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9/11 -- Did it happen the way the Anglos said it did?    Close [Copy link] 中文

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What are the facts behind 9/11?
the anglos are rsponsible for ...

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Has anyone got hold of the original uncut unedited live radio and TV tapes from 911?

I want to know just exactly when all the media stations started going on about  Bin Ladin, all in unison.

It seems that they started about five minutes after the WTC was struck, but based on what evidence?
the anglos are rsponsible for ...

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Bin Ladin has two great hobbies

One he likes to Blow up the world trade center.  before 9/11 he was responsible for 100% of all attacks on the world trade center

Two he likes to hijack aircraft.  He was famous for hijacking planes before 9/11.  

Given those two he is on the list of suspects for 9/11
And no, I was in the US when the towers were hit and watched the second hit live on TV.  The media did not report anything for a while.  They were still describing it as an "accident" until a few minutes after the second tower got hit.  Bin Laden did not start to show up until the second day as I remember.

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"911 -- Did it happen the way the Anglos said it did?"

The short answer is No.

But before you examine the events of 911, its helpfull to learn about:

I- Operation NORTHWOODS: Plans by the Pentagon to commit acts of terrorism and miliary attacks on US civilians and military blaming Cuba and causing either(or both) real vicitms and/or fictitious victims. The Plan was rejected by JFK. It included
a) Attacks by US special forces disguised as Cubans against US base at Guantanamo, that would destroy infrastructure, sink a ship, and cause casualties(ficticious but made real by altering records, id, death certificate, mock funerals)
b) Shooting down a passenger aiplane using a US controled fighter plane painted to look like a Cuban aircraft(could be an actual Mig or not)
c) having CIA agents book a flight, flight lands in military base, similar plane painted with same id takes off and is remotely controled, when nearing Cuba it sends a distress call poining to a Cuban fighter, then the plane is destroyed in mid air with remotely detonated explosives. The US would wait for an ally that would ear the distress call to 'tell them' the plane was attacked
d) military fighterjet exercise near cuba in which an undercover pilot joining the exercise under false identity would fly close to Cuba, make a distress call saying Cuban airforce was attacking him, flydown below radar, head back to an other (USbase) not part of the exercise, a sub/boat would release debris. In this scenario it important to know that virtually all the military personel in the drill do not know theres a subterfuge and really think Cuba did it.
Note that a campaign of terrorism in the US could not be made by a group calling itself "US CIA/special forces pretending to be a cuban terrorist group" it would call itself a name people would believe to be a true cuban terrorist group, and both the government(99% of whom would believe it to be true) and the Media would act as if this group was a real group.

II-Under Operation Gladio in Europe, NATO intelligence murderer over a undred innocent italians while pretending to be communist terrorist groups. Acts included bombing in public transport mich like Madrid and London 7/7 (London 7/7 bombings coincided exactly with a terrorism exercise on the same day that prepared for bombs in the same places where the real bombs blew off)

These are 2 examples of planned or enacted false flag operations. In both of these the government and the media report events without reporting that they are directly or inderectly controled by the a small group withint the state itself and most of the government and media do not know.

Now as for 911:
a) There are indications of indirect links between the terrorists and western intelligence. The CIA pushed for some to get visas.
b) Both FBI and military intelligence had identified the 'presumed' terrorists before 911, and both investigations were stopped by superiors
c) several aspects related to the would be terrorist appears suspicious or does not match the official story
d) It is fancyfull to imagine the terrorists by themselves would have their own investigation stoped before 911,  would happen to manoeuver around one of the most secure airspace in the world, on the specific day with multiple Norad/FAA exercises and on the day the National Reconnaince Office was evacuated in a drill, while Cheney was being brief periodically on an incoming aircraft(pentagon hit), etc, without some inside help.

Theres a lot more that contradics the official story or that shows the 911cr was full of ommissions(white wash).

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The videos of "UA 175" penetrating the South Tower were shown non stop after 9/11.Tony Bliar was
once televised advising everyone that they should never forget those images.This was about the time
the inhuman assault on Afghanistan was in progress.

Less than two years later those images,along with those of the towers incredibly rapid conversion into
fine pyroclastic flows disappeared from the Telescreens,never to be seen again.How strange.Bliar
tells us never to forget those images.And the media consigns those very images into the Memory Hole.
How very strange ? Or is there more to it ?

Documentaries like 911 Taboo and September Clues and 911 Mathematics have used these images
to show they were fake.I have mentioned,and have produced engineering calculations to support the
fact that the plane's penetration of the tower as shown in the videos was physically impossible.The
documentaries have also shown numerous anomalies and contradictions in the videos which
completely rule out their authenticity.

Evan Fairbanks,author of one of the better known fake videos has admitted that it was like a "bad
special effect".Truthseeker and senior aerospace engineer Joseph Keith asked in an interview with
Jeff Hill of the Pumpitout site "You KNOW without a doubt the videos are fake,right ??!"

In an ominuous new development,You Tube has been removing these documentaries at an ever
increasing rate,citing copyright and other bogus reasons.The Ministry of Truth has a variety of
strategies to remove unwanted facts from the public conciousness.

Watch these documentaries (or whats left) while you can.I suspect they will soon be gone forever.

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Another classic

This is one of my favourites.Jeff Hill of the Pumpitout site calls Michael Hezarkhani and author of one of
the best known fake videos of  "UA 175". This documentary shows the long discarded images of this
fictitious aircraft passing through the massive steel facade of the South Tower like a hot knife through

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Coincidence ?

A woman killed in the recent Buffalo plane crash was the wife of a stockbroker killed in one of the towers
on 9/11.And she was active in limited hang out "negligence" type 9/11 activism.She had just met Obama
on the issues she was raising.Probably just a coincience because she was far from being a truther in
any real sense.

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