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Auctioning the looted China treasures by thieving foreigners [Copy link] 中文

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iamnaive, go to becominghuman dot com.

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A real website,  I suppose?

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China says "relics for rights" offer ridiculous

To invade, kill and plunder China and its people - was this not the gravest and unforgiveable
violations of the Western politically-tooled "human rights" ......and this coming from the
French so-called 'owner' Pierre Berge - probably heir and descendant of French thieves - is simply
laughable ..........

There is an universal law on stolen goods which is punishable by jail terms in all countries
except maybe France and the rest of the remaining 7 colonial nations that participated in the genocide,
plunder ....of Peking then. Proof of ownership may reveal family tree of thieves, murderers, layabouts ...
and scums of France .....

One does not bargain with thieves or their criminal heirs......................


China says "relics for rights" offer ridiculous

BEIJING: China said Tuesday an offer to exchange two imperial bronzes looted 150 years ago by foreign troops for human rights was "ridiculous", as it called once more for the return of the relics.

The 18th-century Qing dynasty bronzes are to go under the hammer on Wednesday in Paris, and owner Pierre Berge told French radio on Friday that he would give them back to China in return for human rights in the country.

"To infringe upon Chinese people's cultural rights on the pretext of human rights is just ridiculous," foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu told reporters.

Berge, a patron of the arts and longtime rights campaigner, is the former partner of late fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Ma once again called for the return of the two bronzes, which are part of a collection looted 150 years ago by British and French troops from the imperial Summer Palace, and which are worth up millions of dollars each.

"In modern history, Western imperial powers have looted a lot of Chinese cultural relics, including those in the Summer Palace, and these cultural relics should be returned to China," he said.

A French judge authorised the sale of two Chinese bronzes at an auction of Yves Saint Laurent artworks, rejecting a plea for them to be returned to China.

Berge, who decided to sell their joint art collection following the designer's death last year, said the judge took the right decision and reiterated an offer to trade the relics against rights.

"I'm absolutely ready to give the two heads to China," he said. "The only thing I ask is for China to give human rights, liberty to Tibet and to welcome the Dalai Lama."

A French-based Chinese art association, Apace, had asked the judge to serve an injunction preventing the sale, arguing the bronzes remain stolen property, but the court decided it had no jurisdiction to rule in the case.

The association has wanted the court to force the French state to intervene and negotiate the return of the items with Beijing authorities.

The prosecutor described it as a "cavalier" plea and "abuse of procedure" by "an association that only represents itself" and called on the court to fine Apace "because a minimum of respect for justice is called for".

A lawyer for the Association to Protect Chinese Art in Europe group told the court its aim was to "alert public opinion on the fate of numerous Chinese works stolen in the past and sold through trafficking."

Christie's, which is organising the three-day 300 million euro (392 million dollar) auction of the Saint Laurent/Berge collection, has consistently argued there are no legal grounds to bar the sale of the two rare pieces.

The three-day sale began Monday.

24 February 2009  

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btw, as expected, the French court didn't disallow the sale of the two heads stolen from Yuanmingyuan in 1860.

The descendants of barbarians are always barbarians.

The descendants of English convicts will remain so forever -- thinking of themselves as close relatives of the islanders who drove their ancestors away to a much bigger island far far away.

That's why Princess Anne is in Australia tending to the victims' families after the fire.

To the Aussies, their titular head is still the British Royalty.

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Return Treasure To China Or Foreigners Will Die

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The best idea was that of member Buddy35

who suggested in another place

France should have purchased the items

gifted them to China

France would have ( for a minor and minimal cost )

resolved the issue

come out looking so clean and bright

and made many friends in China

the Buddy35 idea was so simple

but alas, France missed a golden chance there

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Originally posted by iamnaive at 2009-2-24 12:37
Sure, that's why so many Africans want to come to Europe. To experience real barbarism, which they cannot find in Africa!

Because the colonialist Europeans made Africa so poor.

The Africans fight back by migrating to Europe and produce babies there, enjoying the welfare benefit.

A fine way to Islamize Europe.

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