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Tulse Hill estate 'rocked to the core' after teenager shot dead

An estate in Tulse Hill, south London, has been 'rocked to the core' after a teenager was shot dead outside a block of flats.
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Police officers search for evidence outside Purser House in Tulse Hill

Police are now searching for a gunman and are investigating claims shooting was part of a gangland hit.

Attackers sped away in a car from the grounds of Purser House at 11pm last night.

The victim - an 18-year-old - becomes the seventh teenager killed in the capital this year.

It is thought he lived on the estate for 10 years and died at the scene of the attack where paramedics were unable to resuscitate him.

Labour MP for Streatham, Chuka Umunna, said the community on the estate had been 'rocked to the core' and sent his condolences to those who knew the victim.

The Operation Trident unit from Scotland Yard, which investigates gun crime in the capital's black communities, is taking part in the probe.
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Keep up the good work mechanic, your one man crusade is going well! Soon the imperialist Anglo monster baby eating scum monkeys will be no more! Still living in England btw?

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Teenagers in crime-riddled Merthyr Tydfil face 9pm curfew

Merthyr Tydfil, a town in South Wales with one of the worst youth crime rates in the country, could impose a 9pm curfew on teenagers.

A councillor from crime-ridden South Wales town Merthyr Tydfil, not pictured, has called for all under-16s to be kept off its streets after 9pm

One in 130 16- to 17-year-olds in the town was taken into custody during 2009/10.

Now, a councillor on one of its most crime-ridden estates has called for all under-16s to be kept off the streets before they turn to crime.

Adam Brown, who represents Gurnos estate, said: ‘I’m sick to death of the same examples of anti-social behaviour time and time again. It’s time a much stronger structure is put in place, rather than the namby-pamby, ‘‘there-there’’ attitude this country seems to enjoy.’

Exceptions to the proposed curfew could be made if children are taking part in supervised youth projects or work that improves their life chances.

John Deering, senior lecturer in criminal justice at the University of Wales, said poverty, unemployment and limited housing drove up youth crime in the region.

But he added: ‘The courts are very inconsistent across the country.

‘Merthyr has a bit of a reputation for being a punitive region.’

The arrest figures were branded ‘unacceptable’ by Penelope Gibbs, of the Prison Reform Trust.

She said: ‘Although youth crime is a problem in Merthyr, we are concerned that such high levels of imprisonment are neither fair nor effective.’



Even the Welsh are being contaminated by the Anglos and are starting to behave like them!
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Husband built electric chair to kill wife

A husband who built a home-made electric chair in an attempt to kill his wife has been jailed for 10 years.

Andrew Castle, 61, who has been jailed for 10 years

Andrew Castle, 61, rigged up the device in the couple's garage after his wife Margaret told him she wanted a divorce.

He coaxed her into the garage to discuss the break-up and when she tried to get out of the chair, he hit her over the head with a rubber cosh, Preston Crown Court heard.

Mrs Castle managed to escape and police were called to their address in Holmefield Road, Knott End-On-Sea, Lancashire, on March 5.
She was taken to Royal Lancaster Infirmary for treatment to minor head injuries.

Mr Castle was also present at the address and was found in the back garden with self-inflicted wounds to his wrists.

Castle pleaded guilty to attempted murder at an earlier hearing.

Detective Inspector Martin Clague, the senior investigating officer, said: 'The fact that Castle has entered a guilty plea at least saves the family from having to go through the ordeal of listening to the evidence, which could have been very distressing for them.

'I am pleased with the result and I hope that Mrs Castle and her family will now be able to move on.

'We have specially-trained officers continuing to support Mrs Castle and her family, and will continue to do so for as long as they need it.'
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Naked gardener accused of public indecency for 'masturbating'

A naturist who gardens in the nude has been accused of masturbating in public during his trial for ‘outraging public decency’.

Donald Sprigg admits tending flowers at his end-of-terrace property in the buff but denies his actions are indecent.

He also denied three charges under the Public Order Act, dating from January to March this year, at Stroud Magistrates Court.

The 63-year-old claims he strips off only when his neighbours in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, are away but two witnesses say otherwise.

‘The main witness, Theresa Fairchild, will tell you she saw Mr Sprigg in his garden naked and masturbating,’ prosecutor Lis Thomas told Stroud magistrates’ court.

Thomas continued: 'He accepts that he is a naturist and that he goes into his garden with no clothes on. He denies that he masturbates.'

Mr Sprigg, dressed in a short-sleeved white shirt, red tie and long trousers, spoke only to refute the charges against him.
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Youth jailed for killing teenager with single punch

A youth has been jailed for three years after admitting to killing another teenager with a single punch.

Daniel Crowther, 17, died after being attacked outside a pizza shop in Stokesley, North Yorkshire in the early hours of May 14th.

Thomas Watson has been jailed for three years (NYP)
Another 17-year-old, Thomas Watson of Woodhouse Road, Guisborough, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in connection with the unprovoked and motiveless attack.

Schoolboy Daniel was on a night out with friends when a Volkswagen Polo pulled up alongside them and the person in the front passenger seat engaged him in conversation.

Watson, who was in the back seat of the vehicle, then got out and punched Daniel in the side of the head.

The victim suffered serious injuries and passed away at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough.

Police later stopped the car in Guisborough and arrested all four occupants. Watson was charged the following day, while the other three were subsequently released without any further action.
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British tend to kill stress by alcohol

Mon Aug 1, 2011 1:52PM GMT

A new survey has revealed that British people would much prefer to relax by drinking alcohol than spending time with their children or parents.

The survey carried out by the charity Drinkaware found that almost 61 percent of adults said that drinking alcohol was their preferred choice after a stressful day, British media reported.

This is while that only 28 percent said spending time with their children helped them relax and again, only a small percentage preferred to ward off the pain by talking to their parents and/or their partners.

The small poll of 825 adults found people battle stress with up to four drinks on a typical evening at home.

The results came as a top physician warned that liver diseases cause by excessive use of alcohol are killing more and more British youths in their 20s.

Former president of the Royal College of Physicians, Ian Gilmore, said “cases of young people dying from liver diseases caused by drinking were at levels just not seen 30 years ago".

According to official figures, at least 7,000 patients aged 20-39 were admitted to hospital last year suffering from alcohol-related liver diseases.

Meanwhile, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has said in its latest report that British women are 17 percent more likely to develop cancer than those in Europe, for which obesity and alcohol could partly to blame.

“Women in Britain have a 25.1 percent chance of developing cancer by the age of 75”, said the report.

For European women, the risk is 21.4 percent.

British women are also more likely to die from cancer before 75 than their European counterparts, with 10.6 per cent dying from the disease against 9.4 per cent in Europe.

The figures showed better news for British men compared with those in Europe.

European men on average have a 29.5 per cent risk of developing cancer before 75, but this drops to 27.8 per cent in Britain.

Men in Britain are also 6 per cent less likely to die from the disease, with 13.3 per cent dying against the European average of 16.2 per cent.

"On average, women in the UK are more likely to be overweight and to drink more alcohol than the European average and this is a concern because both these factors increase cancer risk”, said Rachel Thompson, deputy head of science at the World Cancer Research Fund.

"They are not the only reasons for the differing cancer rates, but there is now very strong evidence that women who drink a lot of alcohol are at increased risk of developing the disease and that excess body fat is also an important risk factor”, the official added.


wayne beckett:
Sadly as a Brit, on the whole this is true! The trouble is, alcohol has become too accessible! When I was a kid it was only sold in Off Licences. You had to go out of your way to buy booze. Now it sady dominates the shelves of even the smallest of shops in small villages!
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