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Tibet Facts and Figures! [Copy link] 中文

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ChinaTeaBag IS NOT FOR DEBATE IN UNITED NATIONS 1950,1959,1961,1965,1989


Check up.  Debate has never been opened over the status of China-Teabag.

My Slogan:

Teabag-Made-in-China.  Developing nation standard, but improving everyday.

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The Monks Leaders Were Insurgents And Guerrillas


how do they justify Beijing's politicians appointing a Pan-chen, not to mention having approval over Catholic Bishops ?

In the first place, the DeLiar and Banchen had always needed final approval by the central government for their appointments, historically.  China is just continuing these old traditions.  And it applies to ALL re-incarnate laamas.

The Catholic Bishops appointment is unfortunate history.  The Popes were anti-Communist and China was communist.

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As A Catholic, I think Vatican Has No Say Over China's Politics

Much as I believe China has no right to appoint Catholic Bishops, I also believe that Vatican has no right to interfere with Chinese politics.  But sad history is that...from the beginning, since the founding of the PRC, there was no trust between the two.

And Vatican did something wrong when it prohibited Chinese Catholics from participating in patriotic youth group meetings.

This sorry chapter of history must be got over with and Vatican-China relationship should improve in the near future.

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Peaceful Liberation of TeABag IS LARGELY PEACEFUL

Check up history.  There was a brief battle in Chamdo ONLY, and that's because the monks regime rejected peaceful negotiation, killing one of the high lamas sent to them as peace envoy; also, the British were blocking them to come to China via Hong kong by refusing them visas.  The Chamdo battle was over in fourteen days.  Casualty only a few hundreds.  China released all prisoners-of-war almost immediately, giving them money to return to Lhasa.  The peaceful agreement was signed.   Liberation of Teabag was largely PEACEFUL, except for Chamdo.  

(But then Chamdo was theoretically part of Chinese Xikang Province in 1949-50.  So, one can argue the whole Teabag then was peacefully liberated.)

Read the following eye-witness account:

Robert Webster Ford, a Briton who was present during the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950, wrote in 1957 an eye-witness account of how the Chinese treated Tibetans who fought them. (Ford was employed by the Tibetan local government when the Tibetan town Chamdo was captured by the PLA in 1950. He had been under investigation for espionage activities and for causing the death of Geda Lama, a prominent Tibetan Living Buddha and peace emissary sent by the Communist Chinese to Tibet to negotiate for peaceful unification. His death contributed to the Chinese decision to capture Chamdo by force).[43]

    There was no sacking of monasteries...the Chinese took great care not to cause offense through ignorance...The Chinese had made it clear that they had no quarrel with the Tibetan religion. Nor with the Tibetan people, who were treated with equal care...

    Cleverest of all was the way the Chinese solved their prisoner-of-war problem. They simply had the Tibetan troops lined up and gave them all safe-conduct passes and money and told them to go back to Lhasa with their wives and children. Another newsreel was made of this, and the soldiers did not have to be told to smile. Nor would they need to be told to spread the news of what friendly people the Chinese were... [44]

    A Khamba survivor of the garrison of fifty told us..."They are strange people, these Chinese...I cut off eight of their heads with my sword, and they just let me go." [44]

44.^ a b Ford, R. W., "Wind between the Worlds", pp178-179,204

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"Colony" - applies only to countries occupied by another country that does not share common boundaries.

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Originally posted by mollyshan at 2009-2-19 17:20
Great changes have taken place in Tibet since the autonomous region's peaceful liberation in 1951. Here are some key facts and figures about Tibet.

wow mollyshan you are so good at posting pretty pictures.  Surely this means the figures are true since they come from you.

I wish I could be so wise as you and post such honest figures.  tell me where does your truth come from?

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How can any of this information be evaluated without a source? Before any analysis can be made you must evaluate the credibility of the source, or it is worthless. Also, in analyzing the data you need to look at all of the variables, not just CCP occupation. It has been a long time since then, things change for many reasons (internal and external). Also, you could try to make a comparison with a country not occupied by a foreign power, this would add weight to your argument.

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