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Mao Zedong and his place in Chinese history [Copy link] 中文

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Reply: Mao Zedong and his place in Chinese history

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This is worse than saying nothing

Nothing said here hasn't been said already in the main post about the hero.

Yet this guy has to make a separate post with BIG characters (and copyrighted) saying absolutely nothing.

For someone who wouldn't even give an answer to the simple question, "Should Japan apologize for her war crimes in China, yes or no?" to give a half-hearted appraisal of the great man faking non-existent emotions is sickening to the nth degree.

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Faked emotions -- we have ironclad proof in his own words

This is the proof of lau guan kim's real feelings towards the great man

If you ask: "Other than the Japan apology incidence, how else do we know he is faking these emotions?"

Of course I have ironclad proof.

When everyone was seriously commemorating the great man, he barged in with a yellow remark on wchao37 when there were plenty of other places to talk about such things. He wouldn't hesitate to desecrate his mausoleum by vile attacks -- showing his disrespect for the diseased. When even Tony Lee told him wchao37 started the topic in good faith, he wouldn't stop.

And here he is talking nonsense just to get his post in.

Are these not facts?

In the post comemmorating "Chairman Mao's 110th Birthday"


<b>Lau Guan Kim </b>
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Wchao37, Chairman Mao would not like what you wrote….
Did you write this to a lady in China Daily Community World Forum?:

“If you don't have any sense of shame blame it on your two-timing dad pumping too long over a syphilitic whore and then giving birth to a jaundiced premie like you, and not burden the rest of us here with your psychological problems.”


You sure Mao Zedong authorised you to write this way, a person professing to be his Red Guard. Was that a modern version of Mao’s Thought in a yellow booklet?

Good Day, Sir!

Lau Guan Kim

2003-12-24 15:22 Reply


<b>Tony Lee </b>
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wchao37 began this topic in good faith
yet it seems to have deviated and deteriorated quite quickly.

I think there are some topics that can be used to attack the writers rather than what they wrote if that is what you are determined to do, but <b>it seems to me that Wchao was expressing certain sentiments that are special to him and I can see no reason to show disrespect to those sentiments.</b>

Wchao's sentiments are certainly not universally held and I really don't think he would object to anyone expressing divergent points of view. I expressed a point of view that allowed for dissent, and he was willing to comment on it on that basis. I am sure that there is no reason why the rest of the posts on this topic could not have followed the same pattern.
In sport it is called playing the ball not the man. Everyone is entitled to a point of view, and is entitled to have everyone else respect him for putting that view. That does not mean that everyone has to agree. Those who can't accommodate the differences of others certainly have no place on these forums.

I am quite happy to start another thread where we can tear each other to ribbons if that is deemed necessary, but this doesn't seem to be quite the time and place. Those who have seen fit to write against the writer rather than the topic may feel inclined to go back and edit your posts in accordance with the original theme.


2003-12-24 17:37 Reply

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<b>Let's not desecrate this hallowed ground
Laugk, if you want to pee, go somewhere else.</b>

Yes, I agree with Tony Lee that we should go somewhere else and start another topic.

The leprechaun is obviously velly velly velly jealous because his emails to the administrators here badmouthing me have been pre-empted. They know his m.o.

That's his specialty -- writing emails at other people's back badmouthing them, but not making rebuttals in open forum and be aboveboard in his style of engagement.

I'll start a thread using this as the starting point.

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What a hypocrite!

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Reply: ...let the dead rest in peace...

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Lau Guan Kim

I have been wondering that the people who call others "Hanjian" are actually real "Hanjian".

If not, why they have so much Hanjian behavoir.

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