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Is China the greatest civilization that has ever existed in the universe? [Copy link] 中文

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Gosh darn, #271

"I just can't find a clear-cut answer to the title's question anywhere in the past five, six pages of innuendo, ad hominem attacks and Chinese superiority posturing. In other words: China's civilisation is at the level of schoolyard bully antics; the players are mostly Chinese living in exile, away from their proletarian compatriots, their spitting and jostling in the crowds."

Well now, I get the feeling you talking to me. I hope you don't mind my giving you the answer, however. Yes, you're right, of course. Bully antics is what we use because that's all you understand, you see, like Iraq and Afghanistan, if you know what I mean. We understand that you'd prefer that we remain meek and mild so you can take advantage of us the way you take advantage of them on the mainland. You don't like your own medicine which we give back in kind? We learnt a lot over here, dude. We learnt how to be 'westernised; and 'uncivilised'.

"But we can empathise with those Chinese laowais  overseas, feeling so bad (and not a little guilty too) because they managed to make it abroad, possibly through some murky guanxi and the provision of some crisp banknotes under a Chengdu teahouse table, and now in this big country called 'Abroad' they feel inferior, for reasons they alone may understand."

Oh, it's not that hard to understand at all. We just feel over here the way you feel over there....What's so hard about that...?

"Yes, it's a hard life for anyone who elects to leave their home country in search of something ideal or material his or her home country cannot provide in the desired quantity; the heart is constantly torn between the birth place and the adopted country."

Ah, you're beginning to show a generosity of spirit. You're finally learning. I'm happy for you! I encourage in that. It will make you a better person.

"So why do these patriotically starving souls stay on? Why don't they return to their native land that has finally climbed up so many steps in civilisation and is fast becoming like some of the world's most developed, most highly civilised, nations?
After all, China welcomes you. You can use your foreign-acquired skills quite profitably here. You could share your personal convictions and persuasions about the decadent West with eager, gullible and impressionable compatriots though I somehow doubt they would take all your opinions at face value just as we do not take much of what you are saying here at face value."

Thank you so much for your empathy! But a green card is so hard to get, you know. And with so many people in China already the government sure isn't encouraging migration to there, are they? Maybe with your influence with the PSB you can get me a 'green card'? That would be so nice... Oh, did I mention that I'll be back next week. Maybe you can buy me a bottle of pi jiu then...?

"After all, even China's laobaixing know too well through experience that the privileged and pampered tend to dye the yarn they spin with their eager mouths; people who enjoy no privileges and no guanxi are less likely to delude themselves about their imagined worldliness and sagacity."

Ah! You have finally discovered the truth about yourself, haven't you? What happened? Your students finally cottoned on to you and are beginning to call you an 'expat loser' behind your back...? Sighhhh, I feel your pain...I really do! You know how may times we're called 'chink' and worse over here...? I just know you feel our pain, too...

"China rising. Get used to it!"

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Originally posted by seneca at 2008-10-24 22:53
Not sure, Sweetie - but it's my impression in your photograph you don't look like a Chinese, witless dove; did you undergo a face-lift?  

Look, stop fantasising how I look. This is just an indication.... and stop focusing your eyes on my CUP

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China's work never ends -- it is once again a rising star in the East.

Due to all our brothers and sisters efforts and perseverance, we have many achievements to our credit but there are several tasks that await completion and new challenges that need to be addressed if the next 5000 years are to be successful.

In fact, we must work ceaselessly to advance our common destiny of a strong China that is economically vibrant and modern, but yet rooted in its age old values of harmony, tolerance and mutual respect.

We should never forget that these are the values that make us emotionally strong and hold our country together.

We may still have some way to go to eradicate poverty but other countries in the world respect China because of these values.

This is what makes us such a great civilization!

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..................yet rooted in its age old values of harmony, tolerance and mutual respect.

I wish you would practice what you preach.   

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Reply #275 expatter's post

As do we all I'd imagine!

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The greatest civilization?

The Irish of course!
With the rest of y'all fighting it out for second, third...
Good Gweilo: My job is the ideological quality control

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Originally posted by wowzers at 2008-10-28 23:42
The Irish of course!
With the rest of y'all fighting it out for second, third...

You know the old Irish saying: "If you are lucky enough to be Irish, then you are lucky enough.".

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