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Christian racism, the face of [Copy link] 中文

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As for your racist nonsense, timbatu, I leave it to you to reveal your own source of extreme stupidity. Your exaggerated crap makes me think you had a personal beating of some sort that you haven't gotten resolved in your craw!

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or, pussy

Ancient Greece,

The Syrrians, Babylonians, Nubians, Egyptiians, and Mesopotamians

The Ottoman Empire,

The Viking Norske Men,

The Mongul Hoards,

The Apache, Comanche, Blackfoot, Cree, and Mowhawk,

The Ancient Mayans, Incans, the Aztecaz?

The Maori, Marquesan, Samoan, Tongan, Tahitians, Rapanuians, Hawaiians?

The Ancient Chinese Armies and Emporers, All the Gong Fu Experts of the past?

The Japanese Feudalist Warlords, Emporers, Ninja, Samurai, Sumo, Shinobi?

The Escrima and Kali Experts of the Philippines?

the Khmer and Siamese warriors of South East Asia

all of them have something in common

A belief in God or gods

you ar the biggest pussy ever to have lived on the planet timbuktoo

so its stands to reason, with your desire to stop all those scary and nasty things, and avoid being a man, as you are not capable of becoming one, that you would like there to be no God

so maybe we the world will be gay

so you can come out of the closet

and maybe the world will tolerate your pedophilia

keep dreaming crackhead

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you're attacking Chrisitanity fvckwit

which is not something from Europe

you think English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Germans, Etc are Christians, but they are not

The only true Christians are also Jewish

all gods in the world originate from the Hebrew God, and the Origin of man

so, retard, even the European Christians have a right to their religion, the same as the Incas, Mayans, Buddhists, Muslems or Hindi people

they all are creations and versions of the God of the Ancient Hebrew people

why dont you start bashing eveyones religion, fvcknuts

why arent you attacking anyone elses religions or god?

because you yourself identify with the the religions Europeans have chosen and taken for them selves, and you are trying deperately to escape as it doesnt coincide with your gayness, or with the chinese you think yyou can become

you wouldnt dare say something to me about the polynesian Patheons of Gods, because any Polynesian would kill you

in the future, you will refer to it as the "european god"

rather than the Christian God

as the Christian God you dont know anything about, nor do you know any of his works, nor do you know who his actual people and followers are

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Can Ghod create a stone that he cannot lift?

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Originally posted by timbatu at 2009-5-17 11:24
Can Ghod create a stone that he cannot lift?

What he hell does that mean?

is that an african proverb?

can africans really be men if they are most often eaten by lions or stuck to the bottom of elephants feet?

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africans are zoo food..

thats a great use for them

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oh wait, let me guess

you are saying theree is no God again right?

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