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"China Today" - what does China need today? [Copy link] 中文

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Economically, China is doing well compared with most countries in the world today.  Still, things can be
better.  China needs vigilant oversight of its financial institutions, also, a watchful eye upon foreign ventures and
joint-ventures in China.  China needs regulations in place and enforcement of these regulations on the foreign
ventures in China, to be sure that they will not make trouble when they seize upon future opportunities.

Politically, China has been blessed by the leadership of Mao Zedong, Chou En-lai, and Deng Xiao-ping.  
The successful revolution allowed China to flip over from total poverty to economic development and social
equality among all Chinese.  Social stability allows China to develop economically and scientifically.  
The "sickman of Asia" has become the most gold medal winner in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Politically China needs to finish its goal to unify or re-unify Taiwan province.  Unification of Taiwan island would
enhance peace and stability in East Asia, allowing full-speed economic development and improve relationship
among the governments in East Asia.  Washington conservatives take a short-sighted view of unification, but
with the build-up of China's military and offensive capability, the time will come for a retreat from East Asia.
China needs to continue an accelerated development of offensive military capabilities in order to reach the goal of
re-unifying Taiwan island and defeating Washington's interference aimed at spliting Taiwan from China.

China needs to develope its natural resources in the South China Seas, particularly the Nan-Sha region.  The
defensive capability in this region can be enhanced by building and deploying two or more aircraft carrier battle

Internally, China needs to reform its present day governmental structure.  The revolutionary government carried
over from the early days several decades ago is no longer suitable for the modern day operation of China's
economy, finance, military, space program, education, healthcare and welfare.  The Sanlu milk powder scandal
is an example.  Obviously, the revolutionary governmental structure is unable to cope with the complexity
of today's society, unable to use the laws and lawful means to regulate and enforce.  Local governments should
provide plenty of opportunities for the people to file complaints, blow whistles, make suggestions, propose
and make new laws, provide an oversight of law enforcement and the justice system.  People should be given
the opportunities to directly make their voices heard at public hearings.

The successful revolution has made the Chinese people masters of their own fate.  Reform of the existing
transitional governmental structures and procedures should be made to allow the "masters" to directly involve
themselves in government operations and oversights, and laws.

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China has a long way to go,right?

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I agree with you

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Originally posted by mariame at 2008-9-23 17:15
China has a long way to go,right?

what's more, she is doing everything well on right way,

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For Post #1 - China's Challenges

China has achieved spetacular things in a few decades' time. The Beijing 2008 Games is just one of the examples. But since China is so big with so large a population, China will need still bigger improvements on many fronts.

Stability and harmany would be the most important thing backed by economic prosperity for all.

What seems lacking for China is a strong, global, assertive media of China's own which would enable China to share and compare notes with foreign media, especially western media, and to tell China's stories and viewpoints to the world.

China also needs to send more students to study abroad and admit more foreign students to come and study in China. This will extend understanding and harmony between all nations involved.

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Reply #4 allenmiao's post

I wouldn't say she's doing everything well but everything good starts from a small thing, and also from mistakes and we'd all do well to remember that!
Re #5;
"China also needs to send more students to study abroad and admit more foreign students to come and study in China. This will extend understanding and harmony between all nations involved".

I agree xinghai but there are those here and abroad who would do al they can to derail such understanding.....some are in this forum even and it's not hard to see who they are!.

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China faces a lot of opportuities as well as challenges on her way of progress. Not everything is perfect,  China is not perfect. She made some mistakes and will make in the future. And she will draw lessons from them. I believe she will have a bright future!

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