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Girl Climbs On Mao Zedong Statue, Angers Many Chinese [Copy link] 中文

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Don't harmonize me

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Umm, er, iamnaive, dude...


IN PRAISE OF OUR LEADERS  - Do not mind the real people - important are the leaders !!!


You understand english? Coz it's obvious you don't understand my simple reply. Somehow you've jumped to the conclusion that I'm referring to respect to the leaders when it's obvious from my words "rudeness, spitting, jumping queues, no thank you's etc." it's clearly everyday respect for the common man.  Sorry something so simple went above your head...

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Of course she shouldn't climb around on these statues if it offends people (and it clearly does). She doesn't mean anything bad about it, but her actions are disrespectful (and they would be considered disrespectful in most places in the world). No need to make a big deal about it or to try to imply that the Chinese are unnecesarily stuck up about this. All countries have some stuff they are sensitive about, and in most countries people don't climb on the statues of former leaders...

I have a friend who lives in the States. He is not a US citizen and he therefore refuses to stand up when they play the national hymn (sporting events, concerts, every public gathering with more than five people, etc). You should see how INCREDIBLE offended people around him are!!! One would think it is none of their concern if this guy sits or stands but that's not how it works. Any American on this forum can tell you that what I'm saying is true. You see people puking in the bleaches at baseball games and nobody cares, but TRY to sit down and sip your beer during the national hymn... Silly? Of course it's silly, but it is what it is and you have to respect silliness too and try to avoid offending people.

I'm not American and their national hymn doesn't mean anything to me but if I'm in the States, I still drag myself up and stand when they play their stupid hymn (and they like to play it; A LOT)...


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Originally posted by ganzhuolin at 2009-3-7 09:01
This is all part and parcel of the lack of respect and bad manners displayed by many Chinese youth today. The same people (foreigners) who applaud this girl's behaviour as enlightened, free etc. ar ...

100% agree!

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Originally posted by mengzhi at 2009-3-5 19:32
I am now distressed that the " modern " Chinese young people should throw manners and civility to the winds .This is not " progress"  this is " regress " . This girl should be taught some respect and piety towards her elders and those who fought and died so that she can have this carefree days she now enjoys .

I just love some of the comments here! "respect and piety towards her elders" :lol  Keep them coming, grandpa!

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whaddya gonna do when they come 4 you...

s h i t  happens, of the best ways to prevent further happenin is to post a sign there (if people read) to warn any temptin  

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You talking to me...?

SENECA! My dear. dear friend! I thought you weren't talking to me anymore! Nice to know we're still on arguing terms...!

Now on to business. You say...

"So, respect is in demand but is not in sufficient supply..."

You asking me? Surely you know the answer as you live and teach in China and collect their hard earned money in these hard economic times. Seeing as how you like to gripe and complain about everything Chinese I know you know the answer to your own question...

"What enthralls me here is: The man personified by that statue is known to have shown zero respect fotr his various predecessors and contemporaries."

He's also known to have shown great respect where it really matters i.e to the peasants of China who supported him and wouldn't have if he hadn't respected them

"Why should he after his demise still command more respect than emperors before him?"

Ehhhh? Someone said that is the case or should be the case? Where does it say that? Or who told you that? Or is that another one of your many ASSumptions...?

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