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Originally posted by mechanic at 2011-3-2 07:38
Truth Seekerin reply to Wonderful White Westerner:

Great Britain has never given Australia back to the Aborigines-NATIVES. Northern Ireland should return to Ireland. Pakistan should return back  ...

Yes you are correct. Everyone on the planet should undergo genetic testing. Once this is complete scientists can get on with working out exactly where everyone on the planet originates from... we could go back perhaps a million years, just to ensure that everyone is placed in their proper place and no one has unworthys camped on their doorsteps. I do worry the horn of Africa may get a little busy but morally it would be the right thing to do!

Or... we could start ten thousand years ago... or 500 or 20..? there might be a lot of displacement, I mean not just westerners of course; it would to be fair have to include the millions and millions of non white westerners living in S. America, N. America, Australia, and indeed Europe. That might include you mate, sorry!

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Child arrests spark concern in Britain

Wed May 11, 2011 9:25PM

British police are arresting tens of thousands of children every year across the UK, of whom only a third ends in court, new figures show.

The figures provided by the Howard League for Penal Reform showed that almost 250,000 children aged 10-17 were arrested in 2009, including almost 28,000 under 14, of whom only 81,500 received court treatment and of them just 5,176 were jailed, British media reported.

The figures also indicated "an excessive and inappropriate use of arrest for children", said the Howard League.

It warned the situation could deteriorate if police and crime commissioners, which will be elected to oversee forces for the first time next year, see children as an easy and popular target to boost arrests.

"Children are 'low-hanging fruit' which partly accounts for their extremely high arrest rates when the police were forced to work to targets”, said Frances Crook, the charity's director.

"A police commissioner would find it more electorally enticing to run a campaign aimed at the easy arrest and detention of children rather than devoting resources to crimes that appeal less to the local media or populace. Anyone who is the parent of a child will understand how upsetting it would be to find that your son or daughter has been arrested”, added Crook.

Children are entering the criminal justice system when their behaviour should instead be a concern for their families and the welfare system, the charity said.


Remember those evil wicked two older kids that killed a very young child many years ago after they abducted him from a mall and the two older kids smashed his skull with a pipe and brick and had the body run over by a train? Such evil wickedness was done by two kids that were not even teenagers. It was a very bad evil crime and now the two are free as secret adults.

The un and eu countries have critisied the uk for the way we treat children.Like victorian times, we in the uk talk of brutal and adult forms of punishment for children who don`t know any better.Then we take their dna like some 1984 orwellian evil society.But beore PACE,the police used to beat prisoners in there care.Just ask my dad.
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Terror law unduly targeting non-whites

Tue May 24, 2011 9:3PM

The British security forces use their counter-terrorism powers for stopping and searching suspects up to 42 times more against ethnic minorities than whites.

The powers authorized by schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 allows stopping and searching of innocent people at random while giving them less rights than suspected criminals.

The figures, the Guardian quoted from official sources, show disproportionate targeting of non-white groups when compared with white people based on the percentage of the population they represent.

The contrast is specially marked when considering cases in which targets are stopped for more than an hour.

In such cases, Asians constitute 41 percent of stops with the percentage being 19 percent for Whites, 10 percent for blacks and 30 percent for others (including Middle Eastern and Chinese).

This comes as Asians make up only 5 percent of the UK population, black people 3 percent and others 1 percent while White people make up 91 percent of the population.

For less than an hour stoppages, the proportions are 45 percent for Whites, 25 percent for Asians, 8 percent for blacks and 22 percent for other ethnicities.

Based on the regulations, those stopped have no right to silence and they could face criminal charges if they do not answer questions.

Meanwhile, police can start an interrogation without any lawyer present and if those stopped want any lawyer they should foot the bill themselves.

This comes as experts say the move amounts to “ethnic profiling” by the security forces.

"They [the date] lend weight to the view that ethnic profiling is going on," said Ben Bowling, professor of criminology at King's College London.

“The use of these powers at the border should be based on reasonable grounds and in ways that are properly transparent and accountable. At present they are opaque and unaccountable and seem little more than arbitrary and discriminatory, especially from the point of view of the person detained without reason," he added.

The Guardian said the figures were published following a freedom of information request from the Federation of Student Islamic Societies.
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Originally posted by timbatu at 2009-5-22 11:12
The Western education system claims to teach innovation. The reality is that they don’t teach math or science. They only care about the religion of their children.

The result is that teenagers ...

They teach that pillaging, plundering and colonizing other countries for profit is o.k.

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Primary school headteacher banned after a torrent of racist outburts

A headteacher who repeatedly launched racist and offensive outbursts against parents, staff and governors has been banned from the classroom.

Simon Parker called parents ‘Muslim f******’ and labelled a supply teacher a ‘black @@@’, it was claimed. He is also said to have pulled his eyes sideways to impersonate a Chinese teacher, adding: ‘I can’t stand them.’

The catalogue of foul-mouthed comments also included calling a prospective teacher a ‘P*ki’ and saying ‘we don’t want any of those’ about a black applicant.

Parker dubbed less-able pupils ‘Congo Bongo’ and claimed Muslims were ‘always blowing things up’. He also branded a governor a ‘lazy ###’.

The headmaster ‘bullied and intimidated’ his staff and ‘belittled’ children at Coppice primary school in Chigwell, Essex, the General Teaching Council heard yon Thursday.

Parker demonstrated ‘inappropriate behaviour’ towards staff and pupils, the committee found. It also said he demonstrated ‘racial and religious prejudice’ and made ‘offensive and derogatory’ comments.

He did not attend a two-day disciplinary hearing in Birmingham or mount a defence. The panel found him guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and banned him from teaching indefinitely.

Announcing the verdict, panel chairman Tony Neal said: ‘He demonstrated a deep-seated contempt for members of many other races, encompassing members of his own school staff and the community beyond. He displayed a disrespectful attitude to governors, pupils, parents and past, present and potential members of staff.

‘He abused his position and, far from showing insight into his failings, witnesses testified that the abuse was intentional and that he was aware of the effects of his behaviour and unapologetic about it.’

Parker can reapply to become a teacher after two years but must convince a panel he is suitable.

Read more: ... burts#ixzz1OACNV3Db
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Sick evil uncivilized savages!

2 June 2011

Boys arrested after birds beheaded in Wythenshawe Park

Police said 130 windows were smashed at the park's aviary

Two boys have been arrested after 18 birds were beheaded, a frog speared, fish poisoned and hundreds of windows smashed at a park in south Manchester.

The aviary in Wythenshawe Park was broken into between 1630 BST on Saturday and 1000 BST on Sunday.

It is estimated more than £10,000 of damage was caused in the incident.

A 15-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of theft and burglary and a 13-year-old was later arrested on suspicion of burglary.

The older boy is also being questioned in connection with the theft of chickens in Rowsley Avenue, Didsbury, on 16 May.

Both are being questioned by officers from Greater Manchester Police.

People with information about the attack have been asked to call police or Crimestoppers anonymously.
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Murdered mother 'pestered and harassed two weeks before death'

7th June, 2011

'Pestered and harassed' mother Christine Chambers told police she faced violent threats just days before she and her toddler daughter Shania were shot dead in their Essex home, it has emerged.

Christine Chambers and her daughter Shania were found shot dead in their house in Braintree (Picture: Eastnews Press Agency)

On May 27 Miss Chambers, 38, contacted Essex Police in the last of several statements given to the police over a two-year period, the Independent Police Complaints Commission indicated today as initial investigations into how the case was launched,

The mother-of-two and her two-year-old daughter were found dead yesterday after a standoff between police and a gunman inside their house in Bartram Avenue, Braintree.

The IPCC said it was 'still collating' previous contact between the police and Miss Chambers.

Commissioner Rachel Cerfontyne said: 'At this stage, it is too early to say whether police responded appropriately to each incident and this is something that will take time to establish, but we will make our findings public as soon as we are able.'

David Oakes, 50, is thought to be under police guard at a nearby hospital after undergoing treatment for non-life threatening injuries. He is a former partner of Miss Chambers.

Detectives are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

Oakes is Shania's and the couple were fighting a legal battle over custody.

Stuart Flitt, Miss Chambers' brother, had regularly stayed at the house to protect his sister after she received threatening texts.

He said: 'The police didn't seem to take her seriously and we feel they could have done more.'

Chelsea Flitt, Miss Chambers' 10-year-old daughter, managed to escape from the house and alert the police.
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