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North Korea caught the world's attention.... [Copy link] 中文

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Recently, NK has suspended communications with S.Korea and nullified previous peace negotiation known as the 'inter-Korean Basic Agreement'.

Also, recent NK's Taepodong 2 ballistic missile test preparation not only caught the world's attention, but also intensified the NLL.

Throughout the years, the S.Korean government has embraced humanitarian approaches and tried to solve any conflicts through talks between the two nations.

However in return, the NK has been criticizing S.Korean's administration and making military threats by developing nuclear arms and initiating missile tests.

If the NK initiates an invasion on the S.Korea, the casualties and damages would be catastrophic.

Therefore China, Russia, and other close range nations must help put a stop on NK's military threats by encouraging the NK to engage in peaceful talks.
From this, the two Koreas will once again achieve credibility internationally and bring stability in the Korean peninsula as well as world peace.....

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Originally posted by piaryorang at 2009-2-19 10:45 PM
Recently, NK has suspended communications with S.Korea and nullified previous peace negotiation known as the 'inter-Korean Basic Agreement'.

Also, recent NK's Taepodong 2 ballistic missile test  ...

u neglect the military presence of america in s.korea.

no wonder people like u have to propaganda like crazy to distract the world from america's current invasion of korea, which has been going unnoticed for 60 years unlike the iraq one that we all have our tv and internet turned onto.

just pull the monkey troops out, and then n.korea would be as sensible as china and vietnam, as history has shown.

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Nice guy finishes last.  That's the story of Korea.

The land has been in a state of war longer than we can remember
why it's so.  Even the country is hardly noticeable unless it fires up
some missiles or blows up some atomic bombs.  But the Wanted post
broadcasted all around the world says it's an evil, terrorist country.

America's current stance on north korea is that it must accept intrusive nuclear inspection, so the America's military threat was ever present til today.

And as both China and Vietnam have experienced, fighting a war against Japan and America, hot or cold, could be devastating for the health of the country.  North Korea, thus, have continued in such a state of holocaust for a century.

Had Korea been unified under communism in 1950, like China and Vietnam did, the world most likely would not see the ensuing suffering in China and slaughtering in Vietnam and Cambodia.  Now America cries that the North Korea is an axis of evil.  And the world only get to listen to a country with the largest arsenals of nukes and missiles complaining about little country's effort to acquire a small amount of the same for its defense.

Typical of master demonizers, America demonizes a whole nation starts with its leader.  America's demonization of Kim Jong-il and North Korea is so convincing, now America and its people themselves rejected Kim's plead of nonaggression.   But such a nonaggression is exactly the condition needed to start North Korea on the road to peace and prosperity, as it did for China and Vietnam .  Of course, then, the whole America's anti-ballistic missile program and Japan's remilitarizatin plan could not be justified, without the threat of a nuclear missile attack from North Korea.  So the demonization goes on.

Well, while at it, instead of debating Korea independence and unification, we are all led into the issue of who started the north-south conflict.  So what if North Korea did invade South Korea.  How would America liked it if the British had come to the aid of the South when the North launched its southward invasion during the Civil War?

  North Korea is the last Asian communist country to stand up to America and won.  North Korea is also the first country to start abandoning its accomplished nuclear weapon program completely.  North Korea has, thus, broken free from the herd of nuke-powers of the world today.

  In Asia, North Korea is in a position to call for Asian unification.  Both Japan and South Korea owe it to North Korea for past astrocities to come together to end America military occupations in their respective countries.  China has also suffered so much to make Asia military free.

  Being least entrenched in capitalistic pursuits, North Korea is the most culture-oriented among the Asian countries.  It is the ideal leader to bring Asia back to be Asia.

  North Korea, from this point onward, should take over the initiative in the 6-nation negotiation by:

  1. Offer to destroy the remaining nuclear bombs

  2. Demand that all American troops leave Asia

  3. Propose all Asian countries to demilitarize

  4. Ask for unification of Asian countries that has the common Asian root culture of Confucius, Buddhism and Taoism

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Why does North Korea behave so strange?  Why doesn't she just put down her defense and join our party of free for all?  Why does she choose to put her people through such harsh measures?  Why does she lock herself in a tight coccoon?  And why is she going in the opposite direction?

This is becasue we cannot understand her.  And that's because we are too barbaric to understand how precious a future she is fighting for.  

This future is the Asian cultural past!

The impasse in the 6-nation peace talk is caused by the diplomats talking pass, rather than to, each other.  Our sides talked about politics, militarism and economics and North Korea side was thinking only of threats to her traditional culture.  There is no common language between barbarism and culturalism.

The Asian Culture, as this independent observer from the land of barbarism can best decipher, is:

情義直忠合, or emotion, righteousness, straightforwardness, loyalty and unity.

These Asian cultural ideals go counter to the Western principles of democracy, freedom, equality, religion and human rights.  "Emotion" and "righteousness" nurtures harmony and benevolence, while the Western principles  encourage competition through predatory practices.  Democracy trashes "loyalty's" ideals of observance of seniority and worshipping of ancestors.  Freedom has bred such self-indulgence in the modern man that he has lost the minimum self-identity for being "straightforward" with him and much so with others.  Being "straightforward" with her feelings, the North Koreans really have zero chance of a prayer pitting against the America's mastery of public relations.  

Together with equality and human rights, freedom is threaten to completely break down the Asian traditional social hierarchy that rigorously adheres social status and meritorious differences, which are essential to achieve harmonious "unity".  North Korea is clinging so tightly to the Asian traditional hierarchy of scholars, farmers, laborers and merchants that it erected a giant stature with only the first top three social classes included, emphatically dropped the dishonorable merchants altogether.  But in the West, we are all merchants in disguise.  

Finally, when religion is allowed to run amok, Asia takes leave from thousands of years of cultural development and plunges right back into the prehistorical era of gods and gobblings.

In fact, at the height of Chinese civilization during the Qing Dynasty, China also gave up everything for the preservation of the Asian culture.  At that time, it was the smart Jews, supported by British Royal Navy, that marinated the most advanced civilization with opium and started a feast on China that lasted 100 years.  The Oscar-winning propagada feat by the Westernized Chinese pet vultures of Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai Shek, finally dilute the Asian Culture in China so much so that it is now just a wishful dream for even the most zealous of diehards.

Also, there are something about barbarism the Asian Culture could not even relate to.  It's the securely guarded, but ubiquitous, hypocricy that induce lyings in politics, greed in economics and savagery of  militarism.  But the North Koreans are forced to exhaust her resources to stay militarily alert.  Now, nevertheless, the crowning achievement of barbarism, the seamless propaganda machine, is making us all feeling sure that the North Korea has gone mad.

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Originally posted by joeching at 2009-2-21 05:24
u neglect the military presence of america in s.korea.

Sorry Sir, but do you really think America would attack North Korea? I don't know if the US military presence in South Korea is justified or not, but North Korea has no oil and not many other natural resources, the US would certainly not attack it without any threat from the North Korean side.
Moreover, a country that is threatened by a big power (as you claim that North Korea is) should better keep quiet and not threaten to destroy the South.

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Originally posted by bern2009 at 2009-2-20 01:58 PM

Sorry Sir, but do you really think America would attack North Korea? I don't know if the US military presence in South Korea is justified or not, but North Korea has no oil and not many other nat ...

when bush first got elected, he even tried to provoke china into a war by increasing spy missions on china's southern border(as a promise to possible taiwanese campaign donation), ending all in the spy plane debacle(as the born loser bush's typical stunt.)

then america invaded iraq without valid reason. and threaten to invade iran and sanctioned both iran and n.korea, causing great hardship to resource-scarce n.korea.

u see, there are very real threat from the south korean lost-soul christians.  that's historically the greatest cause of suffering in asia.  in china, we had three christian crusade, 2 overts(taipin/8-nation coaliation) and 1 covert(sun/chiang), with upto million casualties.  

we have the same arguement during china's cult rev -- would america actually attack china.  mao and ling bio said yes, but most others, like liu and deng said probably not, wanting to do economics.  by taking the hard stand, mao was finally able to bring china the status she now enjoys.  

anyway, just imagine that america could wipe out all n.korea military arsenal in half hour.  n.korea only has will power(to stay paranoid) for the ultimate defense.  i got to work out something diplomatic for them among the people of our two countries.

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Originally posted by joeching at 2009-2-21 14:47

The US would probably not invade N.Korea. They haven't invaded Cuba either (although there is no Soviet Union any more to back it).
And cultural revolutions (i.e. fights of everybody against everybody) are rather weakening that strengthening a country.

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