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The murder of Joanna Yeates

6th January, 2011

Joanna Yeates murder police: We will find the killer

Police investigating the murder of Joanna Yeates have vowed to find the killer, but have warned it may take time to solve the 'complex' case.

The 25-year-old architect's snow-covered body was found on Christmas morning missing one of her grey, knee-length socks, and detectives believe the garment may hold the key to solving her murder.

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Married couple jailed for abuse at Jersey care home

6th January, 2011

Morag and Anthony Jordan, the couple found guilty last year of abuse against children at Jersey's Haut de la Garenne care home in the 1970s and 1980s, have been jailed.

The pair, both 62, were convicted of eight separate charges last November.

During their two-week trial at the Royal Court of Jersey, they were accused of inflicting 'casual and routine violence' while working as house parents at the children's home.

More: 'Significant finds' in abuse home cellar

The Jordans, from Kirriemuir, Angus, acted like 'intimidating bullies' and carried out 'frequent and callous' assaults on vulnerable residents, according to prosecutors.

Mrs Jordan, employed as a house mother between 1970 and 1984, was found guilty of charges relating to assaults on four children, one of whom had her face pushed into urine-soaked sheets after she wet the bed.

Mr Jordan was convicted of common assault against two children, including charges relating to hitting residents with a metal spoon, a knife or his hand.


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‘Killers’ in their school uniforms stab 16-year-old boy to death

Nicholas Pearton, 16, was stabbed through the back and heart by a gang of boys still wearing their school uniforms, a court heard yesterday.

Pearton was allegedly chased across a park and killed by a group of at least six youths, the youngest just 14.

One attacker lunged at him with a knife in front of horrified motorists in a congested street and stabbed him in the back, right up to the hilt of the weapon, the Old Bailey was told.

The gang hunted him down while still wearing their blazers and ties and one boy allegedly raised the knife above his head in celebration.
Nicholas staggered to a chicken takeaway shop where he barricaded himself in. His parents soon arrived on the scene and could only watch as his life ebbed away, the court heard.

The stabbing, on May 5 last year, followed a dispute between rival gang members at a school in Sydenham, south London, hours earlier.
Nicholas was friends with a member of the Black Mafia or Sydenham Boys gang, who had a confrontation with one of his six alleged killers in the Shanks and Guns or S&G gang.

He headed for Home Park, saying he was going to help but, when he arrived, his friends had gone and he was an ‘easy and vulnerable target’.

Ed Brown QC, prosecuting, said: ‘Some of the defendants were in their school uniform at the time of the attack – in their blazers and ties.’
He said the attackers laughed and congratulated each other afterwards.

In a ‘sickening’ gesture, one of the gang shook the hand of another boy. Others joined in the celebration, boasting of using pieces of wood and bats, said Mr Brown.

As they fled, one was allegedly heard saying, ‘I wish the f***** would die!’ and chanting ‘SG boys, SG boys’. They wiped the blade on grass and threw it into a bush.

The six, aged from 14 to 17, all deny murder and the case continues.


When they were torturing the Iraqis they were laughing about it as well!

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Violence forces city club to close

Published on Wed Feb 23

A SHEFFIELD club where a man almost had his ear sliced off and was stabbed in the neck has been forced to close over police concerns at levels of violence.

Fontana, based on Attercliffe Road, Attercliffe, had its licence reviewed by Sheffield Council’s licensing sub committee after police compiled a dossier of evidence.

It detailed a series of violent incidents, including one where a man was allegedly attacked by a gang of men in the toilets and was left with his ear “hanging off”.

Chief Superintendent Andy Barrs said in the document the victim was also stabbed in his neck in the incident last October.

He also detailed another incident on January 21 where officers were told by the ambulance service they had treated a man who had been “assaulted by a gang with weapons” in the venue.

A knife and knuckle duster were said to have been used in the attack.

And a report prepared by Chief Inspector Iain Chorlton also details a catalogue of incidents police were called out to deal with, including a report of up to 60 people brawling on the car park outside, an attack which left a man with a broken jaw.

He said in his report: “I am of the opinion there is insufficient door staff at the premises.

“The management are uncooperative and show disregard for licensing conditions and are failing to meet licensing objectives in particular the prevention of crime and disorder and public safety.

“The business activities at these premises are requiring a significant number of policing resources that are of a premium in tackling crime and disorder issues in the local community and diminish the ability of the police to promote public safety.

“There is evidence of a gang culture and concerns are that if firm action is not taken against the premises then it is only a matter of time before someone suffers life changing injuries or worse.”

Coun Clive Skelton, chairman of Sheffield Council’s licensing sub committee, said: “We revoked the club’s licence because the evidence presented by the police was so compelling - it was the only option available to us based on what we heard if we are to keep the people of Sheffield safe.

“There was compelling evidence of knives and other weapons being taken on to the premises.

“The evidence was frightening - even the police in their presentation of the facts said they had never had a case where they were so concerned that a murder could be committed on a premises.

“One of the problems is that the premises are pitch black inside so nothing gets picked up on CCTV.

“Door procedures also do not appear to have been followed correctly because even though there is a knife arch there is evidence of knives and knuckle dusters for example getting through.”

The club management can appeal the decision.
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American can not live without SEX.

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Britain moving toward racism

Poll: Britain moving toward racism

Tue Mar 1, 2011

A new study has revealed a dark racist side to the British society as it found two out of three British people consider immigration damaging to their country.

According to the anti-racist campaigners Searchlight Educational Trust who commissioned the poll it "paints a disturbing picture of our attitudes towards each another and the unknown".

The survey by Populus from more than 5,000 individuals found that 63 percent of white Britons, 43 percent of Asians and 17 percent of Blacks consider immigration a bad thing for Britain.

Also 39% of Asians, 34% of whites and 21% of blacks said immigration should be suspended over economic concerns or fully terminated.

This comes as the research also found 48 percent of people are in favor of a new far-right party if it avoids using “fascist imagery” and violence with 52 percent directing their racist sentiments toward Muslims saying they “create problems in the UK”.

The shocking results drew a call from Labour MP Jon Cruddas who said the figures should "ricochet through the body politic" as they suggest parties may find themselves competing a far-right competitor in the near future.

Meanwhile, Searchlight Educational Trust warned of the implications of the survey called Fear And Hope.

"It also graphically highlights the dangers that lie ahead if the issues highlighted in the research are not addressed,” the trust said.

"Fear And Hope throws down a challenge to the political parties to really understand what is happening in the body politic and then do something about it," it added.

According to the study, the sense of belonging to the British society is also increasingly faltering as 25 percent of whites and a large part of ethnic minorities said they feel less “proud” when the English flag is flown.



The problem in the uk is the legacy left behind by Tony Blair.You don`t hear any reported resentment of any one or race or religion except muslims.Multicultural britain has not failed,we just hate muslims and islam.Since the war on terror,britain and european politicians are crawling like insects from under their rocks to talk about islam not being compatible with europe.They just hate Muslims.

Truth Seeker:
I blame the cancer of British Colonialism for Immgiration to the racist, terrorist, hateful, extremist, Colonialist and Imperialist canceorus state of Great Britain from Ireland in 1167 to Iraq in 1991 and 2003. Great Britain always has and always will be a racist, colonialist, hypocrite, hateful, extremist, anti-immigrant, cancerous, toxic, thieving, greedy, psycopathic and remorseful blot in other nations landscapes.

Wonderful White Westerner:
This is nothing new, in all discussions I had we all drew the same conclusion, England is and has always been a racist country.

Irishmanin reply to Wonderful White Westerner:
I agree with what you say .... I would like to add also , that i have lived in England. They are all racist in some way, it sounds like a stupid comment but im being honest. They feel nthat the days of empire make them superiour to all others. Some will tolerate different people and pretend to be a non-racist but they all feel that british people are superiour. You may say that my comments make me a bigot, well I can say without reservation , that yes , towards britain I am bigoted.
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Truth Seekerin reply to Wonderful White Westerner:

Great Britain has never given Australia back to the Aborigines-NATIVES. Northern Ireland should return to Ireland. Pakistan should return back to India. New Zealand should return back to the Maori's. Britain looted over £500 trillion worth of wealth, resources, treasures from 50 countries they racially and illegally colonized, plundered, terrorized, starved, raped and ruled. Half a billion people died in 50 nations, thanks to Great "Racist, Colonialist and Terrorist" Britain.
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Killer dad murdered wife and 2 daughters!

Killer dad Andrew Case was taking powerful anti-smoking drugs - inquest

Father Andrew Case, who is thought to have murdered his sleeping wife and two daughters before killing himself, may have been taking an anti-smoking medication with potential side effects of 'depression' and 'anger', an inquest has heard.

Andrew Case with daughters Phoebe (middle) and Nereya (Picture: INS)

The 33-year-old's body, along with his wife Vicki, 31, and two little girls Phoebe, two, and Nereya, 18 months, were discovered at their home in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, on Monday July 26 2010.

The bodies were found by Mrs Case's mum Linda Haskell, 57, who entered the property when she had not been able to contact the family since the Saturday.

She ran from the horrifying scene screaming: 'They're all dead - my babies are dead.'

Today an inquest into the deaths heard Mr Case had been prescribed the anti-smoking drug Champix because he had been trying to give up for a while.

The Cases had just got back from a holiday to Weymouth, Dorset, and Vicki would not allow her husband to smoke around her or in their property.

Mr Case had been prescribed 28 of the tablets on July 10 to be taken twice a day, the hearing was told.

A further 56 tablets were obtained by him on July 23, the day they got back from their break.

The first prescription packet was found empty in the house and only 28 of the extra tablets were discovered, it was heard.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Fitchet, of Hampshire Police, said: 'Andrew Case had been a heavy smoker and was keen to give up smoking which he had been trying to do for some time.

'His GP has told us the drug may have significant side-effects regarding anger and depression.'

On the evening of July 24, Mr Case bought cigarettes, tobacco and a bottle of vodka from a local supermarket, the inquest heard.

Breaking off from a drink at his local pub, The Crown, to rush to the Tesco store to buy the tobacco before it shut, he returned and shared a joke with another drinker.

Mr Fitchet said: 'The customer joked he couldn't run another marathon: he (Mr Case) was known for running marathons.'

Mr Fitchet added: 'We know from people we have talked to Vicki would not allow him to have cigarettes and tobacco in the house.

'Another consideration is that in the previous week, the family had been on holiday and there may have been little opportunity for Andrew to obtain tobacco.

'On returning home, he may have been quite desperate to have a cigarette.'

Pathologist Dr Basil Purdue said a post-mortem examination did'nt reveal any traces of the Champix drug in Mr Case's blood.

According to the doctor 50% of the drug leaves the system each day meaning that Mr Case would not have taken the drug for 'probably several days' before his death.

Mr Fitchet said that police investigations had not revealed any clear motive or 'trigger' for the tragedy.
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American can not live without SEX.

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