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Cyber-bullying threatens British kids

Tue Aug 2, 2011 10:50AM GMT

A new research suggests that almost one in five British youngsters have fallen victim to cyber-bullying, with girls affected more than boys.

Anglia Ruskin University, whose academics conducted the study, said that almost 500 young people aged between 11 and 19 were questioned, who recalled that the experience had damaged their confidence, mental health and even school attendance, The Daily Telegraph reported.

According to the report almost a fifth or 18.4 percent admitted they had been subjected to cyber-bullying, in which a person uses the internet or mobile phones to bully another.

Of the 273 girls questioned, 60 or 22 percent said they had been subjected to cyber-bullying, while out of the 200 boys quizzed 27 or 13.5 percent said they had faced it, the report said.

And two thirds or 66 percent of the young people questioned or 312 people said they had witnessed cyber-bullying or known someone who has been a victim.

The 87 youngsters who had experienced cyber-bullying as victims were asked what impact this had had on them.

A third said it had affected their confidence ''quite a lot'' or ''very'' much, while half or 52 percent said cyber-bullying had affected their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Just over a quarter or 29 percent of those who had been cyber-bullied had stayed away from school, while more than a third or 39 percent had stopped socialising outside of school.

Of those 188 young people who answered a question about whether they would seek help with cyber-bullying, less than half or 45 percent said they would look for support.

Those that said they would not seek help gave fear of making it worse and being able to deal with it themselves as some of the reasons.

The youngsters who had been cyber-bullied were most likely to seek help from parents and friends, the research found.

''While most online interactions are neutral or positive the internet provides a new means through which children and young people are bullied'', said Steven Walker, who led the research.

''Many of the respondents in our study thought that cyber-bullies do not actually think they are bullying. In the main they thought that cyber-bullying was seen by bullies as merely a form of 'harmless fun', a joke and therefore not an issue”, he added.

''Others thought cyber-bullies are motivated by a lack of confidence and a desire for control, perhaps because they are too cowardly to bully face-to-face”, Walker noted.

''As the use of social media amongst young people continues to grow, unless properly addressed by host sites and government agencies the problem of cyber-bullying is only likely to get worse'', he added.


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Cleveland Police Chief And Deputy Arrested

August 03, 2011

The Chief Constable of Cleveland Police and his deputy have been arrested on suspicion of misconduct, abuse of position and corrupt practice.

Chief Constable Sean Price and Deputy Chief Constable Derek Bonnard were arrested early this morning.
An unnamed woman has also been detained.

They are being held at a police station in North Yorkshire where they will be questioned.

It is believed the arrests are linked to a Warwickshire police investigation into allegations surrounding the business conduct of past and present members of Cleveland police authority.

Sky sources say the inquiry is examining the inappropriate awarding of low-value contracts.

Mr Price is also under investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission following claims that he tried to get a job for the daughter of the then chairman of the Cleveland Police Authority, Dave McLuckie.

Warwickshire police say a number of premises are being searched following the arrests.

Both men had been due to take part in an online public forum later today.
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Little evil island: Landscapes and people

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London: a class divided

By Barnaby Phillips in Europe
on Tue, 08/09/2011

Sympathetic? It's a tense time for Londoners as a growing class divide begins to fracture its society [Reuters]

I was standing on Brixton High Street, in South London, at 7 in the morning, looking at a row of looted shops.

A man, unshaven and in a track-suit pants trousers, walked by with a pit bull terrier on a leash. The dog paused in the middle of the street, and slowly defecated.

The man looked on, with apparent pride, until the dog had finished. Then men and dog continued their swagger across the road.

At this point, I committed a foolish error. With a look of disgust on my face, I caught the man's eye. Now he was coming towards me, pit bull straining at the leash.

I knew what was coming: The menacing language, "You [expletive], what the [expletive] are you looking at?" I walked away.

This encounter: its nuances, its predictability, are familiar to anyone who knows England.

In London, well-off people with lots of opportunities often live almost next door to poor people who live blighted, frustrated lives.

I am in the first category, and barely know the people in the second category who live in the subsidised housing at the opposite end of my street.
We lead separate, parallel lives. I not proud of that, and it is sad.

I live in a part of London where houses cost more than a million pounds.

But the people who buy those houses do not trust the state education system, and isolate themselves from their local community by choosing to send their children to expensive private schools.

These divisions are sometimes racial, but not necessarily so. (The man with the pit bull was white, in case you're wondering).

This is a time of soul-searching for Britain.

For obvious reasons, there's been a lot of talk about the police - whether they've been too timid, whether they are a racist force like in the bad old days, and so on.

That's a valid debate. But British commentators are also asking more profound questions about what's wrong in our society.

Parenting, schools, consumer culture; all are coming under scrutiny. Here is a voice from the right and here's one from the left.

Finally, have a listen to this BBC Radio interview with two girls who took part in the riots. The implication of that interview is obvious.

The government must restore law and order, and hopefully sooner rather than later. But the riots are a symptom of a deep malaise in this country and that is what makes the events of the past few days so depressing.
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UK's image couldn't have got more sullied

London First, which represents large businesses, said it was planning a series of meetings with agencies and member companies in the capital to gauge how best to tackle the issue of London’s reputation as a safe place to visit and do business.

Many countries, including France, Italy, Sweden and Denmark, have changed their travel advice to citizens visiting Britain, urging them to exercise “extreme caution” when venturing out at night and to avoid crowds.

The US also issued advice to Americans in the UK on its citizens’ services website. At this time of year, more than 333,000 international visitors are in London every day
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Offenders and thugs being let off with mild punishment, at times warning only

Chair of magistrates Melvyn Marks told the court many of the cases had aggravating features, occurring ''in the middle of a very violent riot'', which meant magistrates had insufficient sentencing powers.  Student David Attoh, 18, from Retreat Place, Hackney, was caught on August 8 in Hackney, with two Burberry t-shirts.  Attoh, who the court heard has completed an ICT B-Tech at Hackney Community College and was due to have an interview for an apprenticeship on Tuesday, admitted theft by finding.  The student, who was fined £150, had been receiving Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) while completing his B-Tech, but over the summer was supported by his mother, the court heard.  Mr Marks told him: "Don't get in trouble again. "You have a bright future ahead of you, if you get into trouble again you are going to jeopardise that future."  Most defendants this morning pleaded guilty to their offences - but, despite their crimes being serious enough to be committed to Crown Court for sentencing, many were given bail, often with an electronic tag.  Defending the 11 year-old, Vicky Thompson said he was given a referral order after being convicted last Wednesday, but it had not even begun yet.

A senoir judge in an interview on sky told that those who are less than 18 years old (hence a kid) might get a youth referral or fine, many of them can't be charged since the crime of looting burglary do not invite strong punishment.
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PM to tackle Britain's 'moral collapse'

Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:38AM GMT

The British prime minister will promise to tackle the “moral collapse” in society leading to the massive unrests across England and seek to emphasize his authority over police chiefs who have condemned him.

David Cameron, under constant attack of the police, is to stress that he has the power to “take on and defeat” inherent social problems triggered by a “demoralised” state.

In his speech in Oxfordshire constituency, he will highlight his “personal leadership” in curbing the underlying causes of recent disorder.

Senior police chiefs publicly attacked Prime Minister's law and order policy. They believed that Cameron had been disrespectful and might lose the support of the police forces.

Cameron will try to count the criticism through proposing a study of Britain's moral decline and promising number of reforms.

He will condemn the irresponsibility and selfishness that “lead some people to behave as if your choices have no consequences.”

He will also criticize “children without fathers; schools without discipline; reward without effort; crime without punishment; rights without responsibilities; communities without control.”

Prime Minister is to reveal that his principal political aim is to reform the “broken society.”

“Do we have the determination to confront the slow-motion moral collapse that has taken place in parts of our country these past few generations.

“Do we have the determination to confront all this and turn it around?” he is to say.

Coalition government will soon provide some changes to its policies on schools, welfare, families, parenting, drug addiction and communities.

Government will focus on “the twisting and misrepresenting of human rights that has undermined personal responsibility and the obsession with health and safety that has eroded people's willingness to act according to common sense.”

In the wake of the worst unrest in Britain during the past decades, over 1,400 people have been arrested just in London, of whom over 800 have been charged. Moreover, over 500 arrests have been made by West Midlands police as Greater Manchester police have raised the number of arrests to more than 200.
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