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My married boss loves my married colleague [Copy link] 中文

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For singles:

office romance - the ugly
Before beginning a relationship consider its potential outcomes. If things don't work out, will things become awkward? Prepare yourself for the unwanted situations that might follow. In order to be prepared, evaluate who's date-worthy, their position and the consequences of a breakup:

Dating colleagues: Rivalry and competition may harm the relationship. Uncomfortable situations may arise after the breakup when career advancement issues come into play.

Dating Subordinates: False accusations of favoritism may arise, as well as accusations of sexual harassment after the breakup.

Dating Bosses: False accusations of favoritism may arise. You may get FIRED after the breakup:)

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For singles:

things you should never say
There are too many big mouths in business today. Here are four items you should rarely, if ever, share with any colleagues:

1. Bad mouthing or gossip about anyone, especially business associates, clients or customers.
2. Anything you would not want repeated on the evening news or read about in a newspaper.
3. The sexual prowess of your romantic partner as well as any former sexual liaisons.
4. Business topics that are unethical or indiscreet.

Email communications present a new challenge to discretion in business relationships. There is something about email that makes men and women let down their guards, so before hitting the send button on your computer, re-read your message and make sure that it is appropriate for a business environment.

Office romances can be fun, and successful -- a growing number of newlyweds are coworkers. They should take the proper steps, however, to ensure that the relationship will last without interfering in the workplace. Finally, they should also consider the consequences of breaking up with a colleague before beginning the relationship.:)

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From the UK's only Flirting Academy:

8 out of 10 women love flirting at work.  83 % of those surveyed said that male colleagues had made a pass at them. Of those, only 1% had lodged a complaint, 43 % felt flattered and 26% laughed it off while 30% made a date.   WOW!  That's what I like to hear and hear it I did via a survey of 2,000 women aged between 18 to 35. The survey was done by  new woman online magazine.

The office is the traditional place for flirting and meeting mates. Generally we have things in common with ouir colleagues, in that we work in the same field.  And the office is a place where relationships develop naturally through being thrown together in the course of work.   

Long live the office romance, that's what I say.  How many people do you know in relationships met at work. Ask around and do your own surveys.  And if you don't like your job, change it. Do something you do love and then you'll come across as enthusiastic and fun and be more attractive because of it.

One woman studied said that she thought flirting could be helpful when working late with someone.  Being nice to someone got them to give that extra bit.  I think that's true. But I also think that we should flirt and be nice to people just for the fun of it.. to create the good feelings and we'll soon see the rewards we reap.

Over half of the women in the survey saw the office party as a chance to meet the bosses and wow them with their charms.  Great.  Flirting is also a social tool. When we do it well, we send out the vibes to others and they are drawn to us.  Whether it is professional, romantic or friendly flirting, so long as we know how much or how little sexual energy to add in we'll find ourselves being very attractive in many ways.

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Is it ok for a married man to flirt with a woman that is not his wife?

Why do married women flirt?:)

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By Amber petty....July 10, 2008

So what makes flirting, according to some  married women, a good thing, and not grounds for divorce?

"You know, I love my husband so much and would never cheat on him, but sometimes I just need to get attention from a male who has never seen me first thing in the morning," says one.

"It needs to be someone who hasn't come home after work to find me with baby vomit on my shoulder, or asked what smells so bad as I swan past with a dirty nappy on my way to the bin."

Another girlfriend, married for six years and with two children aged under four, says: "It's hard to feel sexy sometimes when you have financial worries that have to be discussed with your partner every other day.

"It makes me feel good to just smile, bat the old eyelashes and have a conversation with a guy that has nothing to do with the reality of my life."

All of them agree that if they go out and a guy wants to chat to them, they feel like they've still "got it".

"If I feel sexy, then I'm going to want to 'be' sexy, and that's when my husband reaps the benefits of my 'flirting'," says one.

Of course, flirting while married is not for everyone. You have to be very much in control so it doesn't go too far or you don't lead someone on to a point where they want revenge. You also have to know that you're not jeopardising your relationship or creating a "tit for tat" flirting scenario, which can often result in unnecessary affairs.:)

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This one is from Mamashealth

Why Married Men Flirt

Flirting is a often viewed as a way to meet potential mates. An overly flirtatious husband can cause several types of marriage problems. Often, the wife feels hurt, rejected, and alone.

The most common reasons why married men flirt:
-he is having a midlife crisis
-he is unhappy with wife
-he is not sexually attracted to his wife
-he likes the attention other women give him
-he is bored with married life
-he is insecure about self
-it makes him feel better about himself
-he needs to validate his attractiveness and sexuality
-he thinks flirting is harmless
-he is looking to have an affair
-it is exciting
-to meet emotional needs such as feeling liked, being popular, or being thought of as funny, entertaining, attractive, or sexy
-as a passive-aggressive way of getting even with the wife. He may have felt rejected sexually and emotionally, so the flirting can be a -message to the partner to shape up or risk losing the marriage
-an attempt to get the wife's attention

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