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"Hell on Earth" for Tibetans states DL [Copy link] 中文

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Anywhere there is religion and man.

You will find hell.  

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Originally posted by yasawakic at 2009-3-10 23:52

.....there are still cultures and peoples on this world for whom money is not the ultimate goal, then, if you consider the mind, the culture, the hapiness

True, but I believe that you're not talking about THE m onk and his insatiable appetite for power and money.  

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a) I don't need to stoop to cheap insults instead of answering simple questions

Well, when asking for proof, it would be nice if you would state what particular item you wanted proof for instead of shouting it.

b) Such "basic information" should be readily available, right?    For example ... If TB is such a nice place now then .... why the increased numbers of troops and police there right now - unless they are sightseeing? Why the restrictions on journalism unless there is stuff to be hidden away?

That is obvious.  It is the 50th anniversary of the DL fleeing Tibet. It is obvious that there will be an attempt to get the attention of the world media and this is likely to involve violence.  Therefore, just like any football match there will be a strong police presence.

Suggestion: If such a thing as a totally independent press existed, then letting them report on a number of issues that China is deailing with (be it TB, TW, or whatever) would surely be an interesting PR move? Unless of course there is something to hide.

The media exists solely on sensationalism and the West is addicted to bad news from China. The western governments love bad news about China as it helps to deflect their own internal problems.  There is no such thing as a fair and unbiased press.  Even so, this is a Chinese affair and the West should concentrate on their own poor housekeeping.

* A totally independent press might be a rare thing ... but might also get to the bottom of things.

Only if it is sensational and sells papers or gets viewers.

People talk about life under so-and-so over 50 years ago. Was life under a cake walk for everyone?

Talking about the past is a smoke-screen to justify arguments about the present.  How far do you want to go back. The Brits invented the concentration camp etc, etc,

Then again we could take the mengzhi / buddy35 stance which is the that US is evil for trying to clean up Afghanistan whilst China is the hero for trying to clean up TB ... Hmmmm ....

I am glad you are not like them and this also suggests that your new avatar is already a veteran of this forum….Hmmmmm

Good post.  Thanks.

P.S If you want proof of something in future it would be nice if you could be more specific.


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Hi! folks I'm new here

Talking of hell, how come I feel not living in a hell even if I'm a nonhan Chinese? What is happening here, some guys say we nonhan Chinese are living a miseralbe life in hell. I was puzzled.

BTW, you've got to forgive my not-so-authentic English. I guess it's better to leave it this way, Otherwise, warmhearted people may reach out to save me, fearing I might be subjected to cultural genocide, right?

Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase, don't call me a brainwashed person, I read and write in English articles and news from many sources.

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Oops, my apologies

I don't write English articles and news. Assumebly, people might suspect my identity as non-han, there will be enough chance to prove it. But why bother? I've been to Western countries, people there don't have their ethnic identity on paper, your interest in their background might meet positive feedback, but sometimes, negative. Just as Mr. Obama said, "not black or white American, we American", something to that effect.
Forgive me again, for grammar.

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Your writing efforts are welcome and so are you.

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