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Britain moves to fix 'broken society'

Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:27AM GMT

The British government ministers have been given just one month to come up with brand new initiatives to fix Britain's “broken society,” according to news reports.

Upon return from his holiday in Cornwall, British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday chaired the first meeting of the government's new social policy review to address recent unrest in the country.

The premier is seeking to fix the “moral collapse” behind the unrest that swept across towns and cities earlier this month.

Cameron tasked ministers in all departments with drawing up new initiatives and asked them to consider whether other plans need to be accelerated.

The British prime minister has already floated the idea of a 'national citizen service', an eight-week programme of community service, team-building and physical challenges, which was due to be offered to 30,000 youngsters next year but could now be expanded to offer places to all 16-year-olds.

Now, he is asking ministers to examine virtually all government policies, including benefits, schools, policing and human rights to see if more can be done.

Earlier this month he said he was determined to turn around the prospects of 120,000 problem families blamed for many of Britain's social ills.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said the review would look at whether current government initiatives and programmes are “big enough and bold enough to deliver the change the country now wants to see.”

“It's to do that check on where we are in terms of existing policy development and whether it continues to meet the demands that have been made,” she added.

“It looks at the whole set of issues regarding broken society - it could be schools, family policy, parenting, communities, human rights, health and safety, cultural, legal, bureaucratic problems, services the government provides and how they are delivered and the signals that government sends about the kind of behaviours that are encouraged and rewarded,” the spokeswoman said.

Britain was rocked with an unprecedented mayhem in its contemporary history, a situation which rattled each and every fibers of the establishment and sent a strong message to its strategists to be watchful and on guard.

The unrest was triggered by the shooting of a black man by police in a London suburb, but quickly spread to other towns and cities.

More than 2,000 people have been arrested in the aftermath of the unrest, of whom almost a quarter are juveniles under 17 years of age and many of them have been charged with criminal behaviour.
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A man had his nose, ears and lips bitten off

A man had his nose, ears and lips bitten off in a brutal attack outside Liverpool nightclub Funky Box
by John Siddle, Liverpool Echo
Aug 24 2011

A MAN’S face was bitten off in a sickening attack that resembled a lion “wrenching the flesh from a gazelle”.

The 31-year old had both ears, upper lip and part of his nose ripped off in a savage brawl outside city centre nightspot Funky Box.

The late-night club, currently being investigated for a string of assaults, was today shut on police advice using emergency powers.

A 28-year-old man from Sefton Park was remanded in custody in connection with the “barbaric” attack, reported to have stemmed from a row over a girl.

At Liverpool council’s Municipal Buildings, where councillors suspended the bar’s alcohol permit, licensing officer PC Stuart Moore described the incident as the worst he had seen in 27 years of policing.

Only one of the two ears was recovered at the scene on Fleet Street.

Describing CCTV footage of the attack, which happened at 6.20am on Saturday, PC Moore said: “It is horrific, sickening and it is almost barbaric what takes place.

“The footage shows a fight between two males. The victim and the assailant could be seen brawling in the street. Both males fall to the floor and there’s a struggle.

“A second male appears to be protecting the people involved to make sure the fight continues and the assailant starts reigning blows.

“There are nine consecutive punches while he lies on the floor.

“The assailant can be seen to place his head down by the victim. He starts eating away at his face and his head.

“The male has had his two ears bitten off, part of his nose bitten off and half of his lip bitten off.

“The attack reminded me of a lion wrenching the flesh off a gazelle.”

PC Moore added: “In 27 years in the police, this is as sickening an attack as I have seen.”

Before fleeing to Subway on Bold Street to wash off blood, the attacker was said to have kicked his victim as he lay propped up against a wall.

The man from Wavertree, who will require plastic surgery, is still in hospital. All three men had been in Funky Box, a popular late night bar which opens until 6am.

The bar said the man had not appeared “worse for wear” and there had been no indication that trouble could flare.

The club’s bouncer, Alan Steele, tried to break up the fight but was warned off by the second man.

PC Moore said police had no option but to apply for the suspension of Funky Box’s alcohol licence in light of the attack.


Anglos are uncivilized barbaric savages!
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Thugs branded victims with knives

Thursday 1 September 2011

Two men were drugged, beaten, branded with hot knives and left for dead after they were set upon by two drug-fuelled thugs in Wakefield, a court has heard.

Stephen Quaid, 35, and Brian Nevins, 25, had the word "Wakey" branded on to their backs with the knives, while Quaid was filmed on a mobile phone having his hair and stomach set alight by one of the thugs as he lay slumped unconscious on the floor, Leeds Crown Court heard.

The pair had been enjoying a night out in Leeds in January this year when they were persuaded to go back to a flat in Wakefield, where they were drugged and set upon.

Jamie Newington, 29, was jailed for 10 years and one month on Friday while Steven Shevill, 32, was jailed for 11 years. Judge Peter Collier, QC, described the attack as "gratuitous degradation".

Quaid, who is from Coventry, suffered burnt hair around his fringe and reddening to his forehead, a fracture to his left eye socket, fractures to his ribs and leakage of spinal fluid from his nose. Nevins, an American, suffered bruising to his head and body and bruising to his right lung.

The pair had full-thickness burns after hot knives, heated to at least 70 degrees centigrade, were applied to their backs resulting in permanent scarring, with the word "Wakey" inscribed 4-5 inches high across their backs.

The pair were taken from the flat and dumped at a bus stop where a member of the public spotted them and called the emergency services. They later recovered from their injuries but were left with deep physical and emotional scars.

Newington, of Doncaster Road, Wakefield, admitted two counts of causing GBH with intent and a string of drug offences. Shevill, of Millfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, also admitted two counts of causing GBH with intent, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and drugs offences.

The court was told there were three other people at the flat who were involved in moving the victims out of the property and covering up the evidence. Daniel Butler, 27, of Foxglove Folly, Alverthorpe, Wakefield, who helped move the victims in his car, was jailed for 13 months after admitting conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Matthew Pape, 26, of Grove Rise, Pontefract, was jailed for 14 months after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Natalie Rhodes, 21, received a 12 month sentence suspended for two years after admitting assisting an offender and drugs offences


These were the kinds of savages they used to send to Australia and the Americas!
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Rebecca Aylward murder: Joshua Davies given 14 years

2 September 2011

Joshua Davies lured Rebecca Aylward into woods before killing her

A 16-year-old boy who battered his former girlfriend to death has been jailed for a minimum of 14 years.

Joshua Davies lured Rebecca Aylward, 15, from Maesteg, into a wood in Aberkenfig, near Bridgend, in 2010.

Davies, who denied murder, was told by the Swansea Crown Court judge: "You killed her because of a deep-seated hatred."

Rebecca's mother Sonia Oatley welcomed the sentence but said Davies deserved the death penalty.

The teenager was impassive as the sentence was handed down and there was no reaction from his family.

Davies was given an indeterminate sentence. He will have to serve a minimum of 13 years 53 days, which takes into account time already spent in custody, before he is considered for parole.

Start Quote

We will never forgive him for tearing our family apart so brutally and would welcome a return of capital punishment for the likes of Joshua Davies who forfeited his human rights when he chose to take my daughter's life”

Sonia Oatley
Rebecca Aylward's mother
Speaking outside court, Ms Oatley said: "Joshua Davies robbed us of our perfect little girl.

"We will never forgive him for tearing our family apart so brutally and would welcome a return of capital punishment for the likes of Joshua Davies who forfeited his human rights when he chose to take my daughter's life."

She said Rebecca dreamed of becoming a barrister, a dream "erased" by Davies, "a young man she trusted and loved".

"Rebecca believed in the justice system and today justice has been served."

Davies had blamed his friend for the killing but was convicted by a 10-2 majority verdict in July.

Sentencing, judge Mr Justice Lloyd Jones said to Davies that Rebecca's death had left a "permanent shadow" over her family.

In mitigation his barrister said that a psychological report showed nothing in his mental make-up which contributed to the offence.

Rebecca Aylward's body was found the day after she was reported missing

He said he was of previous good character and young. He said it had been "ruinous" for Rebecca's family but had also had a "catastrophic" effect on Davies' family and friends.

The court previously heard Davies sometimes hated Rebecca and a friend offered to buy him breakfast after suggesting that he "get rid of her".

The jury was told during the four-week trial that she died of head injuries caused by a rock, and was found still wearing new clothes bought for her the day before her death.

Rebecca's body was found face down in woodland the day after she was reported missing.

An order banning the identification of Joshua Davies was lifted after he was convicted.

In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live Rebecca's mother Sonia Oatley said: "I don't ever want him to come out.

"I want him to be locked away forever so that he won't do this to another person, because I am convinced he will do it to another person."
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Social calamities plague British society

Thu Sep 8, 2011 5:31PM GMT

Britain's political and social systems have developed some very worrying calamities in recent years, which have plagued the UK society as a whole.

These calamities include racism, discrimination, Islamophobia and the prevailing criminal culture.

Those factors along with a very bad economic performance on the part of the government led to the recent unrest and violence, in which the police and its intelligence units failed to act on-time to protect public and government properties across the country.

The society is suffering from a lack of the optimistic concept of integrated society, where racism continues to blight many lives.

The political system has also failed to provide a good response to the question of cultural diversity and plurality and many issues related to black and white have remained unanswered.

The professional capabilities of the police force in Britain have been affected by the issue of racism.

Ethnic minorities were subjected to 120,000 'excessive' stop-and-search incidents by the metropolitan police in 2008 and 2009, according to newspapers' reports.

On April 29, 2011, the Daily Mail reported that a female police constable, Hina Parekh, had resigned over racist abuse and bullying in the Metropolitan Police.

Hinah Parekh said racist abuse from fellow police officers caused her to suffer from depression and stress.

Experts believe multiculturalism has pitted communities against each other in Britain because the government's policies and actions of police promoted discrimination and racism among communities, and this as well as Scottish, Welsh and Irish nationalism threatens the country's national security.
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Six Teenagers Charged Over M1 Fire Chaos

Tuesday September 13, 2011
Six teenagers have been charged with causing the fire that closed both lanes of the M1 motorway.

The fire was started at a scrapyard in Mill Hill, north London

The blaze was started at a scrapyard under an elevated section of the road on April 15.

Motorists endured days of traffic delays between junctions one and four as urgent repairs were carried out.

Many drivers were forced to change their route amid heavy traffic for FA Cup semi-finals taking place at Wembley Stadium.

The six suspects are among a total of 10 teenagers charged with a spate of arson attacks across Barnet, north London, Scotland Yard said.

Cars leave the M1 in watford after it was closed due to the scrapyard fire

Luke Matthews, 18, of Hatfield, Herts, Johno Johnson, 18, of Millfield Road, Edgware, and four other teenagers, who cannot be named, are accused of a string of arson offences, including the M1 fire.

Damien McQueen, 18, of Harcourt Avenue, Edgware, Hannah Parker, 18, of Symphony Close, Edgware, and two other youths have been charged over two acts of arson elsewhere in the area.

They have all been granted bail to appear at Hendon Magistrates' Court next Tuesday.
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Memorial Site Cyber Bully Sent To Prison

11:39pm UK, Tuesday September 13, 2011

Rachel Younger, Sky News correspondent
A man has been jailed for posting vicious messages on memorial sites for four teenagers who died in tragic circumstances.

Sean Duffy, 25 from Reading, was told he had caused "untold harm" through his actions - widely known as 'trolling' - and was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison.

Reading Magistrates' Court heard Duffy found out about tragic deaths in the media, before posting malicious comments, images and videos on websites like Facebook and YouTube.

On top of the jail sentence, the court also handed down an Asbo prohibiting him from registering or creating an account on any social network website for five years.

Duffy was found guilty of two charges under the Malicious Communications Act for targeting a Facebook page set up to remember Natasha MacBryde.

Natasha MacBryde jumped under a train after getting a malicious online message

The 15-year-old committed suicide on railway tracks near her home in Bromsgrove on February 14 this year.

A day later Duffy created an anonymous Facebook profile called Tasha the Tank Engine and linked it to her page.

Many of the messages and videos he added to both that site and YouTube are too offensive to report.

Seventeen-year-old Lauren Drew was also targeted after dying in her sleep from an epileptic attack.

These children live on Facebook and they are so vulnerable.

Father of trolling victim, Mark Drew

Her family said the posts he left about her death - which are also too offensive to repeat - had made them "angry and sickened".

Outside court, her mother Carole Gelder said: "I remember going to lie next to Lauren in the cemetery and thinking 'I can't stop this person hurting her'.

"It's something that we shouldn't have to go through. I'm just glad it's over today."

The court was told Sean Duffy now regretted his actions and that his Asperger's syndrome stopped him realising how much harm he was causing.

But in a statement read out to court Heather Bates, the sister of another of his victims, wrote "No person had any right to put my family through this."
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