.  She served less than seven of an eight-year sentence when an official from the Bush government personally came to fetch her for early release.

During the sojourn, she was a model prisoner who heaped praise on the national leaders, the local government as well as the prison officials.

Before she left for America in 2005 to join her husband on medical grounds, she appeared on Phoenix TV swearing allegiance to China and thanked the Chinese government profusely for its kindness and consideration shown towards her.  She appeared so sincere about her remorse for the criminal activities for which she had been incarcerated that the audience was visibly moved.

Instead, as soon as she arrived at Washington D.C., the chameleon immediately revealed her true colors and said at last she had tasted freedom.

Here's the evidence showing her sworn statements during the Phoenix TV interview in March, 2005 before she boarded the U.S.-bound flight.
Urumqi riot 7-5-09 -- Ribeya's sworn statements before leaving for  U.S..JPG

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Originally posted by wchao37 at 2009-7-10 20:05

Hi peterb:

Glad you could tear yourself away from your busy schedule to enjoin the disruption artists from wreaking havoc in this forum.

btw, do you have any idea where petera is?

Petera, I think, is still in India- as far as I know, he may be in the process of writing a book, but I'm not sure.

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On March 17, 2005, Rebiya Kadeer was interviewed at Phoenix TV.

I'll translate her remarks frame by frame as follows:

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Rebiya Kadeer's remarks from frame #1 above

1.  The Party has been my benefactor from beginning to end.

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Frame #2

2.  I'm not here gesticulating in falsity.

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Frame #3

That's a rule of our faith.

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