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911. What happened? [Copy link] 中文

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And Expatter, I think you're just being weird. You know it collapsed because no building is designed to withstand these forces without immediate assistance from emergency crews and, even then, most buildings are designed just to stay up long enough for everyone to get out. Insurance pays for the rest in these cases....
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There is little point labouring the idea of where the explosives should be placed. I have said I am not an expert and I assume you you are not.  The information from different sources indicate this.

I think you missed the point on this next bit.  Maybe my fault.  We know that Tower 1 and 2 were hit by planes.  Therefore this can be very a moot point about what was happening to the buildings.  Building 7, was not damaged by the planes and only damaged by fire.  That is one of the points of discussing why this is the first building of its type in history to collapse like this.  Through fire and not damage.  I am surprised that you could not deduce that. I had a higher opinion of your peripheral thought.

You make these high rise buildings sound like they are made of wood.  A steel framed building built to modern standards has 3 hour fire proofing on steel surfaces. 2 hour fire proofing on walls. They can withstand terrific typhoons and many other natural things. Most open fires do not produce the sort of heat which is vaguely hypothesized in the FEMA report to affect a structure like this in such a manner.  All evidence of the effect burning and heat in this building has been turned into recycled metal and was done so immediately after the event.  The report produces nothing but supposition and conjecture and yet in clearing the site it would have been invaluable to know why the structure failed.  But they did not do this.  They hypothesize and claim more study should be done.  Yet, they had the perfect example?

I don't think that I am being weird discussing a topic on a forum in a friendly and normal manner.  If you think the topic is weird then that is indeed fine. Please do not discuss the matter if you think it is strange.  Because, that then that makes you weird for participating in same.


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for Post #10 - Financial Times' Article

Thank you peterb for sharing that Financial Times article of June 6, 2008. It is worth noting that the article addresses a recurring issue, or a lingering doubt, that only grows stronger before the 9/11 anniversary each year.

More shocking from this article: BBC journaist Jane Standley was broadcasting that the tower of building 7 had collapsed when in the background of the video it was still standing!!!!!!

Second, Richard Porter, head of BBC World News was forced to deny that the broadcaster was not reading from some Bush conspirators' script. Kind of revealing something, isn't it? Anyway, what exactly was Jane Standley doing there on the spot? If she as a journalist did not see the collapse, how could she make it up?

Third, Richard Porter admitted that BBC no longer had the orginal tpes of this coverage. So where did the tape go? Can BBC take care of its own archives?

Technicality aside, these wierd details do point to some conspiracy. Could someone, or the BBC people themselves explain these BBC puzzles first?

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Originally posted by expatter at 12/6/2008 06:47 AM
What do you think?  Was 911 a plot by terrorists or something more sinister?

Honestly?  We, as Americans, were asleep at the switch, much like 67 years ago with Pearl Harbor.  Much like the intelligence and actions that preceeded both events - there was a sense of disconnection and/or distain for the world poltick and very big false sense of security - given what was going on was 'over there'.
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Originally posted by expatter at 2008-12-9 01:29
We know that Tower 1 and 2 were hit by planes. ...

Actually "we" don't.
The first two Peters deny that planes hit the towers. They are the ones who think it's computer graphics or missiles or some such. Loony, paranoid bedfellows, expatter!
As for building 7, there have been a number of docos on this which explain what happened and show the progressive sagging of the building as some of the structure gave way in the course of the day.
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No Planes

No hijacker in history has ever obtained the controls.Two attempts have been made,both failures.The
second of these efforts was made by an off duty flight engineer named Auburn Calloway in Memphis
in 1994.It was a DC10 freighter and Calloway was in uniform and armed with hammers and a spear
gun.He surprised the crew and seriously injured all three of them.There were no passengers or
flight attendants.None of the crew was fit enough to fly as pilots again.But they overpowered Calloway
using violent maneuvers and muscle and landed the plane safely.It is impossible to force the flight crew
in a plane with lots of passengers to part with the controls.Especially if all you have are boxcutters.Never
has been done.Never will be.

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Impossible Speeds

No B767 or similar aircraft has flown at 546 mph at 1000 feet as "UA 175" allegedly did on 9/11.It
cannot be done.The high bypass turbofans lose thrust with speed.The skin friction and other parasitic
drag rise astronomically since the air is three times as dense at 1000 feet compared to typical
cruising altitudes.Dynamic pressure is nearly 900 lbs/sqft at these speeds and ailerons and other
control surfaces are blown down to their limits.The crisp maneuvers shown in the Park Foreman
and other fake videos are impossible at those speeds.

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