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Kill all dogs in the city!! [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by satsu_jin at 2009-6-4 22:36

R U ok or shall we call the men in white?

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I am hiding.

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Pink is ok for a dog nowadays

It's cool

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Originally posted by pullmyfinger at 2009-6-7 16:54
A lot of interesting facts. But...

there is a vaccination for rabies but you have to have it within a short time of getting bitten.

rabies is still a fatal disease if not treated in time

a ...

lack of education is not the dogs fault

its peoples faults

you can get cured for rabies if you go to the doctor well after the symptoms have already set in

the symptoms would require you to go to the doctor, where any bite would make it clear they were diagnosed with rabies

anyway, if i was the government leader in the town i would plaster the place with posters to try to get people to catch on to the fact that animal bites=possible death

and encourage doctors to ask about bites from any patient showing any signs of Rabies-related victims

its too easy to do..

and thEy already obviouslt have connected the whole "animal bites = likely rabies" thing

meaning all that happened was they made extremely stupid decisions to run around town beating 20,000 dogs to death over 7 rabies cases.

it was like a witch hunt

but they arent even superstiicious, just superstupid

the posters would look like this

DOG BITE ----->  HOSPITAL ----------------> FRIENDLY DOCTOR ------------>CUTE NURSE -------------> HAPPY SHOT IN THE ARM ---------------. HAPPY COMMUNITY


STRANGE DOG --------------------> DONT TOUCH -------------> CALL POLICE --------------->WALK AWAY CALMLY -------------> DOG IS TAKEN AWAY TO HAPPY DOGGY HEAVEN---------------> STREETS ARE SAFE ----------->HAPPY COMMUNITY



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Chinese dogs !

I love them ! Why ?

I have been in several countries. In Pakistan there where only less dogs, in India there where many street dogs and in the Philippines, too.

The dogs in those countries where often aggressive. I remember encounters which really scared the hell out of me, especially in the Philippines.

Here in China most dogs are small (because of the governments height restrictions). Not a single dog was barking at me in China or even tried to

a t t a c k   me.

How can people be so cruel to those peaceful dogs.

They are even more law-abiding than Chinese citizens themselves - and that is really hard to achieve.

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i've seen the situation of dogs first hand in China. I've seen the older generation and the way they look at dogs. It's clear that only in the last 10 years or so has the idea of having a dog for a pet been a common thing. Before then, dogs were looked upon in the same wa as any animal in CHina (that is... yum yum chow chow let's eat!) A lot of old people in China still dont get this whole idea of having an animal as a pet, they don't see the humanity in a dog or feeling in any kind of animal whatsover, they look at a dog the same way as they look at a fish in a restaurant. And I guess when you understand their history when a lot of them went through the Great Leap Forward starvation period where they were eating the bark off trees you can understand why the general rule of "If it lives, breaths, moves or grows, it's food!" is still a major way of life for majority of older generation Chinese, it's permanently in their subconscious from those years of hardship. That's why beating a dog to death for them is no different than swatting a fly or stepping on a spider, they don't see it any differently.

It's an example of how Chinese societ was reduces to the most basic levels of humanity during those difficult years, and there's still a lot of it going on in the country areas where life is still fairly backwards.

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I have the feeling - much like in other countries - the pet dog is substituting a child or grandchild.  No wonder with this one-child-policy.

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