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Poor Chinese men with no women [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by xuerengui at 2008-12-26 08:45

You are doing stupid personal attack as suppose to sticking to the topic

The topic is

A)  Chinese women oversea are sleeping with men of all races: whites, Arabs, Indians, Jews, a ...

Once again,  I have to repeat that you are pretty ignorant.

You obviously cannot speak any other language except for English.

You cannot even speak Swedish,  Dutch,  Belarussian,  Italian,  French,  Greek,  German,  Spanish,... and you have never lived in a non Anglo country.

For your information,  the world is not just the Anglo countries.

The Anglo countries only represent a small minority of countries around the world.

If you looked at most of the world's countries,  you will find out that the proportion of Chinese women to Chinese men who marry foreigners in actually 60/40,  nothing like 85% as you stated wrongly.

Usually,  if a Chinese man who likes white girls ( and does not want a Chinese girl )  goes to Sweden,  Holland,  Belarussia,  Germany,  France,  Italy,... within two weeks,  the  Chinese man will naturally have a white Swedish,  Dutch,  Belarussian,  German,  French,  Italian, .. girlfriend,  because the non Anglo countries are not racist like Australia.

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Originally posted by xuerengui at 2008-12-26 17:23
Hollywood tends to asexualize Chinese men.  And only promote male actors who look Jewish or Italian.  With blonde ones like Hearth Ledger, River Phenix, Kurt Cobain.  They just mysteriously died.   ...

Vow!  That is amazing!

You have obviously been brainwashed by the Anglo media,  how can you possibly know so many Anglo movie stars?

I do not even know the name of half of those stupid Anglo movie stars.

And I know a hell of a lot.   

I can speak and read over 35 different languages and I have read thousands and thousands of books in every language.

I can name you the capital cities of just about any country in the world.

So,  why do you waste your time watching all those rubbish Anglo movies?

Don't you watch any Chinese movies?

Can you speak Chinese?

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Originally posted by chinpatriot at 2009-2-9 15:17

I can speak and read over 35 different languages and I have read thousands and thousands of books in every language.

You are a liar and a bonehead.

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Originally posted by magicmoon01 at 2008-12-27 04:35
Thanks for the interesting question Xuerengui. i am a young woman from Morocco and i feel a very
mysterious love for South East ASian men namely cute CHINESE men hehe.. it's hard to find them her ...

When you say that you want a Chinese man,  do you mean a Mus lim Chinese man or a Buddhist/ Confucian Chinese man?

Most of the Arab women who marry Chinese men tend to marry the Mus lim Chinese men.

Since I can speak Arabic and Uzbek/Uigur,   whenever I went into a Mus lim restaurant in China for hot pot,  and I would speak Arabic and Uigur and greet people the proper traditional way,   the older people would be so nice to me,  thinking I was a rich Mus lim from overseas,  and quite often,  they would want to invite me to their homes and to find a suitable Mus lim bride for me!

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Originally posted by yasawakic at 2009-1-24 10:37
Another racist post:

By your meaning, White with chinese is anormal.

But you just forgot to mention that 90 % of chinese peoples who marry foreigners are chinese MEN wiht FOREIGN WOMEN.


Hi,  un bon conseil,  mon vieux,   il serait preferable que tu ecrives en francais,  parce que ton anglais, alors la,   il est vraiment mauvaix,  et la plupart des gens n'y comprenne rien.

In all honesty,  it is very hard to understand your English.

Like most young French and German kids who are just beginning to learn English,  you seem to worship Anglo culture,  you are not knowledgeable enough to recognize all the lies and all the fallacies pertaining to Anglo culture.  

What?   Do you think that everything is better because it is written in English?  Alors,  tu crois que c'est la verite parce que c'est ecrit en anglais?   Tu as un complexe d'inferiorite,  tu crois que les anglais sont superieur et plus intelligent que toi!

Do you think that the writers must be smarter and better because they are writing in English?

Do you worship the English?

Moi,  je parle l'anglais mieux que les anglais,  et j'ecris l'anglais mieux que les anglais,   alors,  les anglais,  ils ne m'impressionent pas du tout.

You are just too naive.


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Originally posted by seneca at 2009-2-9 21:19
Oh, I see, it's too late for damage control: Chinfart has invaded this forum with his pseudo-wisdoms.

To all who haven't had the misfortune of meeting Chinfart yet: He started that other thread ...

Chinese people should not feel inferior to white English people,  and Chinese men should not feel inferior to white English people.

A lot of white Swedish,  Dutch,  French,  German,... girls have always told me that Chinese/Japanese men were better looking and more sexually attractive than white men.

We,  Chinese/Japanese men are apparently much better at making love than the white men.

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