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How to forget the one who you love deeply? [Copy link] 中文

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BUt few days ago, she found he had another gf already

ah, then he has forgotten her.

She should also move on and find someone new.

Who may love her even more.

She: 'but i cannot forget him. How can i forget him. I love him deeply.  Do you know what that means to a woman?!"

You: 'of course i do.  But what can you do to solve your problem? Live with pain the rest of your life? Look, before you had met him, did you think you would be loving him so deeply?  You are now like that time before meeting him.'

She: 'But it's not the same.  This time i have tasted love. That time i did not feel it.'

You: 'Then feel it again by learning to love another person.  Maybe it is destiny for both of you to break up, for him to be with his gf, and for you to find a new bf.  Someone who can also love you as deeply as you can love deeply another human being.'

She: 'But the pain is deep inside my heart.'

You: 'Sigh, i know what you mean. I feel what you feel. But i feel even more how sad you're wasting yourself away for nothing. Love when connected and reciprocated is wonderful.  But not every two persons coming together can achieve that.  Some things are never meant to be. You should move on and find happiness elsewhere.  Maybe this love of him that you think is deep and therefore to be valued will become an even deeper love with someone else to be valued even more.  Who knows what can happen? Hope is twin sister of affection.'

She: 'But all my feelings for him have been wasted if i stop.'

You: 'Feelings for someone, even good deeds done for others, are not like a business investment in which you hope or count to get some profit or benefit.  You feel because your heart tells you it is a good thing to do. You love because it felt natural at the time it happened. It was something wonderful. It energized your life, and provided special comfort that nothing could replace, that money could not buy.  But how can you be happy for long if you think you must get something out for what you have put in? If everyone thinks like you, then better set up a stall at the market and start selling love in bottles.'

She: 'What must i do next?'

You: 'Go on with your life. Be happy for him that he has found a new gf.  Wish and pray that both of them will find the happiness that you could not give him, nor him to give you.  Then let go.  Be cheerful and sweet, sexy even. Soon, one day, a good man will trip over the pavement, and fall at your feet. Your face will blush, as you brush your hair back, and you will extend a hand to help him up.  As he gets up, his eyes will meet yours. Thunder will peal from the sky. Lightning will flash. Earth will shake. The world around both of you will melt away. All the noise and bustle seem to freeze. Your heart, and his, will pound like twenty horses. Then, you will know.'

She: 'Did you feel like that before?'

You: 'Everytime.  Even now.'

She: (blush)

You: 'i must go now. My horse is impatient. It neighs for me. We have a long journey to ride. Goodbye, fair maiden.'

the end.

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nice conversation, YOU are doing right

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Reply #43 markwu's post

a lengthy love story~~

Is LOVE prolonged?

Heavens bless you & me!

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Your feeling will fade as time pass....
So just let go, you will have another live

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Originally posted by xilaren at 2009-5-7 02:35

You said it quite right.Love is an investement.I have been in such an experience and I know very well what it is to invest and get nothing.

Investing emotionally is worse than investing in ...

"When somebody experiences deep pain all of a sudden he does not dare anymore.His heart becomes timid.Even if he has feelings ,he does not dare.He is scared. So I know very well what deep pain is ."

i have been there before. i feel the same way ,
xilaren.i couldn't agree with u any more
there seems to be a shadow over my heart .
i dare not  express my feeling to the girl i like  
because i am so afraid of being turn down ,i know the feeling quite  well.

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Originally posted by libbycrystal at 2009-5-6 13:19
When the relationship is fading and has come to end. What will you do? How to forget  the one who you love deeply?

Now that the relationship is fading, that means the relationship between you and her is not deep, so it is quite normal and easy to
forget it .

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touching love

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