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Chinese tv station on fire [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by mengzhi at 2009-2-10 13:48

It is high time you show your hand to the forum members . Are you a Chinese who would like to appear objective and balanced in support of all the taunts and temper tantrums by the anti ...

Sorry,Mengzhi,I am too busy on work, At noon I read your this post but till now I have no time to reply you after thought.

I will reply you later.
Live in the movie!!!!

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Don't harmonize me

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Originally posted by iamnaive at 2009-2-10 18:44
This filthy Malaysian river rat is really to much to bear.

"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Originally posted by tekvicious at 2009-2-10 13:58
Think hard people.
1. Fireworks??? Hahaha...not likely.
2. Foreign Insurance
3. Present Economy in the KYBO.

Beijing City has reported its findings that the fire was caused by some large fireworks set off by CCTV.  It also has stated that it repeatedly told CCTV not to set of such fireworks at the site.  These were apparently much larger and more sophisticated than the normal variety sold to anyone in Beijing (Which are pretty impressive enough I think)

As most insurance policies do not cover fireworks, and certainly not improper use of fireworks CCTV will end up with the bill.

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Luckily, the building on fire is just the building beside CCTV main building.

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Not really, when you factor in...

Originally posted by greendragon at 2/9/2009 09:29 PM
Strange? How come fireworks can set fire to a building?

... what is considered an unregulated profession (firework making), a very big hole in safety codes (allowing large, unregulated fireworks in a downtown area), and the soon to be rehashed issue of building code violations.

Flat out, this was a perfect opportunity for any terr0rist organization to cause major damage to any major metropolitan area in P.R. China.   If the powers to be in Beijing were asleep at the switch, this incident should have them wide awake now.
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"If the same were to have happened in the US or UK  no  mention would have been made by naive the plank !!"

Possibly true... but then this is the 'China Today' section of the 'Chinadaily BBS' website.  Isn't there something about those titles which suggests the subject of conversation should be... China?
It is funny that while people are sharing news about casualties, causes, etc, Mengzhi's reaction is to attack the person who breaks the news, and go on about 'embarassment'.  Mengzhi, what do you find painful or embarassing about this?  You're the only one so far who seems to feel that way.

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