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Girl Climbs On Mao Zedong Statue, Angers Many Chinese [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by markwu at 2009-3-5 18:40
And would there have been a new China without the old China?

old China? Mao is a representative of the old China?

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old China? Mao is a representative of the old China?

how young ARE you?

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When I see the young Chinese generation I have hope that China is going to change.  Some "old buddies" here in this forum will be penalized by the passing of time.

That is good but one must be careful when saying that - it must be defended by knowing things from the perspective of history and reading each situation as it arises, especially in the lessons learnt:

1. those who are old now were once young;  when they were young, they had too belonged to a 'young generation' of that time, so that the old of today were once young too, and the young of today will certainly be old later;

2. given this certainty, the important things to note are:

a.  what was the situation before?

b. what are the lessons to be learnt from the situation before?

c. what can be adapted from the lessons learnt then which can be used for the present situation?

d. and, what new lessons can be used today to teach the young today who will be old in the future?

3. read the situation out there in the world today where the young embrace unconventionality just for the sake of being unconventional - what is happening to them? where is their defiance leading them? what have they done for society? what are they doing to themselves?

If the answers to these questions are positive, proceed.  If the answers to these questions are negative, think again to shape new approaches and solutions to build a better world and a healthier future for society and state.

Everything in life has a price. If something positive emerges from an action, there will be something negative resulting elsewhere. The challenge for each generation is to maximize the positive and minimize the negative.  One cannot do that by rushing to throw away lessons learned from careful observations made.  

Embrace change intelligently- yes.  Embrace change blindly - no. Use the brain, the eyes, the heart, the hands, the knowledge.  Those are exactly the things the surgeon uses when he operates on someone to save his life. No surgeon will start without knowledge. Knowledge is built on lessons.  Lessons learned from the past added to the observations and conclusions of the present leavened on the care and compassion for the future.

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Originally posted by interesting at 2009-2-26 14:30
I guess children in China have never rode "piggy back" on their parents....

that's a good suggestion....

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she just needed me to adjust her rear end...

i guess she was pretty much in love & 4gotten what the heck she was doin upthere...she needs adjustment that's all (no hard feelin my comrades)  

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Snork, snork, snork...

This is all part and parcel of the lack of respect and bad manners displayed by many Chinese youth today. The same people (foreigners) who applaud this girl's behaviour as enlightened, free etc. are probably the same ones who complain about Chinese rudeness, spitting, jumping queues, no 'thank yous' etc. etc. etc...snork, snork, snork...

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I am speechless , much more to learn this girls should do ,maybe this is very commen in nowardays

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