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Sarkozy to blame for summit delay [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by fredius at 2008-12-5 09:18

Are all these posts actualy serious?...

"Yes We Are"

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Originally posted by fredius at 2008-12-5 10:18

Good, at least you can be creative...hahaha
Punish EU, and let's see if you get the support of the world on this...
oups, sorry, I forgot that you don't need it.  
Are you guys just dr ...


What is your problem? It seems that you make more noise about the mountain goat than anybody else. You're asking funny questions. May be, I brush up your memory:

About ten years ago, France used to sell submarines to T41w4n. China limited all contacts with the French side to a ZERO level and was successful. Now the president of the EU (again France) welcomes (tomorrow) a guy who is well known to be a China hater and being well known for his lies. What he says today isn't valid tomorrow. He's just like a weather vane, turning around all the time.

Btw, if you're French then the moon is a planet.

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Do you know the Native Nations and Hawaiian Independence movements? Why do they not receive the same Western attention? Why have Mummia and Mariano Faget not received Nobel Peace Prices?

If DL receives standing ovation, why not David Koresh?

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Originally posted by timbatu at 2008-12-5 09:19

I am a Chinese live in the West for a very long time. I know many oversea Chinese, some live in the West for 60 years. They all find China superior than the West. It is a logical concl ...

China is superior to the West? ...for what? for the respect of it's past? for making 294 000 of its babies sick? for the fantastic QQ which is once again a copy of a Daewoo? for sending men to space 50 years late? for trade union fights... come on, be serious. You might have a western experience, but I believe you kept being stuck into the local chinese community. You don't talk like a man who undertood and observed western world.
I live in China, I know chinese music, and I truly understand why westerner have no interest in it. Chinese music just copy western pop music, and badly.  Face it, China is just famous for fake cheap products and for cheap labour. The quality and the imagination is not really what you can find here, and you know it.  
Regarding religion.... I can't believe you say such stupid things. European countries have NO official national religion and most of the youth doesn't believe in god anymore But spirituality is a part of our culture, and it's the same for most of the countries in the world.
China once had spiituality and values, but it disappeared with the destruction of its patrimony. still, if you look at the situation now, you find more and more people in need of spirituality in China. This is a fact.
Actualy, there is a god in China now and his name is Money. People even burn fake money on the graves of their ancestors. People betray there friends, family members or business partners for money. China is one of the worst capitalist country in the world. More you are rich, more you are respected and you can spit on the poor. You can buy foreign products, buy foreign cars, but rich people cannot buy themself education and culture.  You guys who used to live aboard have no conscience of what the West gave you. The sens of debat, an overview of the world, proper eduction... You now use it to reject the West and I find it pretty sad. You want to become superior?  Buy yourself some wisdom and think about the 99.9% of the chinese who didn't get your chance to have such an interesting aboard experience.
You guys should act to improve your country, not fight for China's pride and recognition. So much work has to be done yet. Did someone here tried to see how quality check has been improved since the powder milk problem? Of course no, you blindly fight for respect. This is the way you love your country.

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I don’t know why you post with such self-importance. I don’t really care how you think about Chinese music. You don’t know what you have missed.

Is English your first language? I recommend you to read a couple English psychology books. Your sentiment is a book-case:  although you are not able to communicate in Chinese, you are over-powered by the wealth, beauty and superiority of China. You feel insecure seeing the freedom of China. You feel insecure about your faith. This is why you desperately seek negativity of China.

As for religion, there is nothing good about religion. It is a cage, a mental chain, a way of mass control. The Chinese go to church for fashion. I find Christian childhood-indoctrination uncivilized. China is the only culture on earth that is not religious. Although there are many philosophies and religions in China, China is always above religion. China is above God. Religion never dominates China. Christianity failed 2000 years in China. We are so proud of our way!

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I try hard, but still... I don't understand why I should be "over-powered by the wealth, beauty and superiority of China".
Please let me know, be precise. Because I have been all around China, I am not ignorant anymore about the reality here. Most of the cities are ugly (except maybe Hangzhou, Suzhou and Chengdu). The patrimony has been destroyed or cheaply modified for touristic use. Some even destroyed some parts of the great wall to build up highways... Why do you talk about chinese culture with such great words when your people just don't respect it in real.
I agree on one point... China has been beautiful once, before this country became the most polluted one in the world., China once had a great culture but it's no more the case because it has been forgotten and if you believe that Baotou, Lanzhou or Shenzhen are beautiful, you really must be blind. I will not compare with Florence, Roma, Avignon, Barcelona, Porto, Prague and so many other beautiful European cities which sweat culture and history from each and every building.  You might have been stuck at the airport when you have been to Europe. I can't believe you missed so much. Actualy, my favorite chinese cities are HK and Macao...and most of the chinese people who have been there agree with me.
Once again, you try to show all westerners as brainwashed people...I admit that religion made us act very stupidely in the past. But the situation in Europe is far to be like you try to describe it. I never being preached, my family is agnostic, and you don't learn religion at school. Why do you have to lie?  But I do believe into some values which I cannot find in China. They include respect... I also drive here, and I walk the streets. You cannot lie to me...when you see people spitting, being rude to each other, drive like ---- (mostly because they buy their driving licenses), where can you see "beauty"? Please, answer...
Most of the foreigners do believe China is full of history, of morale, of beautiful landscapes before coming here. After a while in China, surrounded by poor building designs, fake western environement, ugly fat old men in passat proud of their er nai, they feel very disapointed.
So we enjoy cheap DVD, cheap clothes and cheap KTV. This is chinese culture! But trust me, nobody actualy feel over-powered by that...
The chinese development is following the steps of the western development. Why do you refuse to observe and take the lesson?
Europe had nationalist times which ended badly? Be patriotic, not nationalist!
Europe had a colonial past and this is bad? Don't do the same!
Europe has a capitalist policy which lead to injustice? Don't do the same!
You know why Europe actualy fears China? Because we are very afraid to be leaded by such an unwise country. Because with believe in history, culture and respect. You have education, and you are supposed to be an intellectual in China comparing to the vast majority of Chinese. When I read your comments which lead to the hate of everybody who refuse to be speechless and blind, I fear you.
I also fear you because you make me write bad comments about a country that I like, but I have to, because you keep insulting countries and values that I love.

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No, I don’t hate you. As I have said: I don’t know why you post with such self-importance. I don’t really care how you think about China. My close Finnish friend has to go through Christian Value class in European elementary school. He tells me everything. How does such mandatory religious-policy promote freedom?

If you cannot admit facts, there is no point of any discussion.

Your imagined Chinese culture might be that of Japan. You don’t understand Chinese culture. It has always been a capitalist one. We do not believe in absolute truth. We respect change. This is the key why China survives 5000 years.

As your well-spelled dislike of many Chinese cities, I suggest you to catch the core through surface. If you find the one-true-love to live with, the hated environment becomes quite tasty. It is clear that you like the antique-style European buildings. I see Christian domination and suppression in those buildings. Please learn to tolerate different tastes.

China is sending politicians to the West to learn “clean government”. I laugh at such. They don’t know the ugliness, money and corruption of the Western governments, or the Mafia. Do you know why? I think it is because the current Chinese administration has been pushing hard on the Chinese public to promote democracy and the West. But EU keeps insulting and attacking them. The EU is insane.

You will regret when a real nationalist Chinese government comes into power. Believe me, if the Chinese public wants confrontation with the West, their government has no choice. Have you read the British novel “the Painted Veil”?

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