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David Cameron blames the poor as the the rich steal everything else left in the UK...

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Sick Anglo killed girlfriend over a Facebook bet!

Originally posted by totothedog at 2011-6-2 20:03

LookHow Subhuman the Emotionally Disturbed Mentally Retarded Anglo Is  

One of these degenerates killed his girlfriend for the price of a breakfast!
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'I've never seen so much blood'

Jersey man says of St Helier murder scene: 'I've never seen so much blood'

A Jersey resident who witnessed the aftermath of the St Helier knife attack that killed six people, including two children, described the scene by saying he'd 'never seen so much blood'.

The resident, who would only give his first name as John, said he saw a woman’s body on the floor that was covered in blood and then watched ambulance staff carry the bodies of two little girls out of the flat.

The victims are reported to have been of Polish descent, with a 30-year-old man - said to be related to some or all of the victims - now in police custody at Jersey General Hospital, where he is recovering after surgery having been injured during the knife attack.

The eye-witness said: 'I've never seen so much blood. [The bodies] were completely limp. The paramedics were crying.

'They were completely drenched in blood, one of the paramedics had to change his clothes.'

He added that the two children appeared to be aged around eight, and two or three.

The man said he ran to the scene from his garden after hearing a woman’s scream.

'She shouted 'please help me, please God help me,' he said.

Two men, two women and two young children were killed in the knife attack in the Jersey capital of Saint Helier on Sunday.

Five were declared dead at the scene while the sixth person died while being operated on.

The island’s head of crime services, Stewart Gull, said detectives were looking at the events surrounding the attack, which is believed to have involved members of the same family.

‘Clearly this complex investigation is in its very early stages as we try to establish exactly what happened,’ he said.
‘Dealing with multiple deaths of men, women and particularly young children, it has shaken the force but the officers who initially responded were tremendously professional.’
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British police kill indiscriminately

Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:0PM GMT

British police have played a significant role in triggering civil disobedience in the UK through their unprofessional and brutal way of dealing with innocent civilians.

Mark Duggan, recently killed in a police shoot out in the London suburb of Tottenham and whose death sparked a wave of street protests across Britain, Ian Tomlinson, an English newspaper vendor who was killed during G20 summit protests in London, Jean Charles de Menezes, who was shot seven times in the head after the London bombings of July 7, 2005, and David Emmanuel , a British reggae singer who was killed during a police raid on his home, all are the names included in a long list of people killed at the hands of British police forces.

Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), a police watchdog that deals with complaints against police has been established to investigate police's crimes.

The IPCC's job is to make sure that complaints against the police in England and Wales are dealt with effectively, it claims.

The body claims to be setting standards for the way the police handle complaints against themselves and, when something has gone wrong, it helps the police learn lessons and improve the way it works.

But they neither have learnt lessons nor have they tried to improve their performance, the example of which are:

1-        Mark Duggan, whose family said it has no trust in the IPCC. The police shooting victim's friends and family said that they don't feel the police watchdog is sufficiently independent. The police watchdog has admitted it may have wrongly led journalists to believe that Mark Duggan fired at officers before he was killed. The Independent Police Complaints Commission has confirmed that it may have “inadvertently” given reporters misleading information in the early stages of the investigation. It was initially reported that Duggan, 29, shot at police. But ballistic tests later found that a bullet which lodged itself in one officer's radio was police issue. An inquest into Duggan's death heard the father-of-four died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

2-        Ian Tomlinson was an English newspaper vendor who collapsed and died in the City of London after he was confronted with the police while on his way home from work during the 2009 G20 summit protests. A first postmortem examination indicated he had suffered a heart attack and had died of natural causes. A video footage later showed that a baton wielding police had struck him on the leg from behind and the pushed him on the ground. The video showed no provocation on Tomlinson's part. He also was not a protester, and at the time he was struck was walking along with his hands in his pockets. The victim walked away after the incident, but collapsed and died moments later.

3-        Jean Charles de Menezes was killed in the aftermath of the London bombings of July 7, 2005. He was a Brazilian man shot in the head seven times at Stockwell tube station on the London Underground by the Metropolitan Police. Police misidentified the victim as one of the fugitives involved in the previous day's failed bombing attempts. The IPCC launched two probes into the incident, none of which brought disciplinary charges against police officers involved.

4-        David Victor Emmanuel, known as Smiley Culture, was killed on March 15, 2011 during a police raid on his home. The 48-year-old was a British reggae singer and deejay known for his fast chat style. Police claimed that the victim died of a self-inflicted wound, while officers were searching his house in Warlingham, Surrey. But a post-mortem examination revealed that he had died from a single stab wound to his heart. His death triggered peaceful protests, but it was little reported.

The IPCC was faced with a crisis in February 2008 after more than one hundred lawyers who had specialized in handling police complaint resigned from its advisory body.

They lashed out at IPCC for its indifference towards complaints, favoritism towards police and rejecting complaints, which were strongly documented. Meanwhile, there have happened more than 400 deaths at the hands of police officers in the past ten years alone but no policeman has ever been convicted of murder or manslaughter for just one single death so far.


British police force is trained to beat and kill indiscriminately,no matter Iraqi , Afghani,now British .they do what they programed.

We MUST retake our planet !:
This is the second time I have seen this violent Cop(second from Left) bashing someone on a PTV report . He obviously enjoys his work . I just hope there really is a place below our feet for ALL these sub humans to spend eternity .

Should the Chinese and the Russians attack London under the guise of "protecting human rights" like they have done in Iraq, Libya or should the rest of the world sanction them as they have done to Zimbabwe

Ashrafin reply to Zimbabwean:
U R right China and Russia should bring the subject of human right abuse in Briton and put Cameron's government under pressure by Bulling and intimidation and threat of NATO attack if they do not stop their way of dealing with the fact the entire world should do British government r the most corrupt and bullying nation in the world.....

Manuel from Argentina:
Hopefully the people in Europe are waking up from their long sleep and slumber, they were living in wealth and comfort at the expense of the people third world, but they never cared about it. Today the economic crisis hits their home countries and for the first time ever, they figured out that Neoliberalism has been enriching the wealthy few, while the poor suffer the consequences, they realized they have been robbed by their own government, thats why they rebel against it.

Garnin reply to Manuel from Argentina:
Make up your mind, Manuel; either the poor of europe are "awaking from their slumber" and realising they've been ripped of or they "were living in wealth and comfort at the expense of the people third world". In which case they weren't the poor, were they?

MEin reply to Manuel from Argentina:
They never will, they are too arrogant, same as the Americans.

I suppose the British are improving? They do not strap prisoners to cannons anymore; do they?

Dear fusee,What part of the report did you disagree with?

Peter Jennings:
Jean Charles de Menezes was shot by MI5/MI6, not your typical bobbie. He was shot because as an electrician, he is said to have helped set up the training exercise on the underground, wiring "fakebombs" to the carriages. Check out the excellent film 77 Ripple Effect by John Hill, which explains all.

Alexin reply to Peter Jennings:
Absolutely! And watch on YouTube the strange operation carried out in Tottenham by police shortly before the murder of Mark Duggan. They always seem to show us beforehand how they are going to do it!

What rubbish reporting wake up and smell the coffee.

Peter Jenningsin reply to Fusee:
Dear Fusee, if you think that's rubbish, you should see what the BBC is knocking out these days. Shocking.Regards

Shall we see no fly zone over England and let the Chinese banker loot the Gold at LBMA as they did in Libya !!!

What do u expect the Imperialism to do?
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Animal droppings found in BBC meals

Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:23AM GMT

A staff member working for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has complained about animal droppings seen in a canteen sandwich, according to a report carried by the daily Evening Standard.

The London daily also said another staff member has seen a mouse running behind a serving counter, and this based on complaints made to its management.

More than 130 workers at the corporation have made official complaints about the food at TV centre in west London in the last two years, said the report.

The member of staff who complained about the droppings wrote: "I could have been poisoned", the report said.

The BBC canteen has long been the butt of jokes by comedians.

Peter Seller once said: "Lunch is now being served in the BBC canteen. Doctors are standing by."
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British Police kill with pepper spray

Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:45AM GMT

The British police have killed a young man in Runcorn, Cheshire, with pepper spray when arresting him over the charges of involvement in an argument.

The 25-year-old man was arrested at his home in Lacey Street, Widnes, Cheshire, at 5.15pm and was detained and taken to a custody suite at Runcorn police station. The police took him to Warrington general hospital when he collapsed soon afterwards but he died at around 7pm.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has announced that it has begun a post-mortem examination on his body in order to find the cause of his death

“Investigators have been deployed to Widnes this morning to begin gathering evidence and gain initial accounts from police officers,” said a spokesman for IPCC.

The pepper-spray is not considered lethal but it creates problems for the respiratory system that might have serious consequences.

Meanwhile, a similar incident took place less than a week ago when the British Police killed a 20-year-old man in northwestern Cumbria region after they hit him with a shock weapon several times during his arrest.

Similarly, the young man felt unwell and soon afterwards died in the hospital where he had been taken for treatment.

These incidents come as Britain witnessed its worst unrest in decades earlier this month. Death of a black man, Mark Duggan, at the hands of the British Police triggered the widespread unrest.

People took to the streets to show their anger at the way the police treated them but the British Police is still killing people indiscriminately after quelling the unprecedented unrest.

Nevertheless, British Prime Minister David Cameron called for an iron fist policy as he blamed the recent unrest on British society's sense of irresponsibility and moral decline.

Furthermore, he called for a more visible presence of police officers on streets.

The death of the 25-year-old man, who has not been named by the police yet, may create more trouble for the government and further outrage the already angry public.

Moreover, although the new death case has been referred to IPCC, the public is angry at the commission after it admitted that it might have “misled” the media into believing that Duggan had fired at officers before being killed by the police.
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London to tackle child gang culture

Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:46PM GMT

A new campaign has been launched in the UK capital to fight London gang culture, in which children as young as nine will get shock lessons in the horrific consequences of knife crime.

In the wake of recent unrest in London, which sparked fears about child gangsters, surgeons and police officers will be teaching anti-gang classes in schools, British media reported.

For the first time in Britain, the American inspired project is being implemented after evidence showed children played a key part in some of the civil disobedience.

More than one in five of the suspects held so far after the unprecedented mayhem in London are under 17-year-old, according to figures.

A total of 452 juveniles have been nabbed in an overall total of 2,108 arrests, the figures show.

"Surgeons talk about the consequences of knife violence, about treating children as young as 12 with knife wounds, about what it is like to wear a colostomy bag or about delivering death messages to a mum and dad,” said Nick Mason, the founder of the pioneering scheme.

"We are trying to expose the myths of belonging to gangs as well as trying to give young people positive alternatives to gang membership," Mason added.

So far, the scheme, called Growing Against Gangs and Violence, has been running as a pilot in 55 schools in five London boroughs. Now it is to be extended to 280 schools in up to 15 London boroughs.

The project, funded by the Metropolitan Police and local authorities, is aimed at catching children before they reach secondary school age when they can become vulnerable to recruitment by gangs.

The new campaign follows a surge in knife crime in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham - three of the areas of the capital worst affected by the unrest.
young Anglo thugs.jpg
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