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My Chinese Girlfriend Troubles. [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by Andy99 at 2009-1-18 12:22

I am a BBC (British Born Chinese) living in the UK and for about 2 years now I have been seeing my girlfriend which is from China (Shanghai). She came over to study and we have known each ot ...

If you were British born then you're Britsh> You can't be a BBC as you put it.

Your comment should be British Born but from a family of Chinese origin.

Chao ren

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BBC >Tip: to abbreviations used

Tip: to abbreviations used

BBC (it is not British Broadcasting Corporation) but rather to describe a group of people in the UK who although are ethinically chinese but grew up in the UKThis is often used and understood , in international media.

ABC (it is not a soup) but usually refers to American Born Chinese

OC =Overseas Chinese , huaqiao , that's what I am!

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hey um me and my chinese girlfriend recently broke up..well she broke up with me...idk why...we were together for 4months and it went perfect we were such ahappy couple and her friends and my friends thought we were a good couple...i mean every time we went out we had a good time..the whole time and nothingwent wrong and we had no arguments or anything like that. But a few days after christmas her mom and cousins made her brake up with me..they want her to have older man.. apparently?  and who has a car and job and who can take care of her ...(WHICH I HAVE A CAR AND JOB AND GO TO SAME COLLEGE AS HER!im 18 turning 19 in feb. and shes 20 and we are both attending the same college in florida..and slowly planed on working things out after college Im a man but i act alot more mature then my age and we both have plans. I never even talked with her cousins or mom...idk if they will give me chance..with her..idk what to do..=(...i miss her so much...

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Hello Andy99...Are you still hanging around !!

The more you think you know about Chinese culture, the more you don't understand China...  You only know the traditional aspect of Chinese Culture such as rituals,  Kung Fu, misrepresented Hong Kong movies on China etc.  .. You don't really know the contemporary culture of the 1.3 billion people of China.  Your might have a lot of  understanding dellusions of  the mainstream Chinese culture. ...Most of the Oversea Chinese has this snobbish problem....Chinese behavior in China has change and it has nothing much to do with traditional ideology....Changes of Chinese mentality are due to internal economic changes ...It's psychological.. You are not raised in China therefore you don't know China and its people.     You might have tried to show off to your girlfriend that you are a westernized Chinese  while proving that you are a truly Chinese "keeping the tradition" and in the meantime you were looking down on them as non-practitioner, irreligious etc subconsciously....(This is another snobbish problem of the Oversea Chinese).   She is a Mainland Chinese who knows more about Chinese culture and value than you do but these people don't try to prove themselves...In the end she gets bored with you.  She might end up getting more interested with the native Englishman... Use psychology on your relation...  Be humble and admit the fact that you don't really know much about Chinese culture despite your ethnicity....Learn the reality of its culture.. It will make you to be able to understand things more clearly.  Don't try to prove yourself to be a British passport holder to any  ladies of Chinese nationality at home or elsewhere....who cares anymore about the passport of that small country of yours in China.... It's history !.... Women in China are not cheap anymore.   Furthermore, China has more millionaires than oversea Chinese nowadays and the numbers keep on growing..... more of them can go anywhere they want to around the world without financial constraint....So, don't think that as an Oversea Chinese you are more attractive to them (unless you are the son of a multimillionaire).....more and more are beginning to prefer their own Chinese man from in understanding and regional culture......Just let it go(你要有男子汉,要不然中国女人会看不起你呀)  !!

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as a chinese, i would say: every girl is different.

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Originally posted by Baiquen at 2010-1-27 02:22
Forget women! they are a plague on honest men. You know the ancient greeks said that women were created by the gods to punish men for not being virtuous enough.

So forget them! Go join the army!

The ancient Greeks were also known for their rampant homosexual behaviors.  Are you gay too?

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