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Sarkozy to blame for summit delay [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by seneca at 2008-12-1 19:52

I am not surprised by your ignorance. Don't take special pride in it or put on that dunce's hat!

You know, Satsu-jin, I give you the benefit of the doubt even though I can clearly see what ...

An inexplicable hatred for a single person who happens to enjoy the respect from most people in the world you deny him.

It just so happens that I do not like people who claim to be kind hearted but show with their actions that they have ulterior motives. Your friend is just such a person.

I hold against you not your illegitimate hatred of the D.L. but your argumentative onesidedness.

Re. onesidedness: At least we do have something in common, don't we?

Yes, by all means refrain from criticising the ruling elite for the crimes their predecessors committed during the time when you spent two years in Beijing. Fine and dandy!

You seem to be obsessed by an idee fixe that everybody has to agree with you and your political views of your host country. I can assure you that I woudn't react any differently if this was China's fight under a different, let's say K M T, government. I see this as China's right, not as the right of the government only.

But by the same token you owe it to everyone to refrain from heaping scorn, contempt and false accusations on the person of the D.L.!

False accusations? Seneca, this matter is far too serious for jokes. You, as anybody else, know that these are no accusations but facts.

You can support the Chiense rulers without resorting to the despicable means of the ongoing cultural revolution!

How hateful, onesided and spiteful you are. You call this a C. R.? This clearly shows that you don't know what you're talking about.

Have a nice evening!!!

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On European Speech Freedom – let me give you a current example.

BBC has a blog on China. My following post word-by-word is banned:

“China is already MORE tolerant and accepting than the West. Yes, we do not like the last music record of that UK band. However, do you have access to any Chinese bands in the UK? Are there any Chinese music records that are popular in the UK? I once played for my British friends. They accused my music as communist-Xinhua whatever that means.”

After the banning, I complained about the unfairness to BBC.

I just find out the result today. I find out that I (Timbatu) has been banned from posting altogether. Europe has a long way to go, before they will reach the level of tolerance and freedom of China. I would like to invite any Europeans here to have a discussion with me. I am open. I am free. Are you? :)

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Seneca, let me explain why it is unfair.

Clearly, my posts do not violet BBC house rule. Why am I banned?

My posts challenge European stereotype of China. (The European stereotype of China is vividly demonstrated in your posts.) Although everything I say is simple fact, I am muted by the European News Agency. This is unfair.

This is not an isolated incidence. Earlier this year, a Chinese woman was fired by a German newspaper. She is a martyr for freedom. Thousands more Chinese lose their jobs in Europe this way. Europe must learn to tolerate different views.

I am a real person. Next time, if EU Human Rights Commission asks China to respect Speech Freedom, China should ask them talking to me.

Europeans also mistakenly think Chinese civilization as suppressive. Let me give you another example:

During Tang dynasty, one of the most influential emperors came on the throng with strong religious belief. The most famous poet, Han Yu, wrote an open letter to him; criticizing his faith. He stated “Every previous emperor believing God died young.” If Han Yu said such in Europe during the same period, the Chinese poet would have been burnt by the Pope.

Chinese civilization is the most free on earth. China has more freedom than Europe. China has better human rights than the West since ancient time.

Talking about Chinese music, have you ever heard any? How do you know our music is not good?

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Why China Keeps Picking on Sarkozy

By Bruce Crumley / Paris Tuesday, Dec. 02, 2008

In much of the world, President Nicolas Sarkozy enjoys a reputation for being something of a diplomatic dynamo. In China, the energetic French leader has a strikingly different standing: he is Beijing's favorite international whipping boy.

The latest humiliation comes with Beijing's decision to boycott the 11th annual China-European Union summit, which has been scheduled to open in Lyon today. China stunned E.U. officials last week by announcing that its delegation of more than 150 political and business leaders would stay at home because, in the words of China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang, "the summit cannot be held in a sound atmosphere, nor can it achieve expected goals." The reason? The French President's plan to meet with Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama on December 6 as part of an event honoring fellow Nobel peace prize winner Solidarity leader Lech Walesa in Poland.(See pictures of the Dalai Lama's decades of spiritual leadership.)

"China firmly opposes any contacts with the Dalai Lama by foreign leaders in whatever form," Qin said in a statement released by the state-run Xinhua news agency. "We hope that France could fulfill its commitments, and properly deal with China's major concerns in earnest so as to create conditions for the steady development of bilateral relations."

There's nothing new in China being touchy on the subject of Tibet, of course. What makes this latest episode unusual is China's failure to call out other European leaders who have met with the Dalai Lama recently — as British premier Gordon Brown did in May, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel did in August. Beijing also has little to say about E.U. officials who will speak with the Dalai Lama during his tour of Europe this month — including officials from the Czech Republic, which assumes the E.U.'s rotating presidency from France in January. So why the exceptionally rough treatment for Sarkozy and France, which China is now threatening with possible diplomatic and trade retaliation?

The reason, says China expert and director of research at France's Institute of International and Strategic Relations Jean-Vincent Brisset, is "because France has repeatedly shown itself to be the weak link in Europe by knuckling under to pressure when other nations push China back." The Chinese, Brisset says, "only respect those who stand up for themselves, which the British and Germans have done in their dealings with the Dalai Lama before, and even Poland — which is hosting the disputed event — is doing as well."

But both Sarkozy and his predecessor Jacques Chirac have demonstrated a willingness to bend on diplomatic, political, and human rights conflicts in order to protect trade, says Brisset. Things have grown worse since China's suppression of riots in Tibet in March, which prompted Sarkozy to call on Beijing to "end the violence" there. Sarkozy suggested he might boycott the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, a course of action taken by both Brown and Merkel. But after French companies in China weathered months of protests and boycotts by infuriated Chinese nationalists Sarkozy turned up at the Games opener claiming that France's role as E.U. president obliged him to make an appearance.

Even more embarrassing was Sarkozy's subsequent decision to cancel a post-Olympic meeting with the Dalai Lama in France. Though the French President initially said that "it's not up to China to fix my agenda", he wound up declining and sent his wife Carla Bruni and Foreign Affairs Minister Bernard Kouchner instead. By the time the day of the meeting rolled around, the French press was reporting that the Dalai Lama had become so disgusted at Sarkozy's cave-in that the Tibetan leader feigned an illness to avoid having to greet the Plan B delegation. (In vain: he wound up hosting Bruni and Kouchner at the inauguration of a Buddhist temple in the south of France.)

Brisset says China is now exploiting recent history to use France as a wedge with which to divide Europe, export-dependent China's second largest trading partner. "China faces real trouble on human rights, trade, the ecology, and how it has managed the economic and financial crisis, and it doesn't want further problems from Europe," Brisset says, noting that the E.U. recently introduced new tariffs on Chinese goods. "If Sarkozy recognizes China is attacking France to divide Europe, and insists the E.U. come up with a firm collective stand to replace weak bilateral accords, this could be an opportunity. If he waffles and folds, China will win again."

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Originally posted by seneca at 2008-11-28 22:33

I note that you have not shown great intellectual courage; you merely lip-synched discredited Xinhua pseudo-news and 'official' statements.

When will you offer your personal insights on the  ...

No need to flatter you, Uncle Senaca

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Originally posted by interesting at 2008-11-29 18:13

You have Sarkozy pegged pretty well, actually. He is capricious and also quite opportunistic. Indeed, most of the EU states are pretty opportunistic and short-sighted.

Thank you for sympathizing. But to tell the truth, I really find that China tend to be friendly to whom flattered it.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2008-12-3 14:46
So long as China maintains its police state in Teabed it will have no credibility among people in the rest of the world.

Are you the rest of the world?      I'm not surprised to see this statement from you.

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