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China: A Healthy Nation [Copy link] 中文

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fantastic,now we have Formaldehyde whitebait on dinner table.
Celine: Memories are wonderful things, if you don't have to deal with the past.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2008-10-14 11:34

National health: Among the measures tyhat interest this audience, life expectancy, physical fitness etc.

Why are mainland Chinese' life expectancy lower than the life expectancy of Hongkonge ...

Being fit as in having a fine body figure.

Health and life expancy is a different issues, you can have a slim body but a bad health etc....

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Amazing and incredible, isn't it. The citizens living/working under such a heath-threatening environment China is still a heathy nation.And among 350 million  smokers,smoking population getting younger.

Just another example among the other river/air pollution, unsafe food news.

Polluting smelters shut down after damaging farmers' skin
By Cui Xiaohuo and Gong Zhengzheng (China Daily)
Updated: 2008-10-15 08:57
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WUHAN: Thirteen alloy smelting plants which have damaged farmers' skin and heavily polluted their fields were closed Tuesday, Hubei provincial authorities said.

An inspection team led by environmental, health and supervision officials from the Hubei provincial government arrived in Jianli county, 200 km from provincial capital Wuhan, late Tuesday afternoon.

"There are still three plants operating right now. We will close them tonight," Wen Qingsong, deputy head of the Hubei environmental protection bureau, told China Daily by phone Tuesday.

"We removed the plants in 2006, but they came back strong this year. The local environmental bureau did its job. We will investigate how many farmers were affected, who is responsible and whether there was misconduct by local officials," he said.

Local farmers in the 1.5 million-strong Jianli county have suffered severe rashes and other skin ailments since March this year, when local industrialists and their counterparts from nearby Hunan province opened plants to smelt the highly profitable alloy element vanadium, local media reported.

In the absence of proper procedures, waste emitted by these underground plants contained toxic cadmium and arsenic.

Plants often dumped waste into local water networks, contaminating the fields and salinating shaft water.

"We can only leave the cotton to rot now," farmer Shi Qiang told Hubei-based Changjiang Times newspaper. "Once we get in the field, we become itchy all over the body. Our skin even swells up and becomes rotten."

The contaminated water also spread to several villages with illegal vanadium plants, plaguing tens of thousands of hectares of fields.

Workers were burning vanadium stones at a 2,000 sq m plant in Xiongzhou village on Oct 9, local media reported, as white smoke billowed from chimneys and tea-colored water seeped into the Laojiang River nearby.

Neighboring Hunan province, though rich in vanadium, had earlier shut down all illegal plants.

Many Hunan plant owners then moved their business to Hubei.

Local environmental authorities tried to stop the illegal plants from operating in 2006 but their efforts largely failed as plants reopened.

There are nine such plants in Jianli alone, and several others in Shishou and Jiangling counties.

Grain depots and kilns have also been turned into new vanadium plants
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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So ...

China has the highest number of smokers anywhere ...

Add to that the milk issues, the contaminated water, the pollution, the cancer rates from smoking and food related issues ...

All statistics can be obtained from the WHO and others ...

Healthy? Nope.

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so there is a very long road to become a real healthy nation which have no foodstuffs issue at least.

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Amyamy !!

To highlight anecdotal incidence of pollution and contamination of food in China and from there project a big picture of the " unhealthy " nation is naughty , unintelligent and down right illogical .

Look at the indices of health over the past 50 years :  infant mortality , maternal morbidity , malnutrition , life expectancy , vitamin deficiency diseases , work day losses due to illness ........

Don't be a sour puss and twist facts . Fiction and myths have no currency in this debate .

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Instead of watching TV, all Chinese men and women should try to do some form of physical exercise.
A good example are the marathon runners:

2008 Beijing International Marathon


Runners pass the Tian'anmen Square during the HYX Beijing International Marathon, October 19, 2008.
Nearly 30,000 participants took part in this annual marathon event. [Xinhua]

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