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Escargot, do you like it? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by correction at 2009-6-17 12:23

Yes, I know you consider them as European as
you've already said that in your earlier posts,
so don't need to repeat that again and again.
But here I'm asking your views as to  those Jews born ...

[quote]Originally posted by correction at 2009-6-17 12:23

let me quote only , the French civil code :
(I don't have the German or Spanish civll code on my desk ,)

“concerns all foreigners  who want to get French Nationaly
1) u born French nationality if one of the 2  parents has fRENCH  nationaly
2) : one of the 2 parents is born in france  whatever his nationaly ,  if u were born after jan 1963 and than ur parent was born in Algreia before 1963, without any restriction .
If ur parent was born in a french overseas territory before his independance and that u re born in france after this date;
3) if u were in born ,in france , foreign parent , u will get f nationality at 18.
U should live in France at 18 and has been live during a period of 5 years since u are 11.

4) plenary adoption :
children who are adopted by people who have french nationaliy
is french by  filiation

5) marriage but according Several conditions

and so on ,so on .......the list is so long .”””””

so when u get french nationaly , u will get THE RIGHT TO VOTE,

Sof if u got the right to vote for french elections , u also have the right to vote for European elections ,

so if u have the right to vote for European elections , it's mean that u are a citizen of Europ
no matter , u are arab , black , chinese , jew
no matter ur culture , ur double culture , no matter ur religious beliefs .

u could go and ask in any tower hall in France , they will provide the list of the specifications.
u could also have a look on this :

Could u think 4 mns about the deep  sense of RACISM ,
organize a hierachy  between natural human groups , according different criteria and notably  intellectual and moral characterists; and so on ....

In this case , all people are racists,

Do U think that people are more racists in Europ than in China ?

Media use to treat this subject :
This week,  4 important cases  in france, 4 complains .
And u , just as a  normal people , u want to complain , u can write and get support thanks to Media and u will win towards to the court .
The French  legislation is complex and i don’t want to translate the penal code here
But Racism is punishable by penal or criminal court.

Nobody in France wants to repeat ww1 and ww2  events and butcheries , extermination camps , slaughtering
But xenophobic, anTisemists , still exist.

What about china ?
Do the media treat about racist , antisemist cases  ?
Patriotism is it not a form of racism ...??????

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sneake loves snails.

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Can Jews eat these?

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Escargot, do you like it?

Originally posted by timbatu at 2009-5-30 12:39
So many Europeans criticize China for her diverse food sources. But do you know the French escargots?


This is not typical European food.

Very few people outside of France eat this.


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