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Is China the greatest civilization that has ever existed in the universe? [Copy link] 中文

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You people are intellectually challenged!

Originally posted by iamnaive at 2008-10-6 22:56
Before that time ...

eeehm ...

I mean before that great civilization ....

... before 5000 years ....

China used to be the biggest       " b a n a n a     p l a n t a t i o n &quo ...

Psychologically speaking, do you realise why you chose the picture of an orangutan?
It is because your undeveloped mind craves the feelings of being close to your recent ancestors who roamed in caves on all fours.

Contrast the highly developed civilized Chinese mind forged from over 5000 years of advanced culture and thoughts.
We know that we have the minds of intellectually advanced human beings and so do not feel an affinity to be close to an animal.

Our thoughts are higher than your thoughts and our way higher than yours!

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All I can say is as you know it is a difference of cutural inheritance and society that formed separate ideology.
With all your bashing and negatives that no one welcomes.
This is a considerably polite and optimistic forum.

The amount and level of hatred and groundless counter offence that you tend to write has never been proved valid.

Whilst, the progress of china gives you enormous jealousy and uncomfort for as far as I know reading through so many of your posts from past to present.

A person like you can even say Opium War &  Boxer Rebellion was a mission to open up China.
This kind of crooked statement can really be said by you but no one else as you grew up surrounded by colonialism and history + fact incompetent....

Now with china progressing to outer space... wat's that got to do with you?
China is still experiencing poverty, wats that got to do with you? Come donate money if you really want to help.
etc etc etc.

I think the bashing over white anglos on this forum are caused by people like you, which chinese CAN'T tolerate.
So don't blame others....

I will continue to remind you

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LOL byronious!!!

Well, if this thread is not only limited to nationalists, I 'd like to express because I think it's interesting,  I learned to respect any kind of culture, even if it different from mine.
Some peoples admire one civilization because of what it build, culture, etc, some peoples admire one civilization because it can adapt difficult environment, and because I have ecological idea, I admire civilization who can make a lot but spendind a little. Example: a foreigner will die in amazon forest after tree days, because lack of food, other will not only survive but settle confortably there. I have this conception because I think it will be the conception to understand in 22 century.

Dont do much wich much, but do much with few. Less is more.

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The thing is white, that we Westerners, can't continue to tolerate the more ignorant of our Chinese forumites to "bash" us all the time, and expedct to do so with impunity. It can't always be your way you know. You know the old idiom about the cake.

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Ye I know what you mean.

But when i first arrived, I already started seeing bashings from white-anglos or is that not??

When we bash US, what has that got to do with you Kiwi?

I started bashing CNN after the tbt issues and with people like yourself keep on supporting then we keep bashing harder and harder...

We are here to express about our uncomforts which there are alot of cases that we did not instigate or provoke.

As a country (china) and chinese descendants we have not bad mouth a country and gorilla attack others.
Most of the time we are in response to western attacks.
We are here to show counter offence and defence our nation.

I have never bashed NZ so i think you could shut up

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Does she have dereism in her character?
Live in the movie!!!!

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