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U.K Recognizes Tibet as Chinese [Copy link] 中文

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Post #6 and Post #7

I think that you both make interesting and valid points and that maybe it is the problem of the underlying government policy of the time.

What is their intention and how does their media present the problem and the solution.

In Kosovo, rape camps were depicted to the relevant public and were later to be discovered as mostly presentations of media excess ascribed to by the U.S.  Sure, what happened there was truly awful, but the picture presented to the public by the media was in some parts Bush administration manufactured as in "the Tail Wags the Dog" scenario, and "Saving Private Jessica".  Highly sensational.

Kosovo is independant now against all protestations of the Russians and Serbians and is I believe home to a U.S prescence.

Government policy I fear is out of the ken of the ordinary person and in some cases inspired by the balance between the belief in human rights and masked government ambitions or policies.

Is it always shown as a pure process.  As a British person, I know it is not always so.  And the Eastern nations are catching on fast.

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Originally posted by augusten at 2008-11-15 23:37
How much oil they must surrender to you for that?

Well a hell of a lot more than they've "surrendered" to you, to your eternal regret, it seems.

Why am I not surprised that you've stuck your ignorant little beak in here, Northwest ?
You never fail to be so predictable
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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For Post #1 UK and China on Tibet Issue

Didn't UK establish official diplomatic ties with China in 1972, after Richard Nixon's visit to China in 1971?

On the recent sutble change of position on the part of UK's foreign minister regarding the Tibet issue, it would be wise if UK come clean of its former failed meddling in China's Tibet between the downfall of the Ching Dynasty in 1911 and the founding of the People's Republic in 1949. UK never succeeded in splitting Tibet from China. It did spread tons of discord and political, religious, and territorial disputes in the region, encompassing today's India, Pakstan, Bangaladash.

There is no more political benefit nor future for UK to hang on to or exploit an old problem of its own creation regarding China's Tibet, now that it finds China growing as a unifieid political and economic powerhouse in the world. It would be really wise for UK to renounce its fantasy on Tibet, clean up the mess it created before, and get really sincere in working with China in solving the problems in the world today.

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Silly laugh when faced with inconvenient fact.

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Originally posted by expatter at 2008-11-15 21:23



In addition to the above as you stated, Hong Kong.

The Brits had a well established manufacturing and marketing base and network in China.

That is w ...

Hi Expatter,

I do not believe that Britains Shanghai manufaturing base was the reason for the early recognition of the PRC. Britain was part of the Korea War, that only started several months after the foundation of the PRC. As a loyal ally to the U.S. it would have been logical for Britain to sever ties with China and follow the U.S. path. They didn't do this, and there could be only one reason, because of Hongkong.

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Jolly Good show what ?

Originally posted by expatter at 2008-11-15 13:13

In a statement on Wednesday, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband called that past British policy an "anachronism" and effectively abandoned it, saying that the U.K. does recognize Tibet as "part of the People's Republic of China."

Political recognition of a sovereign state is just that : political . Whether there are economic , cultural , traditional or historical reasons is beside the point .  Also , you cannot have a touch of pregnancy : you either recognize China or you don't . There is no " I will recognize this bit but not that bit " .

So David Miliband is honest to state that the " principle " of partial recognition since 1949 is anachronistic . This is a man we can do business with . Gone are the forked tongue and a-bet-each-way hypocrisy . Bully for the British . They have matured and have moved on into the 21st Century . Jolly good chap !!

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I thought that we had done this and were in agreement.

O.K.  Hong Kong.  The British do not recognize China 1949.  They garrison Hong Kong and have a war with China.

Are wars free.  I don't think so.  Quite the contrary.  They are expensive.

Even if there was no war there still would have to been a large military presence.  Expensive.

Expensive = Financial Implications (Covers a wide area)

They also had substantial financial investments in Shanghai.  

They also had a vested interest in the McMahon Line as pointed out by Interesting and this could have led to conflict.

These 3 ideas alone have a cost attached to them if handled badly.

Equals money = Financial Implications.

If Britain had not recognized PRC so quickly in 1949 it might have had to walk away, barricade or fight.

Either way has financial implications.

Mind you we could always say that Britain was the first country to recognize the PRC in 1949 because they loved the idealogy and were enamoured with the leadership of the PRC.  Even though the U.S still supported the Nationalist Government.  Mmmh!  There's and idea.


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