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Children Killers . [Copy link] 中文

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# 68 - changcheng

It is tragic that innocent civilians have to die in fights that they have no control over, whether in Gaza or in Mumbai.

But, according to some people, it is okay to kill innocent people in places like Mumbai, but not okay to kill them in Gaza.

The Gaza killings are proven and need no proof... need no further evidence to fingure out the culprits of those killings. While in Bombay, you stupid, the mastermind is not visible. There are all over conspiracies. First they said that the terrorists were transported by the Pakistani Navy in Indian sea. They forgot that on that day, the whole Indian navy was doing military exercises in the same area. Where Indian navy capture fisherman ships, which mistakenly enter less than a kilometre inside India sea territory. How Indian Navy remained unaware for hours about a war ship from the enemy country??? Then they said that no, they were in India from many days. They booked rooms in hotels and in Jew centre, they purchased wines and other disallowed consumables in Islam and then they said that they are JIHADIS. OK. if they shaved their faces to become similar to hindus why they bought and drink alcohol and other consumables. Are toilet soaps and toothpaste were short in Bombay, which they carried with them from Pakistan? Then they said one of the terrorist captured alive, he is Pakistani, he wrote a letter to Pakistan Embassy to seek for legal support. Indian media and Indian government started saying this from 13th of the December, while the letter received in Pakistani Embassy has date of 19th december. How do they come to know SIX days before the letter had been written by the terrorist??? May be you would like to comment on that too.

So complete the investigation first, collect the evidences and prooves and then we would be able to comment on it. To whome should we condemn. If one is killing his own nation, to whome we condemn, you stupid.

The same people who rushed forward to justify and support such indiscriminate attacks in Mumbai in another thread have rushed forward to condemn such attacks in Gaza.

Why these double standards? Didn't you say that this was the only way to settle disputes?

Do not try to distort the matter. You can't make fool to anyone. Instead, you are loosing your own reputation in the forum. Now, everybody know that you are not participating in discussion. But trying to make things complicated to divert attentions from the matter under discussion. If you want to see the double standards, see the response of EU in case of Bosnia/Falasteen and East Temor/Kashmir. In Bosnia, they allowed good time to the Serbs to kill as much Muslims as possible then invaded. In Falasteen, they never condemn Israel. Instead, they always use Veto in favour of this Illegal Country. They implemented Bogus UNO resolution wihout any delay in East Temor and in Kashmir, the oldest of the UNO resolutions are still waiting in que. See double standards in Israeli attitude. When their own citizens got killed they start shouting all over the world and when they kill innocents, they call it defence. Now, try to understand Zionist's Logic behind this argument. For them, it is true that killing other than Zionist, which not only included Muslims but also others, are their defence. They want to eleminate all Non-Jews from the boundries of the God Given Country. Isn't it?

What is required here is for both sides to forget the past and see where they can go from here. The first step is is for both sides to agree upon a complete ceasefire.

Teach this "Forget to Past" thing to Jews, who are claiming the peaceful lands of Falasteenis against their thousands of years old claims. Which is also impossible to proove. Yea?

Nothing is going to be solved by endlessly raking up 2000+ years of so-called history taken from religious rantings. But that's what is happening here. Mindless religious texts filled with hateful gibberish are being used to justify attacks on innocent people. Give such hate-filled religious books the boot. Deal these issues in a humanitarian way, with the attitude of seeking a win-win solution, and without seeking to "win a holy war" and make the other side lose and suffer

First of all, no religous book is that bad that give it a boot. Secondly, no book is hate-filled. But the culprits, who are acting only for their personal and group interests, are manipulating the contents and also making changing into it according to their aims and objectives. So instead you give those books boot, give this boot to those ill minded culprirts. We are not here for hate posts. We are here to protest and look-for-solution things.

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Hello Discarded Pakistani, my old saked brother.

First of all sort out the equation of your nationality. Do you remember the equation.. or not... Hmmm. I tried to find it but do not remmember which thread it was.

Yes Hamas at it again.

Moslem extremists know how to kill their own.

Who know, how to kill others is not needed to be said. See how many only in Iraq and only in last ten years and only by one country had killed. See who holds to the first position as killer and rapist. Let us know and then we will evaluate your logic.


Hamas refused to extend the ceasefire.

...and instead lobbed more rockets into Israel.

Is it??? Oho.... Discarded Pakistani Duck, I agree with you.. Instead of firing rockets, they should present their a s s  in tray to the Zionists. This is the only way to stop this Israeli agresssion. I agree with you.

Would you like rockets send into your backyard on a daily basis Saj

Don't know about my backyard. But your mum's backyard was reckoned well by Pakistani army. :P

All should condemn Hamas who use their people as human shields

Yes, yea, all should condemn Hamas for that. I agree with you on this point to, Mr. Discarded Pakistani Duck. :P

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IDF Air Force in action


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IDF Air Force in action 2


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IDF Air Force in action 3


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More Pics


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More Pics


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